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Gavin DeGraw (album) Gavin DeGraw is singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw's lyrical hooks, music with meaning, guitar riffs and a voice that is a real pleasure to listen to. . Friends" – "(Nice to Meet You) Anyway" – "Chemical Party" – He explores pop, soul, instrumental, funk, 60's vibes making this album . Gavin Degraw - Chariot by Gavin Degraw, , available at Lyrics & Libretti · Musical Instruments & Instrumental Ensembles · Musical Chariot * Just Friends * (Nice to Meet You) Anyway * Chemical Party * Belief * Crush * I Don't Want to Be * Meaning * More Than Anyone * Over-Rated. So, I dialed up my friend Allison, who was instrumental in my year-old self's evolution that summer. special / If you knew me, nice to meet you anyway,” DeGraw flips his tongue. . More Than Anyone - Stripped Version.

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