Gohan and pan relationship goals

8 Dragon Ball Couples Who Have Helped The Show (And 12 Who Have Hurt It)

gohan and pan relationship goals

Mar 6, They're a warrior race whose goal is getting stronger, fighting, and eating. Born to Gohan and Videl, Pan is the granddaughter of Goku. some other couple has a bratty child with no respect for their surroundings and ruins. Gohan Videl Pan Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Nerd Stuff, Balls, Dragon Drawings. Visit Is my dbz favorite couple Dragon Ball Image, Dragon Ball Z, Dbz, Vocaloid. Gohan and Videl met in high school when they were years-old. After his resurrection and Buu's defeat, Gohan and Videl reunited and became a couple. adult, Videl said she wished for Pan to become a martial artis like her and Gohan.

You know, except for Vegeta exclaiming a million times that he is the Prince of All Saiyans. But he is actually the King since his father has perished.

Goku's children shouldn't feel left out.


Technically they are also royalty, as Gohan and Goten's grandfather and Pan's great-grandfather The Ox King is, well, a king. That makes Gohan and Goten princes and Pan a princess. Not that the royalty of Fire Mountain is that important, so score this one for Vegeta's family. In your face Kakarot! Now fetch me a glass. So often they look younger than what they really are because of art styles and this is especially true in DBZ what with Saiyan lifespans being longer than humans and all that.

This case is especially evident in the case of Trunks. For the most part, Trunks looks the same in Dragon Ball Super than what he did in the Cell Saga, aside from his clothes.

Dragon Ball: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Gohan & Videl's Relationship

In reality, he is 31 years old! Born in Age and it being AgeTrunks is now a full adult! We get that he shouldn't have grey hair or anything like that, but it is worth noting that he is oldest Saiyan child in the franchise. He's even older than Gohan! We see an android who gains energy from eating people through a giant vacuum-like tail, a pink blob monster as old as time who can absorb people through his very flesh, and a snake who is a princess that lures men off a giant road located above Hell.

All that is okay, but apparently, the bottom of a kid is too much. When Vegeta fights off the Great Ape form of Gohan in the Saiyan saga, the battle ends with the monkey boy crushing the Prince with his mighty ape form. In the original Japanese version of the show, Gohan is appropriately unclothed, because unlike the Incredible Hulk, Dragon Ball Z's clothes obey logic.

Not in some of the English dubs, though, as some of them cover up Gohan's baby booty with a piece of blue fabric from Vegeta's clothes. It just would have been more obvious if Chi-Chi got her way in naming her child. In the DBZ episode "Memories of Gohan," the Son family and friends are celebrating Gohan's 11th birthday when we see a flashback to Gohan when he was a toddler. This was still before he was given a name by his parents so Chi-Chi attempts to name the child Einstein.

Unfortunately for her, Gohan cries at that name.

gohan and pan relationship goals

His grandpa the Ox King tries to name him, but that doesn't go well either. Only when Goku suggests the name Gohan after his adoptive father that Gohan is happy. That's why it's funny to some of us when we get afraid of bees, spiders, or other creatures that we are clearly much stronger than. It's illogical, but we fall for it anyway. It seems this also carries over to Saiyan children who can destroy planets. It isn't picked up upon anywhere else in the franchise but is fun to think about anyway.

Trunks tells Goten that "I have a problem with dogs. Now I have a desire to see a husky go Super Saiyan. We see Gohan and Videl's developing mutual crush on each other, so their getting married and having a kid at the end of Dragon Ball Z was no shocker.

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And in Super, Gohan has been displayed as being the perfect husband and father, who likes being with his family and would even sacrifice good job opportunities if it meant he'd have to be away from them for too long. But Bulma and Vegeta? There was no lead up to that. No indication or foreshadowing. During the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta was a guy who came to Earth with the intention of murdering all of Bulma's friends and destroying her planet which would in turn destroy her.

Several of her friends died during that battle to prevent this, and Goku was left badly injured in the hospital. Vegeta even would have killed Goku's son, who was only like five years old at the time.

gohan and pan relationship goals

Then in the Frieza arc, Vegeta remained the scary murderous villain that he was before. Vegeta was very much a dick out for himself while on Namek, and he would not have thought twice about murdering Gohan, Krillin, or Bulma if it furthered his goals or if they stood between him and a goal.

The only reason Gohan and Krillin were kept alive was because he was aware that he might need some help against Frieza's minions.

He then comes to Earth after the Frieza saga, but he was still very much a bad guy who was not at all repentant for having killed a bunch of innocent Namekians, and having been responsible for the ordering of the deaths of several of Earth's fighters.

Vegeta was not at all apologetic about any of that.

Why Gohan and Videl are the best couple in the Dragon Ball Franchise | DragonBallZ Amino

But for some reason, Bulma decides to let him stay at her place, despite in the previous Saiyan and Frieza saga she was terrified of guys like him. Then there was the three year skip as they trained for the upcoming androids, and during that time Bulma and Vegeta had a baby.

But during the Android Arc, there is never any indication given of how or why that happened. The two share almost no screen time together it's been a while, I don't remember exactly. And Vegeta still during the Android Arc shows himself to be a villain who is only fighting not because he cares about protecting anybody, but just because he wants to prove his Super Saiyan strength. She had more screen time with any of them than she did with Vegeta if I recall.

It was never really shown at all in the series how or why Bulma and Vegeta ended up together. It was just sort of skipped over, and none of the other characters treat it as weird that she had a baby with a guy who was still evil at the time.

Flash forward to Super, which is after I'd expected he'd have mellowed out after his sacrifice during the Majin Buu arc, but his first shown episode of Vegeta's is during a family vacation that he clearly doesn't want to be there for and was only doing to keep a promise to Trunks. Not much is known about her life with Gero or even her life before she was an android. While not much is not about her previous life, not much needs to be known.

She was transformed into an android by her own husband, proving that he had a lot more things than love on his mind. Brief and his wife Panchy. The two are the parents of Bulma and Tights, but they love to offer help to the many characters throughout the show. Gure is a short, white alien with big eyes and a purple outfit. Many of the other characters react with surprise as well, leaving one question to be asked, why do Saiyans choose such weird partners?

She is shown to be holding Chichi and has the same hairstyle as her daughter. Despite this, her face is not shown. Regardless, the Ox-King and Chichi both talk about her with great admiration. Miss Buu is a female Majin that is created by the original Buu after he reads one of Mr. Buu longs for love and splits into two Buus, resulting in the creation of Miss Buu.

During the same year, the couple desires a child just like humans have and read Mr. The family multiplies like rabbits, so quickly that they are eventually recognized as their own race. None of this has ever taken place in canon. General Blue is introduced as a high-ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army.

After the ensuing battle, Blue attempts to escape Goku, only to forget that he is flying and crashes into a mountain.