Swallowing your pride in a relationship

“Don’t let your pride get in the way of your relationships.” – LIFE: The Daily Teacher

swallowing your pride in a relationship

“Yaa is always saying to me, 'Swallow your pride! Change your ways if you want to have a long-term relationship with me.' But, I don't see what. Lesson in progress: Save your relationship and swallow your pride. The Best Relationship Quotes Of All Time To Help You Say 'I Love You' In 50 New Ways. Knowing that you should apologize is one thing, but actually doing so is another task entirely. Here are 15 ways to learn to swallow your pride.

How To Keep Your Relationship Healthy And Prevent Breakups

Then, think about all the good things your partner has done for you in the past so that you will have goodwill towards him or her. I will not fall sick if I do it. I will not lose my educational certificates. I see I erred. I admit I made a mistake.

swallowing your pride in a relationship

They hate making concessions so that there will be peace and harmony in the relationship. Be willing to work to resolve relationship difficulties.

You must be willing to bruise your ego so that you can make peace with your lover or spouse. So, choose to agree to compromise and accommodate your partner.

Choose to give up some of your rights so that you can reach a common ground with your partner to make peace, when there are quarrels. Think to yourself that it is for the good of the relationship and that you are prepared to give away some rights so that your partner will feel happy. Think often about the fact that you agreed to marry him or her because you loved them.

We Need To Start Swallowing Our Pride | Thought Catalog

I would also be showing love to him if I respect him as my partner or spouse. Yes See results Think About What You Will Gain When You Humble Yourself Consider often what you stand to gain when you deflate your ego and choose to suppress your pride—respect and admiration from your lover or spouse. Let that motivate you to let go of some of your rights.

We can talk some more, our relationship will become stronger, there will be peace in the house, I will be more productive at work, I can do a better job in the office, and I could get a pay rise. Deal With Selfishness Pride in a relationship also shows itself in selfishness.

You may think of yourself so much and neglect to give your partner the attention he or she desires. So, you must make a resolve to become more selfless. Then, remain firm in your resolve to work on this weakness. Then show acts of selflessness regularly so that it will become a habit. Here are some ways in which you can learn to become more selfless: Ask your partner how his day went when you come home from work.

Set the alert on your cellphone to remind you to ask about his day. Send him or her a text message to show you care. Buy gifts for your lover often.

Accept that discomfort is part of this life and make sacrifices of your personal comfort so that you can make your partner happy. Try to love your partner as much as you love yourself. Consciously try to think about him or her when you realize that you are thinking of yourself too much.

Remember one interesting thing they said to you and let that trigger a chain of good thoughts about them.

swallowing your pride in a relationship

Give yourself to your partner. Learn to make time for your lover or spouse. In addition, open your heart and share your feelings, fears, and worries with your partner. Isaac is my friend and he deserves something better from me. No, I must at least give him respect and say something polite. Think about the future of the relationship and let that motivate you to learn how to say these words. Once you start saying them, it will become a habit with time and you will find it easy to say them.

So, how can you swallow your pride in a relationship so that you can relate better with your partner? Think About Humbling Experiences Often Everyone of us has faced times when we were humiliated or embarrassed. And we do not like to think about those times because it hurts our pride. However, those same events can help you to swallow your pride. They will help you to feel humble.

How to Swallow Your Pride In A Relationship

Therefore, I must suppress my arrogant tendencies because I am dealing with someone I love. Read them often to help you humble yourself. It will help you to treat your partner with more respect.

It will make you appreciate your lover or spouse more. Two friends can become distant strangers after a fight, and their pride can easily be one of the culprits that keeps them from coming back and moving forward together.

swallowing your pride in a relationship

In a conflict, there are almost always 2 parties involved, and both have some stake in causing or perpetuating or simply not resolving the conflict. Its easy to let our pride comfort us and say that none of it was our fault. And it can be very difficult whether or not we have any part to blame to swallow our pride and be the first person to re-initiate the relationship. But unless one part steps forward and realizes that their pride is not worth letting the relationship dissolve, then the relationship risks further deterioration.

Imagine if after a big fight with someone you care about you could be the person to step forward and re-initiate contact with that person. Imagine if that person is waiting for the door to open up before they too can get over their pride. Imagine two parties who desperately want to reconnect, but choose not to because they are too proud.