Krissann barreto relationship trust

New couple alert! 'Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan' actress is in love with this TV actor

krissann barreto relationship trust

Mar 18, A Letter to Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan: The Show, the Stars and the Fans!!! Written By funkychic reads Mumbai Updated: March 18, i dnt trust words I trust action. Bollywood Gossips, Shraddha kapoor Fans,, True Relationships, Pyar Community, Krissann Barretto, Sandeep. Do you all know that Krissann Barretto was supposed to play Nandini And trust me, he played it with such finesse and the right amount of.

Later, Anjali is divorced due to the intrigues of her aunt-in-law and her own egoism, and returns to Bharadwaj House.

krissann barreto relationship trust

Sanjana Krissann Barretto returns to Bharadwaj House from Londonwhere she was sent years ago to pursue higher studies. However, Anjali discovers that Sameer is a fraud who is conspiring against the Bharadvajs to take their property over and throw them out of their home and to spare herself from the same fate, as well as getting rid of her family whom she despises, accusing them of never caring and supporting her and only Sanjana, she marries Sameer in a secret ceremony before his wedding to Sanjana, thus becoming his legal wife.

She humiliates her family members and treats them like servants. She even slaps her mother Simar.

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After Piyush plots a master plan to get the Bharadwaj's property back from Anjali, she threatens to kill her own mother but is stopped by Simar who shoots her and Anjali falls into a coma. Bhairavi Vandana VithlaniSameer's mother is revealed to have shoot Anjali and being responsible for her condition. Together with Sameer, she enters the Bharadvajs' lives to avenge Prem for running her husband and Sameer's father over. It is subsequently revealed than Bhairavi murdered him herself after he discovered she was a drug dealer and is using the Bharadvajs as a coverup of the truth in front of Sameer.

After absorbing supernatural powers, Bhairavi turns into a dayaan and kills Simar, leaving the Bharadvajs heartbroken. However, the Mother Goddess Durgadeeply worshipped by the Bharadvaj Family, enters their household in the form of Simar, to destroy Bhairavi's supernatural form and bring Simar back to life. After her defeat, Bhairavi is arrested. Sameer repents for his mistakes and the Bharadvajs forgive and accept him after realising he truly loves Sanjana.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan: Will Dhruv’s absence bring Aaliya and Aaryaman closer?

Anjali wakes up from coma and asks forgiveness from all the family members, acting as she has changed, while in reality, her purpose is taking Sameer away from Sanjana. Simar considers her daughter dead and asks the other family members to forget about her, comparing Anjali's part of the family as a tumour which has to be cut and thrown away.

The Saga of Mystery Box begins, leading to Aaliya, who shoots Roshni with a gun to avenge her father's death who had committed suicide due to Piyush's mistake, and Roshni sadly dies, leaving the family in sadness and making Piyush mad. Simar is again heartbroken. The show portrays the story of Simar and Prem searching for their son Piyush who got lost after Roshni's death 6 months prior, and managing the married life of their adopted daughter, Sanjana. Simar finds out that Piyush has lost his memory due to the shock of seeing his wife deceasing and is being looked after by a girl named Avni Monica Sharma and her mother, Hema.

Simar takes her son back to Bharadwadj House together with Avni and Hema. Bhairavi has returned from jail, seeming changed to good, and living with Sameer and Sanjana, but is actually plotting her revenge, having paid Avni and Hema to kidnap Piyush and destroy the Bharadvaj Family from the inside. Sanjana loses her unborn child, leading to her and the family members' sadness. When Avni tries to expose Bhairavi, the latter attempts to kill the former, but only succeeds in murdering Avni's mother.

Bhairavi's shooting with a gun leads to Piyush regaining his memory. In the end, Simar kills Bhairavi and Piyush marries Avni, promising her that he would always be by her side. The Bharadvajs worship the Mother Goddess and celebrate togetherness. On the other hand, Dhruv and Alya's relationship crumbles as a result of Dhruv's inferiority complex. This leads to Dhruv leaving FAB5. Manik believes that the Pandit has the wrong intentions for Nandini while she brushes them off thinking Manik is jealous and overreacting.

On the day of the Fusion concert, Manik and Nandini sing together and all misunderstandings between Dhruv and FAB5 are cleared and Dhruv attempts to mend his broken friendship with the group.

krissann barreto relationship trust

After the concert, Manik tells Nandini he loves her. Their happiness is short lived when the Pandit kidnaps Nandini. Although she is saved, she suffers from great shock and pushes everyone, including Manik, away from her.

