Meet your animal spirit guide

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meet your animal spirit guide

Is your spirit animal a wolf, owl, bear, crow, giraffe, lizard or butterfly? Spirit animals can help us feel more in tune with the earth and guide us to make the right. You have an animal spirit guide and it wants to work with you. Let me take you on a sacred and magical journey to meet your Animal Totem. Animal spirit guides, or sometimes-called power animals, are powerful members of your spiritual team. Learn how you can connect with your animal spirit guide.

Meet Your Animal Totem

With intention, focus, and patience you can tune into the powerful medicine of your animal spirit guides in your life now. The first way is to simply ask your spirit animal to make itself know to you… And then be patient, aware, and observant until it shows itself.

Dreams are a common way in which your power animals will appear.

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Before you go to sleep, ask for your power animal to connect with you in a dream. Keep in mind, you may need to sincerely ask multiple nights in a row before your animal spirit guide will enter into your dream space with guidance and medicine.

The same is true with inviting your animal spirit guide into your meditation… You may need to meditate on your spirit animal multiple times before they appear, though not always, as for some they may show up the very first time. Archangel Ariel and Archangel Jophiel connect to help you relax, and vibrationally tune into the presence, and guidance of your spirit animal.

Sit back and listen and let your angels and spirit animals do the rest of the work in helping you to connect! Self Guided Meditation Prefer a self guided meditation? Find a comfortable place to sit, relax, and begin to imagine white light all around you. Breathe consciously as you begin to let go of any expectations, thoughts, or attachment to certain comes. Release any fear, doubt, or insecurity into the light. You may find yourself in a beautiful forest, next to a babbling brook, atop a mountain, in a peaceful meadow, or on the sea-shore.

Whatever scene you tune into is perfect, allow yourself to fully enter into and experience this magical place in nature. See, hear, sense, feel, and smell your surroundings… Experience the beauty, and life present here. Be aware, relax, and just be. This may be the extent of your meditation for now… Alternatively, if your spirit animal feels you are ready to meet they will step forward to meet you.

The first animal that appears in your vision is your animal spirit guide. They may slowly approach so you can embrace, or stand back at a distance. You are able to communicate telepathically with your spirit animal.

Clear your mind so you can receive the guidance, medicine, and wisdom they have for you. You can ask questions if you like… But perhaps even more powerful on your first meeting is to just absorb their presence and insight.


Rather than wishing for a certain message, just be receptive to what they have to share with you now. Open your heart to feel and experience the love and presence of your spirit animal who has chosen to step forward to guide, support and teach you. When your time for now is finished, thank your spirit animal, and feel the beautiful vision in nature slowly slipping away as you return to full consciousness.

What to Do Once You Know Your Spirit Animal Sponsored Links Once you know your spirit animal, study their life, habitat, and characteristics to get an idea of the areas they may be here to help you with in your life. The real you is whole, strong, and happy! By finding your spirit animal, you can act as your own Shaman and rekindle your personal power.

Now, on to how to find your spirit animal! Pay attention to what animal or animals keep showing up in songs, pictures, movies, books, conversations, etc. Trust that if Red Cardinals, Horses, Crickets, etc, keep appearing to you, they are trying to help you in some way. These methods can be guided spoken, drumming, music with vocals or it can be non-guided silence, nature sounds, instrumental-only music. Humans often do not believe they are receiving messages from their spirit animal guides so they will come to us in the dreamstate.

Often, it is much easier for folks to trust their dreams rather than their own intuition during waking times or meditations. Spirit Animal Meditation If you are committed to finding your true spirit animal, mediation may provide some surprises. Do not be afraid if a sick or injured animal appears to you. An injured Dolphin may appear to you. Dolphins are social creatures who represent community. Dolphins are well known for befriending many different species — often times saving their lives.

In this case, maybe the Dolphin appears to let you know that to have good friends, you must first be a good friend. One spirit animal meditation technique is to focus on one chakra at a time and take note of the animal s which show up for each chakra. This method is a bit advanced so I have a complete guide coming out soon. If you find yourself confused about why a particular animal came to you, look up it in my Spirit Animal Meanings database. Full directions on this are below Sit or lie in a position which keeps your back straight.

This helps the energy or Chi flow uninterrupted. If you are using sound, turn on the water fountain, nature sounds CD, music, etc. Many thanks to YogaYak for creating such amazing music for the world to enjoy. Allow your body to release all tension, beginning right above the top of your head — then slowly moving down until all negativity and stress flow out through your feet and into Mother Earth. When you feel ready, invite your spirit animal to come forward.

meet your animal spirit guide

Trust is needed at this time. When an animal appears, welcome it and thank it for coming.

meet your animal spirit guide

Ask the animal if it is your animal spirit guide. If it replies with a yes, ask what messages it has for you. Let your animal helper know you want honest messages — even if they are a little hard to know.

When your spirit animal is finished delivering its messages, ask if there is anything you can do for it in return. As you are comfortable, return to the physical world.

Thank the 4 directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky and release their energies. Take time to journal the experience. Include all details that you can remember.

This is a vital step. Remember, when you meditate you are in an altered state and you want only peaceful and loving spirits to contact you. One of the best ways to create a protective field of energy around yourself is to call in the 4 cardinal directions: I bless you and ask for your wisdom and blessing here with me today. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the East. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the South.

Please join and protect me, Spirit of the West. Please join and protect me, Spirit of the North. I am grateful for the life you provide to all. Please join and protect me, Spirit of Mother Earth. Thank you for the glowing moon and stars. These light our way so we can always be reminded of angelic realms, even in times of darkness.