Stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

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stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

It was when Lauren and Heidi were taking an honest look at what Heidi's relationship with Spencer Pratt did to their friendship. Besides being. "Jonny Mitchell and Stephanie Pratt have ended their relationship,” Mitchell's rep tells ET. "Jonny has fond memories of the times they spent. This time it's ex Hills star Stephanie Pratt. Whether this brought the new couple together we're not sure but we certainly wouldn't be setting up.

Even without talk of rebootsthe MTV reality TV show has remained a constant part of pop culture no matter how long it's been. Lauren Conrad and her stylish friends have influenced our fashion and beauty choices, we use The Hills GIFs to sum up what we're going through and we will never, ever hear the name Justin Bobby without thinking some very precise things about burping and combat boots.

When we look back at the TV show, we often remember the drama. It definitely wasn't short of it.

stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

We can attribute a lot of that to Lauren, but there were other tear-streaked faces on the show, too, and we're here to remember them all. Lauren cries as she and Heidi discuss Spencer. MTV The "He's a sucky person" fight is remembered most for the classic The Hills line, but there was more to it than that. It was when Lauren and Heidi were taking an honest look at what Heidi's relationship with Spencer Pratt did to their friendship.

Besides being completely upfront about how she feels about Spencer, Lauren admits that she doesn't feel Heidi is being the friend she needs. And that heart-braking confession leads to the water works.

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Heidi reveals her plastic surgery to her mom. MTV In what was considered one of the realer, more heart-wrenching moments on the show, Heidi goes to Colorado to visit her mom Darlene Egelhoff — and to show off her extensive plastic surgery. When Darlene sees Heidi's surgery results, let's just say that she keeps it real, as per usual. Of course, that's not what Heidi was hoping for.

The kicker is that we also don't see Heidi's full transformation in the episode until her mom does. Lauren cries about Heidi then Audrina cries about Justin Bobby.

MTV There were definitely a lot of tears on The Hills, but there was something comforting when the cast members cried together. In one of the popular heart-to-heart sessions on the couch, Lauren laments about her ongoing problems with Heidi. Then it's Audrina Patridge's turn to get her frustrations regarding Justin Bobby off her chest. Unsurprisingly, the reveal of emotions ends up with tears and both girls comforting each other.

Stephanie and Spencer fight and Spencer says, "You're making yourself cry. This time it was with his sister Stephanie Pratt. The drama begins when Lauren awkwardly invites Stephanie to her 22nd birthday party and Stephanie goes.

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Heidi finds out and tells Spencer. He, of course, confronts his sis.

stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

Remember, this was after they had the big fight about Spencer's video games in Stephanie's apartment. In a true Spencer move, he utters his classic, "You're making yourself cry thinking about what you did" line when she gets emotional during the fight.

Audrina catches Justin Bobby kissing a girl at the club.

stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

MTV Yeah, pretty much everyone knew that Justin Bobby was a D-bag and saw something like this coming, but you still had to feel sorry for Audrina. The group was enjoying a night out at the club when Audrina sees Justin kissing a girl right in front of her.

Of course, a confrontation, a heated argument, and then tears follow. Lauren and Heidi have a confrontation post-fall out. After all of the sex tape rumor drama and Speidi shenanigans, Heidi and Lauren finally come face-to-face. Instead of it resulting in a yell-filled attack, it is actually an emotional AF moment with the two reminiscing about the good times they shared.

When Lauren utters, "You used to be my best friend," there likely wasn't a dry eye anywhere. Audrina and Lauren fight with the single tear. After their friendship started to disintegrate, they finally had a heart-to-heart talk and it gets very deep very quickly.

stephanie pratt relationship quizzes

Instead of outright bawling, it's the tears slowly rolling down the girls' cheeks that heighten the emotion in the scene. It's one of the best reaction GIFs out there. While Andy romanced Fleur, the rest of the boys went on a night out in the hope of finding new romances. Clearly smitten with James, Lucy returned to her night out with Stephanie before admitting: Jamie has angered Andy following 'hooking up' with Jess With the sun shining and escaping to the country, JP drove Binky out to the Surrey countryside for a picnic in the fields and revealed that he found it more attractive when a girl enjoyed the outdoors, to which Binky agreed.

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Back in the country, JP and Binky seemed to be falling head over heels with each other, with JP attempting to romance his date with his failed French accent and her with her lack of geographic knowledge. Clearly smitten for his date, JP asked if Binky would join him on another outing saying: Meanwhile, Andy and Jamie caught up and Andy sat down to reveal to his friend that following his date with Fleur, all he could think about was Jess.

Loved-up Stephanie is happy to see her friend Lucy Watson finally looking for love "If he wants to ask me on a date, he can come over and ask me," before Stephanie welcomed him to the family. While Toff revealed to Sam Thompson that she was wearing a Chanel jacket and had brushed her hair in a bid to find a boy, Elliott soon walked over and admitted that he and Toff had shared some drunken kisses in the past. Meanwhile, Jamie admitted to Jess that he had told Andy about them hooking up before Jess said that she quite liked Andy, clearly upsetting Jamie.

Bumping into Lucy, James finally found the courage to chat to Lucy and asked her what she liked to do for fun.

Finally, Jess apologised to Andy about her night with Jamie and he told her that he thought they should end their relationship and admitted to being scared to date with Jess.