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digg meet up

Within this space, we see social-networking sites (i.e., LinkedIn, MySpace, Meetup and Facebook), information and media sharing sites (digg, reddit, Flickr, You-. MISS DIG is Michigan's only utility safety notification system. We make it easy for you to request public utility lines to be marked so you can safely complete your. Tell Mel about the job and meet him at the Dig. and Hancock will still be available as a follower after finishing Hancock's follow up quest of killing Bobbi.

Peter Dinklage Foils This Mafia Meetup With, Um, A Little Song - Digg

I love this idea," Rose says. They'll look into it. Weren't there supposed to be 10? Did I miss one? Can you add a feature to report a story as a duplicate?

digg meet up

They have a new version in testing. Wow, you'd really think Digg had turned into a war between the politics wonks and the tech nerds. Why am I getting random friend requests?

Sorry, buddy, but that's called "social networking. Adelson says he thinks adding external social graphs, like that of Facebook, will help. Adelson also says he's a big fan of Ning. A longtime Digg user says that he's disappointed it veered from its roots as a hub for "fun, unique tech stories. There are issues" with regard to spam. Personalization and customization will help. Browsing is so hard! The Upcoming section is impossible to navigate.

Rose says this will be the first area of the site where personalized recommendations start showing up because there are so many stories flooding in that the section just isn't helpful anymore. But if you actually use the site, Rose adds, it'll be relevant. That's a tag for "not safe for work. Is there going to be an official Digg forum? Was mentioned in last town hall, Adelson says, and it's something they're working on. Expect it in the second half of They don't want it to just be another bulletin board system.

Something else that came up in the last town hall: That's also something they're working on. They're working on the StumbleUpon-like Story Suggest feature as well as friend suggestions. There are fewer tech stories on the Digg front page.

digg meet up

Can there be a filter? Adelson acknowledges that tech news, which started up as Digg's lifeblood, makes up a smaller portion of the front page than it used to. Politics, given the '08 election, is on the rise. You can customize your own Digg feed, but Adelson says nothing is planned to block a specific site i.

Adelson and Rose say thank you for voting on them for the Webbys and for the Time Adelson was on the list.

digg meet up

That's during Internet Week New York. But it ultimately turned out a success, with most of the content on the front page during those first few months being interesting, relevant news. It was launched in July ofonly about 8 months after the original site was launched. The ability to add friends was included, as well as a site redesign.

Peter Dinklage Foils This Mafia Meetup With, Um, A Little Song - Digg

The show airs online every Wednesday at 6PM. There are an estimatedregular subscribers to the show. In addition the website distribution, the show is also available through iTunes and TiVo, and is available on-demand on Virgin America airlines.

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  • Peter Dinklage Foils This Mafia Meetup With, Um, A Little Song

But as the site grew, the developers quickly added means of generating revenue. They started out with Google AdSense, and eventually moved on to banner ads. But in the summer ofthe moved on to a different form of advertising: This was a pretty revolutionary new form of advertising.

The Digg effect can send thousands or tens of thousands of visitors to a site within a matter of a couple hours, and has been known to crash sites on a fairly regular basis. Controversies Surrounding Digg Digg has been surrounded in controversy practically since its launch.

Digg has always maintained that whether the content makes the front page or is buried is entirely up to the users, and that the developers and programmers have no hand in it. Other controversies include the use of Digg as a marketing tool by entrepreneurs. While some companies become legitimate parts of the Digg community, others do little more than submit self-promotional posts in hopes of getting extra traffic those posts are generally either buried directly or just never gain any traction.

Here are a few more controversies surrounding Digg: Digg Revolt So far, there have been two major Digg uprisings, one in and one in Digg did so, and banned a number of users who had submitted the story. Rather than let the issue drop, more and more Digg users started reposting the encryption key, both in comments and new posts.

digg meet up

Soon there were hundreds of stories appearing on the site, and Digg backed down. A temporary boycott was called, with some even proposing the users move over to a different site entirely. Digg was also called out for being unresponsive to suggestions posed by users, and a general lack of communication. Before the revolt, Digg put up a blog post explaining that the changes were being made to create a more level playing field for all Digg users, and to give everyone a fair chance of having their submission make the front page.

Shouts were a form of internal communication on the site, and some believed they were used by top users to gain an advantage when promoting their content. While some users were upset by the move, others welcomed it. Digg replaced the Shout feature by making it easier for users to share and promote their posts through Twitter and Facebook. Digg Bar The Digg Bar was released in early April and immediately came under fire for multiple reasons.

The Digg Bar, for those unfamiliar with it, frames the original webpage rather than redirecting to the page specifically. Basically, he noticed a pattern of digging by certain users, and that some stories that made the home page had been dugg by a number of the exact same Diggers. In fact, of the two stories he compared, both were from A List Apartand were originally submitted by the same user.

Of the first 24 users who dugg the story, 22 of them were the same the first 16 were completely identical, right down to the order in which they dugg the stories. Only two users were different on each story.

The Big Dig

Adding to the speculation surrounding this was the fact that Kevin Rose was included in the 22 users who dugg both stories. And some more traditional media sources also weighed in including The Inquirer. And not long after that, ForeverGeek was banned from Digg it became impossible to submit any stories from the site. While Digg maintains that ForeverGeek was banned because they were suspected of using multiple accounts to vote up their own stories, there are a number of reports of other users who submitted similar stories who were also banned.

Eventually, ForeverGeek was un-banned. The Bury Brigade It has long been theorized that there is a network of Diggers who act as a unofficial censors to content posted to Digg that does not fit with their ideology.

digg meet up

He was able to gather information on more than buries during a two hour period. Digg has long kept information about buries shrouded in secrecy, so the data gathered by LeMieux is some of the only such data available.