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dotted line reporting relationship

Dotted-line reporting describes a relationship between an employee and a secondary. Capturing and representing organizational relationships is challenging. Sometimes I wonder if dotted line reporting is one of the major. A definition and description of dotted line reporting and its consequences, as distinct from solid line reporting relationships at work.

But matrixed relationships can really become complicated.

dotted line reporting relationship

An individual may be loaned temporarily to a project; however they then are responsible to two managers. The project manager may contribute feedback on the employee, but both the employee and the formal manager know where the real power lies. Organization chart showing an employee with a formal manager and a dotted line manager The formal manager has control while the project or dotted-line manager has some degree of influence, but not likely any serious control.

Solid line reporting

When describing these situations on an organization chart a dotted line is used. The employee has a solid line to their formal manager and a dotted line to the auxiliary or project manager.

dotted line reporting relationship

Let the dotted-line serve as a warning. First, it is essential to document these multiple reporting relationships in the organization and to be able to share that information with management. You need to recognize where the opportunity for divided loyalties are operating so that you can be ready to manage them.

dotted line reporting relationship

Second, where the dotted line relationship exists there needs to be clarity on expectations with the employee and the managers involved. As a project manager building a team you might not be able to get all of the time you need from a team member and that needs to be discussed with their formal manager.

Third, motivating one or more dotted line reports will require an understanding of what is important to them in terms of rewards.

What Is A Matrix Organizational Structure?

However, you can also add the Dotted Line tile to a Fluid home page to quickly access the dotted line pages as an administrator. On the Personalize Homepage page, select the homepage in the left page to indicate where you want to add the Dotted Line tile for example, Manager Self Service.

Managing Dotted Line Relationships

Click the Add Tile button. To remove the tile from the homepage, from the Personalize Homepage page, click the Delete Dotted LIne icon red X in the top right corner of the tile and save. You can add the Dotted Line tile, through personalization, to a system-delivered home page or a home page that you create.

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Smartphone Dotted Line Page This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Dotted Line page for the smartphone. Field or Control Definition Name and Search Enter search criterion in the Name field and click Search to narrow your list of dotted line relationships. The process will look for any people with a dotted line relationship that match the name criterion, i.

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Reset Click this button to clear the Name field and reset the page to show all dotted line relationships. Sort button Click this button to access the Sort page where you can choose to sort the list by any of the column headings. Toggle between ascending and descending order by selecting the sort item name again. The Sort icon appears green when a sort has been applied to your page. Remove Dotted Line Relationship button Tablet Click this button to remove a dotted line relationship.

dotted line reporting relationship

The system will present you with a secondary page where you will confirm that you want to perform the deletion.