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Road to state interview: Amanda Barnes of Beaufort

May 17, She did gymnastics as a youth, she sprinted for Woodland High But on Saturday, in the state track and field meet at Spring Valley High. Meet coach Patrick Martin USATF S.C. Junior Olympics Jun 21, From gymnastics to. May 15, I would like to get first place and hopefully the state meet record which is currently 12'8. Photo by Clayton Evans for I got involved in this sport because of an old gymnastics teammate, a persistent mother.

My aunt knew that being a gymnast helped, and she knew that in gymnastics I was always hurt. Then, I got an injury that took me out of gymnastics for a little while and I really liked the life outside of gymnastics, so I decided that I was done.

The head coach, Herbert Glaze, heard about a high level gymnast in search of a new sport, contacted my father, and made me fall in love with the sport. The team that I have now makes me love it that much more. They are like another family, and I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed myself more. What have you learned from the sport? I have learned countless things through the sport, but the main thing is to be a team.

I have never been a part of a sport where you see the competitors helping each other! Last week, I gave one of my friends a tip that helped them insure their qualification!

It really is a team sport in that aspect, and even my track team as a whole really supports me and I can count on them at any time.

Did you run into any challenges this year? Pole vaulting is such a mental sport, you have to keep a level head the entire time. I made a breakthrough just a few days ago actually!

Chase is definitely a big factor of my clearing the height I needed to this past weekend. Did you have a specific motivation this year? My main motivation this year was to be the best vaulter in the state, then get the state meet record.

I am currently number one in the state. Looking back at your career, what do you remember the most so far? I remember the friends I have made, the mentors I have gotten to know, and the coaches that I have.

They have all become part of a family that could never be replaced. They are the reason that I am where I am. By the first mile mark, it was just one other girl and I running together for first and second place. I remember running up a long, gradual hill beside that girl and thinking, "If I don't pass her now, I may never get the chance to pass her again.

For the last 1. I knew at the current moment, I was the first place runner in the race. It was hard for me to even fathom that concept. I did not want to be passed, because I thought it would be devastating to be that close to being a state champion and then have someone else win. I ran as hard as I possibly could and ended up passing the finish line a good 53 seconds before the second place runner, who happened to be my teammate, Kylie McDonald.

How would you like to end your tenure as a student,person and athlete at Westminster Catawba? Currently, I am valedictorian of my senior class, so I would like to be able to continue making good grades, so that I am able to hold on to that title.

I feel that as an athlete, there is always room for improvement. I will never reach a point where I will feel as if I cannot improve. There will always be someone better than me, and so I must always strive to work to the best of my potential to achieve higher goals. As a person, I just want to be whom God wants me to be. I am a Christian, and I believe that without God, I am nothing. In fact, my life means nothing if God is not in control, so I want to grow into the type of person that reflects God in her life.

What kind of advice do you have to young and future runners about the sport and how to make it a life long activity?

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My biggest piece of advice would be to never take a sport too seriously. You must enjoy what you are doing in order to do well in it. If you do not have a passion for something, you cannot expect to achieve great things.

It's also important to remember that a lot of cross country is mental. You have to have a positive mental attitude when you are in training and when you are in a race. Does your team have a tradition prior to a meet? How was the tradition established? The girl's team always huddles together on the starting line and prays.

After the prayer, we look to the person on our left, and that is the person we will pray for during the entire race. I love this tradition, because it helps me to focus on the needs of others during a race. It's also comforting knowing that another team member has you in their thoughts and prayers during a race.

I cannot remember who started the tradition. We've done this for so long, it's hard to remember. What keeps you motivated to get out the door on a daily basis for training and life?

Interview: Westminster Catawba Senior Chrystal Haire

I am just a very motivated person to begin with. That is one of my personality traits. If I set my mind on a goal, I will do everything in my power to achieve it. Fitness and health are important to me, so that keeps me motivated to continue running, as well. Have you ever been injured? If so, what happened and what did you learn from this injury? I had a stress fracture in my ankle in the eighth grade from running.

In the 11th grade, I had severe anemia. This year, I had painful tendonitis in my knee. All three of these injuries helped to humble me. They made me realize that I am not immune to injuries and that life is not always going to go as planned. During my recovery time, I learned to never give up and to ultimately put my faith in God.

What kind of cross-training did you do during this time? Or did you take time off? With the stress fracture, I took the time off, eight weeks on crutches. During my bout with anemia, I kept on training just as hard, because I did not want to show weakness. With my tendonitis, I took one week off from running and practiced biking and walking during my time off.

When you were in this injury mode, what kept you motivated to get back on the course, road or track after recovery? My parents, teammates, and others helped to keep me motivated. They would send me cards and let me know that I was in their prayers. What has been your most challenging race?

State Record Holder Clears One Goal At a Time

How did you do in this race? Why was this race your most challenging? That course is a TRUE cross country course. It includes numerous hills, muddy ground, roots, rocks, and two creeks you must run through.

I was so afraid that I was going to get hurt running that course. I ended up coming in second behind Tiayonna Blackmon of Fort Mill. That was my first race against the public schools in my area Northwestern, Fort Mill, Clover, etc. I was pleasantly surprised when I came in second and also that I didn't get hurt! What kind of race scenario works best for you and when the race scenario changes, how do you adapt?

The best race scenario for me is cool weather, no injuries, and a positive mental attitude. This isn't always the case, and when it's not, I'll talk to my parents before a race to get some encouragement. Then I hand my worries over to God and go out there and try my best.

What would you say is the most prestigious meet you have competed in? I did run in the Footlocker South Regional race my freshman year, but I did not compete in the seeded event. What were you thinking as you stepped to the line for your race s that day?

For the Eye Opener, I wasn't expecting to perform well, because I had not practiced the entire week leading up to the race. I was trying to rest my knee due to severe tendonitis. Because I hadn't run in a week, I was extremely anxious to get out there and run.

I believe that that is in part why I did so well at that meet. As for the Furman Invitational, I was very motivated going into that race. I knew that if I came in the top 10 in that race, I would be doing exceptionally well. To go there and not perform well was out of the question, so I pushed hard the entire time. Have you ever met a professional athlete? If so, what did you talk to he or she about? Where did you meet this athlete? I met Gail Devers, an Olympian, during the summer of I introduced myself, got a picture with her, and told her about my similar passion for running.

Where is your favorite place to train? Honestly, I love to run in my neighborhood, while my dad rides his bike along side me.

USATF S.C. Junior Olympics

Do you have a favorite cross-country course? If so, which one and why? It is a relatively flat, fast, and an easy course. What do you look for in a coach and what do you expect a coach to look for in you? I look for a coach that is demanding, yet caring. I want a coach that will work me hard, but also knows when enough is enough. I hope and expect a coach to look for effort, determination, and good sportsmanship in me.

Do you or Westminster Catawba have any rivals? If so, how did these rivals develop and when do they become the most intense? Personally, I have no rivals. I view my teammate, Kylie McDonald, as competition, and she helps me to always strive to do my best. Our team doesn't really have a rival.

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