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Most of the X Meets Y formulas for the Seltzer and Friedberg are bizarre beyond belief, with the very few threads connecting them being that they were in the public's zeitgeist by the time the film was created. As The Nostalgia Critic eloquently asked: Disaster Movie was their only movie to bomb both critically and financially, and since then, their output has been far more sporadic. Happens quite a bit in these movies, although the male characters absolutely Would Hit a Girl.

The ending of Epic Movie. When it looks like Peter is going to lose, he just randomly finds the magic remote from Click in the grass, which, he of course helpfully tells the audienceis the remote from Click. Lisa in Disaster Movie, though the characters' grief doesn't last for very long.

Don't Explain the Joke: Every single reference will be explained flatly to the audience. The Soup made fun of this with a parody of the movies entitled "Reference Movie" in which every character parody explained who they were and said "Get it? Literally in Disaster Movie — three cows fall on different superheroes during the tornado scene, and another falling cow caps off the Massive Multiplayer Ensemble Number.

Two film critics who did not like the movie were hired to commentary Date Movie. Highlights include pin-pointing exactly where movies like Airplane!

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The directors themselves did a commentary for one of their films that started out informative, but quickly turned into a tongue-in-cheek bullshitting contest. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: All of their films are fairly straight-forward in the title, even excusing for the tenuous connections the films themselves have to their titles.

The amount of times they show a woman with extreme cellulite is just downright disturbing. The naked "Flavor Flav" is not something anyone wants to see. Sometimes, these guys are mistakenly credited for the latter two. You could argue that the spoof genre would have died out in the late s regardless, as audience tastes moved to "bromance" films, ensemble pieces and more intellectual comedies, not to mention the rise in popularity of quickly-produced and, therefore, more topical web-based comedy, but Seltzer and Friedberg helped completely drive the genre into the ground, with Disaster Movie being seen as the one that officially signified its death.

These days, most spoof movies are relegated to Direct-To-Video or digital. In Meet the Spartans. In Epic Movie, Edward notices what he thinks is the chocolate river, and quickly gulps some "chocolate" up in enjoyment. After a beat, Willy points out, "That's actually the sewer line," causing Edward to gag in disgust. The main character of Date Movie is " pounds, smokes a thousand cigarettes a day, and drinks like Tara Reid". While the first one is quite visible and gets quickly removed via magic liposuctionshe is never shown smoking or binge drinking.

Maybe an unmentioned rehab session happened some time during the liposuction? Parodied, of course, with The Incredible Hulk. Then a cow falls on him. Juno getting eaten by chipmunks. Main characters in Epic Movie suffer numerous life-threatening and traumatic injuries and are just fine in the next scene. Disaster Movie has a character get all covered in shit And "water breaking" which in this case means "everybody is covered in foam".

The two scenes where "Enchanted Princess" is mutilated by broken glass Following "Vampire's Suck", their later films would be produced on even smaller budgets compared to their Hollywood titles.

Not Screened for Critics: A tradition for each film, and considering the rather vicious reaction the films tend to get, rather unsurprising. In Date Movie, a scene involving a hand-puppet cat squirming on a toilet bowl lasts several minutes. Amy Winehouse's belch in Disaster Movie.

Jan 28, An Immature, Unfunny ultimately epic fail of a movie. If you think its funny, congratulations you have the sense of humor of a 6th grader.

The highlight of my day going to the movie theaters was removing a piece of gum from my shoe. If you're going to call other people "incompetent high school drop outs," maybe you should double check your own comment for proper grammar first.

At least these "rehash comedies" are honest in what they're doing.

What song was used in Meet the Spartans during the dance battle with the Persians?

They're not claiming to have an original plot, in fact they're an engaging form of satire because they reuse, for the purpose of comedy, cliches, tropes, and stock rhetorical methods other "serious" or … Expand 0 of 2 users found this helpful 0 RammyLApr 13, This video just made comedy into some kind of messed up movie which steals from different places and making fun of a person named Chris Crocker, Britney Spears and other people just because the movie makers would think that comedy would have This video just made comedy into some kind of messed up movie which steals from different places and making fun of a person named Chris Crocker, Britney Spears and other people just because the movie makers would think that comedy would have those scenarios involved in it, I think this video was the worst media-subjected parady I've ever heard or seen.

Aug 12, Love this movie From begginning to end. Peoples that get all technical with movies--go kick rocks.!! This movie is great. And it's a good laugh.

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Now don't get me wrong it can be called stupid Love this movie Now don't get me wrong it can be called stupid or retarded But in a positive way. Just plain retardedly funny. If I want to laugh I just plop this in and have a good long laugh.

Bad but funny movie 0 of 1 users found this helpful01 1 JaredH. Jul 9, my sister actually liked this movie and it made me want to slap her in the face. Whoever keeps on making these movies should get a job at mad tv. Jan 25, Whatever, I'm just gonna give it a 5. I bet half the people who posted all of these retarded comments haven't even seen the movie There's SOME parts that are funny, and thats mostly the bad acting. But yeah, you cant really give it a rating if you haven't seen the movie.