Discuss the relationship between religion and science

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discuss the relationship between religion and science

topic in the first place. Discussing the relationship between religion and science is no exception. For a long time, there has been a debate going. What is the current standing of the conflicts between Science and . The complicated relationship between science and religion has been the subject of. Science and religion have had a long and interesting relationship and The net of science covers the empirical universe: what is it made of.

On their interpretation the entire universe is approximately 6, years from its origination from an action of a single deity. They attempt to contrast that "Theory" with Evolutionary Theory. In so doing they equivocate on the meaning of the word "theory" and in so doing undermine the epistemological foundation of empirical sciences.

This confusion needs to be addressed and the mistaken commingling of the two ideas of "theory" identified. Conflict Does Not Exist: If the idea f the deity is changed then the conflict may be dissipated.

Religion and Science

Consider this manifestation of the reworking of the idea of the deity away from the traditional and toward the post modern by the Roman Catholic priest who is head of the Vatican Observatory is a trained scientist. Dr George Coyne has spoken and written about the relation of Religion to Science.

discuss the relationship between religion and science

He has expressed his view that there need not be a conflict of religious belief with scientific findings. In the controversy concerning Intelligent Design and Evolution Dr.

discuss the relationship between religion and science

Coyne has expressed these views concerning the nature of the deity. God should be seen more as a parent or one who speaks encouraging and sustaining words. Scripture is very rich in these thoughts.

Religion and Science (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

It presents a God who gets angrywho disciplines, a God who nurtures the universe. The universe has a certain vitality like a child does. It has the ability to respond to words of endearment and encouragement Words that give life arte richer than mere commands of information. In such ways does God deal with the universe. It manifests itself in the attempt to arrive at a proof for the existence of a deity through the argument from Design or "Intelligent Design" argument.

This is offered by those who hold that the best explanation of the origin of the universe to be its creation by an intelligent being.

discuss the relationship between religion and science

In order to accept the "Intelligent Design Theory" as the best explanation for the origin of species Evolutionary Theory would need to be shown to be inaccurate and in some fundamental manner flawed. There is no empirical evidence or program for scientific verification or falsification of the "Intelligent Design Theory". There are significant ways in which this "theory" is not at all the sort of "theory" as is known in science. As in the case of "creationist Theory" equivocating on the word "theory" so too does the "Intelligent Design Theory" commit the same sleight of hand sort of substitution of meaning.

It is the Church that provides important guidance as to the meaning of Scripture, objective truths unknowable by reason alone like the mystery of the Trinity, for exampleand moral certitude despite winds of change in cultural attitude and behavior.

discuss the relationship between religion and science

Both science and the Church are equally aided by the gift of reason. Rational arguments are just as necessary in theological questions as in scientific ones. And it is reason that leads us to the conclusion that we need both science for our physical concerns and religion for our spiritual concerns in our life tool belts to deal with the problems that arise from being creatures consisting of mind, soul, and matter.

Putting this all together, then, we can see that science and religion are never really completely divorced from one another, but rather serve complementary roles. Science, guided in the moral spirit of the Church, provides us with answers to "how? How does gravity work?

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How does a baby progress from a zygote to a fetus? How can we better improve the quality of human life?

The Relationship Between Science and Religion

As noted in one of the Spiderman movies, "With great power comes great responsibility. Science is an incredibly powerful tool, but if that power is left to its own devices without a moral compass, it is an evil, fatal, and disastrous weapon that advances the most horrific violations to human dignity and worth see modern China, eugenics, Nazi Germany, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-Tung for a few examples.

Religion, on the other hand, aided by scientific and historical evidence, is able to provide us with the answers to our existential "why? Why am I here?

discuss the relationship between religion and science

Why is there something rather than nothing? Used in their appropriate roles, science and religion give us the complete set of tools for understanding and interpreting the Work and Word of God. We are brains without a heart. If we accept religion, and reject science, then we likewise miss out on a full volume of God's revelation, and are hearts without a brain. Both scenarios are equally despicable.

God gave us reason, and God gave us faith. Both are to be used in their maximum capacity.