Hieros gamos twin flames relationship

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hieros gamos twin flames relationship

Sacred marriage is typically restricted to those known as Twin Flames or soulmates of the Higher Order. Essentially, the Hieros Gamos. TWIN FLAMES and the Kundalini Fire - The Lovers Dance. the sacred marriage/alchemical union (also known as hieros gamos) which helps. The Master number series already sheds a light on how 11 is a Twin Flame This signifies the Hieros gamos the inner marriage of the Divine Masculine and the.

The Angels are giving you this sign so you know assistance is never far away.

The true twin flame template

This means you play a special role in lifting up the spirit of the Earth. Angel number Angel number is already less aligned as you can read here: Read the full Angel number 11 description here. Not that seeing means you have successfully anchored into 5D, but it does show you that you are coming into a deeper alignment to it, which is the first step. Possibly meeting your Twin Flame in the physical Tenaciously seeing can also indicate that you are about to meet your Twin Flame in the physical which can mean, meet them here on earth for the first time or meet them in real life.

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My twin and I met online through our mutual companies spring of That summer of all the way leading up to me getting invited in September for the end of November wedding I saw everywhere and constantly. Really as if the Universe was knocking itself out to give me confirmation of my alignment. If you Google it, it seems to be a common experience and there seems to be a definite link between the two.

These are in fact special dates and there are many more throughout the year as new consciousness is downloaded to planet Earth.

♥ Twin Flame Synthesis ♥

In the Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto I talk about Twin Flames being the boots on the ground as part of the ascension process. One of the things being downloaded to us now is the diamond consciousness and these galactic gateways are used for this, to those who are aligned to receive these upgrades. The goal of this journey is helping the BIG Shift from the old 3D paradigm into the new 5D consciousness and vibration. Shifting into the New Earth, so many people have been writing about.

Kundalini Fire and Twin Flame Alchemy

Twin Flame union, not just a physical relationship is a byproduct of this dimensional shift. In fact being together in the physical with your twin, however much that is the answer to your dreams does not ensure you made that dimensional shift. There are many twins in a physical relationship because it helps them heal wounds that need closeness to be triggered, but it in no way is an indication of their advancement on the ascension ladder which is an ego way of looking at things anyway.

You could be separated from your twin for years, yet much further along in making the shift into 5D than someone who is doing the 3D romance with their Twin Flame.

Love is not connected or dependent on any day of the year and neither is Twin Flame union by the way.

hieros gamos twin flames relationship

Our birth dates add up to 11, our birthday month and day add up to 11 — but next year in the 11 year our ages will also add up to He turns 29 in July and I will have already reached my 11 in a higher digit number in February.

This power of Kundalini is the power of God. At one time in the past humanity knew this directly. Humanity walked with God, talked with God, and could see the heavens. This is symbolized in the Bible as the man and woman in the garden of Eden before the Fall, before the temptation to abuse the fruit.

But when humanity was seduced by desire, humanity was cast out of Eden. For he who is gracious to his lover under the impression that he is rich, and is disappointed of his gains because he turns out to be poor, is disgraced all the same: And on the same principle he who gives himself to a lover because he is a good man, and in the hope that he will be improved by his company, shows himself to be virtuous, even though the object of his affection turn out to be a villain, and to have no virtue; and if he is deceived he has committed a noble error.

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For he has proved that for his part he will do anything for anybody with a view to virtue and improvement, than which there can be nothing nobler. To create complete synthesis, twin flames must align mentally and emotionally for even this union, along with the divine love making, is also an act of mergence.

hieros gamos twin flames relationship

Their synthesis of pure love creates stargates with which the divine use to travel through as well as the new wayshowers that are incarnating on our planet. When the masculine and feminine unite together in the Sacred Marriage which is the TRUE marriage that is assisted by the divine, they create a carriage called the Merkahbah which transports them to a higher consciousness of knowing.

All universal knowledge becomes available to them which include the keys in the forms of codes which help them to unlock the secrets of the universe. They begin to understand on a deeper level cosmic love and order and they gain tools in which they may assist humanity in their evolution and ascension process.

The two polarities unite in the sacred marriage of divinity and make love in the presence of the divine. Both transfigure, both travel the eternal spiral of ascension as they become one body, one mind, one soul, one existence.