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Dec 26, Magik markers – surrender to the fantasy . the result of a three way summit meeting between the Shangri La's, the .. cassette entitled incidentally 'hymns' going to the SWAP charity who help and assist refugees and asylum seekers. else while Joe Pesci's show tuning 'if it doesn't snow at Christmas' it. weekly :// weekly . weekly Walking Through. FANTASTIC INDOOR SWAP MEET something for everyone! Hundreds of Shops! Thousands of brands! Millions of Swap Meet prices!.

The track that made me cry and had me much humbled 2. The track that had me going wow 3. Then these are the dudes…. Bordellos — temperature drop 2. Georges Vert — interrupteur jones 3. The new fabian society — Barbarossa Quite simply enchanting. Following on from our mentioning the garlands festive fancy as part of the snowflakes Christmas singles box, the label have been in touch with links for the three errant winter warmers that make up and complete this rather wonderful set.

As previously these releases feature an original on one side and a cover on the other and arrive as limited edition only gems all pressed up on snow white wax. Amid this little treasure box a nugget from the adorable Smoke Fairies here accompanied by Neil Walsh on viola duties. A bewitching bouquet oozing in a fuzzy inner warmth.

Anyhow this bundle of frostiness soon blossoms and unfurls into a, dare we say, sumptuously crafted slice of strut-a-rama shoe shuffling effervescent loveliness flanked by Beatle-esque string corteges on one side and ablaze in trumpeting fanfares the other shoehorned between all this aglow in the kind of sighing frailty of the low anthem, kind of instils a warm fuzzy inner glow.

Seems like someone has been busying themselves making study of crafting the perfectly purred seasonal sonic present out of eyeing the Spector handbook of jaunty rock-a-hula and effervescent pop. Out via the Vacilando68 imprint expect more from the label later on this sugar rushed slice of snow fairy magic comes from the theatre royal and friends — the friends incidentally in question being a tree gathering festive choir made up of members of the muswells, the dredgermen and kids unique all tipsy of the seasonal air of merriment, mirth and good spirit.

All proceeds from sales go to Crisis UK. For now though something of a rare treat leaked by way of band camp. Dare you wish for more, well the cassette would be nice — out via freak beat for the vinyl and burger for the cassette….

More seasonal shenanigans this time from the Pins.

Joplin Globe by Gina Langston - Issuu

Among the roll call assembled — post war glamour girls, September girls, the supreme god, brown brogues, zissou society and many more — all comes housed in a natty looking prayer book type tape cover — go to http: A charity release with proceeds going to the sterling work done by the St Michaels Hospice in Hastings. Anyhow this was originally out last year but has been gathered up on a by all accounts killer Christmas compilation being put out by the Elefant imprint a label who at one time used to send us loads of lovely things when we were losing today and who then sadly let us slip from their mailing lists.

The chorus of voices only grows louder every year as Missouri remains the only state in the nation that does not have such a database. Russ then told those in the room that he is a former drug addict — now 16 years clean — and that he runs a recovery program for addicts through First Baptist Church in Nevada. He said he has seen the damage drug addiction has done to his own family and to the families of other addicts.

The photo at left, courtesy of Kathy Sidenstricker, shows miners as they pose for a photo outside of the Hickman Mining Co. Mine owners around the country enlisted them because of their willingness to cross picket lines. Ryan Silvey, a Re- publican from Kansas City whose district includes a unionized automotive plant.

He has made right to work a single-issue campaign for him for a long time. Online now support a 5 percent tax on canoeing in McDonald County to help pay for improvements at the county jail? This is another Jason Miller project, which should make it interesting. You also will be able to get fruit smoothies, panini sandwiches and crepes. Hours will be from 7 a. Miller is drawing inspiration for the venture from a recent trip to New York City where juice bars are becoming increasingly common.

Miller has become a fan of juicebased diets. He has used his kitchen to create some juices that are not only good for you but taste good, too. He said his juice creations helped him lose 25 pounds in a short period of time but in a healthy way. Miller is planning for an opening in March. It enabled me to retire early.

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What I wanted to hear and what the Tarot cards told me were two entirely different things. Let me put it this way: When you venture off the beaten path, expect the unexpected.

My reading was positive, insightful and reaffirming.