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meet our tour guides

We have a terrific team of student tour guides! If you can't take a tour in person, you can get to know them by reading their bios. Feel free to email any guide with . Barnard Student Admissions Representatives (BSARs) are current Barnard students who lead campus tours and assist in the Office of Admissions. Find out. Meet Our Tour Guides. Alex M. Sophomore Nutrition. Alisha S. Senior Medical Biology. allie s. Allison S. Senior Psychology. Alli W. Senior Health, Wellness and .

Coming from such a large and cosmopolitan city I was a little nervous to switch to a smaller setting so far away from home. But I can happily say that Amherst has truly become my second home.

meet our tour guides

The diverse community here with ready access to the other colleges in the consortium truly lends itself to being a little big world. Although I would like to major in art history, I'm happy that I can take advantage of our unique open curriculum and take as many classes as I can in various subjects.

Outside of taking classes and going to practice, I enjoy spending time on the third floor of Frost, doing long Val sits, and hanging out with friends.

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I look forward to meeting as many prospective Amherst students and their families as I can! Feel free to reach out with any questions at jcardenas20 amherst. Psychology and French Activities on campus: Running, watching Chef's Table, watching the Great British Baking Show while actually baking in real life, babysitting, and making friends! Favorite question asked on tours: A lot of people have asked me why I chose Amherst, and my answer has pretty much always been the same.

meet our tour guides

When I first visited Amherst, I was expecting to be most impressed by the facts I already knew and loved about it: I did love all of those things, but what really drew me to Amherst College ultimately was the people. I was amazed by the positive, welcoming, diverse student body on campus, and perhaps even more amazed by the attention and care that professors give students at Amherst. Two years later, I've found that that first impression was spot-on, and even on the days that I miss California or slip on ice not a rarityI have remained confident and secure in my decision to come to Amherst primarily because of the people here.

Students visiting Amherst are also often curious about what my favorite class has been at Amherst so far! I've honestly loved all of my classes at Amherst, but I especially loved every single discussion and assignment in Reading the Novel with Professor Sanborn, and learned a whole new way of writing from Professor Grobe's patient, honest comments in Engaging the Arts.

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I hope that gives you a good sense of what my own experience of Amherst has been like, but please feel free to email me at rchaffin20 amherst. Hope to see you on campus soon. Philosophy and Computer Science Activities on campus: Spontaneous trips, exploring campus, procrastinating, Val-sitting Favorite question asked on tours: Winters here are a little shorter and much less cold than those I grew up with, so at Amherst I'm basically living in my tropical paradise!

This paradise would be incomplete, though, without the good company I have found here, and these personal connections are the true highlight of my time at Amherst.

meet our tour guides

Between students, staff, and professors, I am constantly around people who encourage me and support me, while challenging me to grow and learn. Events that are held around campus usually give out free food and free tshirts! I mean, who doesn't like free stuff!? Students should come here if they want to get a foundation that will be built up with a great education and lifelong experiences.

Mandeville, LA Exercise Science One of my biggest fears about college was just being a number on a list or a person in a desk, but since day 1 that has never been true.

With having smaller class sizes the professors have the chance to get to know the students and form great relationships with them. I love that I can walk into the biology building and run into professors that I have had in the past and they ask me how its going and how my classes are. They like to take an interest in their students and get to know them, which has made my experience here amazing. If a student is looking for an academic experience where they get the more one on one attention of a smaller university but want the experience of going to a larger one then Southeastern is the University for them!

The professors take the time to learn students name and they are always willing to help. Your professors actually get to know your name and when you get into your higher level classes you will have professors you've had before so they already know your study habits.

Also, Southeastern cares about their students. There's multiple events that the university puts on throughout the semester to get the students involved and all of our athletic games are free for students! Everyone was so welcoming.