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Nandini decides to take a break and goes to Mangalore with her brother but Manik goes after her. With the help of Nandini's grandmother, Ams, Manik succeeds in bringing Nandini out of her shock a day before her 18th birthday.

On her birthday, Nandini tells Manik that she loves him and they become an official couple. On the other hand, Alya, begins to suffer from an eating disorder and depression as a result of her failed relationships and loneliness.

On Friendship's Day, she announces that she wants to leave FAB5 and begin a fresh life which angers Dhruv who blames Manik claiming that he is their over shadower. During the Talent Hunt competition at S. E, FAB5 sing together and manage to mend their broken friendship. While Nandini waits at home for Manik and Cabir to pick her up and the rest of FAB5 wait for them to arrive at the party, Manik and Cabir face a car accident plotted by Nyonika, Manik's mother, which was intended for Nandini.

This marks the end of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1. Season 2 shows life 4 months after the car blast Starts with Nandini excited for Manik's birthday and when they are throwing a party Cabir and Manik are not there when Nandini throws a party. Nandini misses Manik a lot. Aryamaan always supports her when she's sad.

Navya becomes a RJ and takes care of her new born baby Abeer with Mukti trying to move on in life. Alya and Dhruv move on in life in their different paths but are just friends. A spoilt brat with voice of Manik enters the plot i. Nandini hates him and he hates Nandini and stands for election against Nandini and Harshad. Soon thereafter, Nandini starts digging up the truth behind Manik's disappearance and eventually the fact comes out of Nyonika being involved.

Nandini is always worried about Manik, misses him badly, and wants to know what has happened. Her heart knows he is alive and well somewhere. Manik then comes back and reveals that he was saved by his father and that he had been in Pune all this while. He is hurt because of a misunderstanding that his friends and Nandini have moved on and created a new Fab 5.

But Nandini convinces Manik and clears his misunderstanding. She also tells him about Nyonika's involvement in the blast. Manik tells Fab 5 that he couldn't save Cabir and is distraught when he remembers him when he plays the drums in his memory.

Nandini, Dhruv, Mukti, and Alya console him on that. On the other hand, Maddy is thrown out of his house but Arayaman helps him and takes him to his place. Aaryaman arrives at the party and Manik doesn't like it at all. Manik then steals Nandini away from the rest of them and the two spend the night together after being happily drunk under stars.

Nandini feels finally content in her love's arms and Manik lovingly handles her, smiling. MaNan, written by the stars and celebrated by the fireflies, finally are happy. Manik wants to complete Nandini's bucket list so we see a series of interesting things that MaNan do, from stealing beer bottles to playing with water bottles. Meanwhile, Dhruv is insecure about Alya and Manik advises him to be alone for sometime and Dhruv says to Alya that she is more happy with Varun Alya's boss in fashion design than him.

He says goodbye to Manik and Alya separately and leaves to start a new chapter in his life.

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Manik discovers that Nandini's memories only are getting erased. Nandini cries finding out the truth.

krissann barreto relationship trust

Nandini, Aryaman and Navya qualify for Musicana. But Nandini decides to go with Manik to Denmark for his treatment. Manik accepts Aryaman as Nandini's friend. Manik while playing, remembers the beautiful memories that they had with Fab5 and his love, Nandini. Navya and Nandini are standing aside and smiling on seeing them together.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan: Will Dhruv’s absence bring Aaliya and Aaryaman closer? -

They make a beautiful tempo with the band and after that celebrate New Year and all coming into a group hug and raising their glasses together, standing together as friends forever, with MaNan in the centre. MaNan leave for Denmark the next day to start the next chapter of their lives, leaving behind beautiful memories and cherishing each other forever.

krissann barreto relationship trust

Navya considers a gay couple to adopt her son and continues as a RJ. Mukti leaves to join an international music house to go solo and Alya takes a contract for fashion design. Finally, Aryaman wishes Nandini well with Manik.

krissann barreto relationship trust

Manik realises that although friendship is important, love stays with you forever and promises to cherish Nandini forever. This marks the end of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2. Season 3 Shows life after 4 years Nandini and Manik have been together for 6 years now.