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Engin Akyürek in Is he married or dating a new girlfriend? Net worth: Religion - believes in god? Islam Partner, Currently in no confirmed relationship. Turkish actress Beren Saat puts an end to rumors regarding her relationship with her co-star Engin Akyürek, known as Karim in the series. Directed by Özer Kiziltan. With Erkan Can, Meray Ülgen, Güven Kiraç, Öznur Kula. A promotion brings a Muslim's relationship with God into question.

First, it was thought to be a small-scale magazine but I encouraged them to think big. During those days, my circle was like that and I felt good when I wrote.

All of my articles came out from that closet and I dusted them off.

Beren Saat Beautiful and Successful Turkish Actress

My first article in our first issue was a story that I wrote when I was 21 years old. Then I started writing new ones. I still write about the things that I wrote when I was 21 years old.

Maybe, I am incapable of telling something else. Actually, the common point of all my writings are the experiences of a young boy or a young man. I want to collect them in a book. Mine was not like that. I also had those adolescent problems that every three billion men in this planet had; some biological problems, ordinary adolescent stages like inconsistency between your mind and your body.

Mine is not like that.

Beren Saat Denies Relationship with Engin Akyürek!

Therefore, puberty was a fun period that I can joke about. I am communicating my feelings. Everybody is unhappy and does complain about something. I find my solution by paying attention to the child in me. In such situations, I think that I need to find something or go after a feeling. We always aggrandize the past but I am not like that. We all have been living in this country. We are in search of something in modern life and we do this in our past.

Modern life presents some things but it also takes away many things from you and those things taken away are what I think about the most. I am not just talking about smart phones or social media. I am talking about feelings as well. To understand each other, to feel each other is not that easy any more. There are some moments in life which are very precious.

While you had a lot of fun and were happy when you were a child, why are we so tough and distant in our relationships? I keep thinking about these. They are related to child in us.

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And if someone did it in a manner that would disturb me, I would get annoyed. Sometimes, I turn my phone off at least two-three hours when I am at home. What are their expectations? Actually, I am around and I live in Anatolian side of Istanbul.

I built my life according to life here. If I lived in European side, maybe, I would run in Bebek coast. Your private life is very mysterious.

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Is it hard for an actor? It was very difficult for me to understand what he had been through. He is a person who unjustly went to prison at a very young age. Her bright eyes and charming smile, draw all the more and more fans. Despite the appearance, Beren was truly one of the most talented actresses of Turkish. The winner of numerous awards, including two prestigious awards "Golden Butterfly" is one of the highest paid actresses from Turkey.

Beren has a brother, Cem Saat. This project was completed for a young girl very well, she won second placeso got her first debut role on television. Thus began a career Beren, which to appear in numerous Turkish serials. But the heroine of Zilan was radically disagrees with the decision of their parents. It may be noted that this is the story of Romeo and Juliet, but it ends will be known only to those who inspection it through.

Since then, the desire to take revenge becomes an obsession for a heroine. She meets a young man and feelings erupt between them. What is stronger - revenge or love? But the most spectacular success to Beren Saat came after a series of Ask-i memnu, received one of the highest ratings among the critics and the audience, and her character Bihter was warmly received by many fans of the series, which Beren immediately became one of the most Turkey's most popular actresses.