Meet the cimorelli family birthdays

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meet the cimorelli family birthdays

Christina Lynne Cimorelli is born August 12, She is the second child out of her siblings, the and the oldest girl in both Cimorelli and the family. There are 11 children in the Cimorelli family: Mike, Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Alex, Lauren Cimorelli's birthday is on August 12, which is the same day as her older sister, Christina's birthday. How can you meet the cimorelli family?. Learn about Lynne Cimorelli: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun She met her future husband, Mike Cimorelli, during her college years.

Finally the months of waiting turned to weeks, weeks turned to days and days turned to hours. I spent the days leading up to the party in preparation, preparing gifts for the girls, cleaning, buying food, dreaming, freaking out inside, but holding it together outside. Then the big day came.

When are the cimorelli family birthday

I barely slept the night before, then got up and went to get my balloons at Party City. I came back at around 1: We decorated and I prepped the salads and then closer to 3: The three of us sat in the den hanging out and talking. My cousin and her husband arrived about 10 minutes before the girls did. And then it happened. I could hear vehicles pulling up in the driveway, so I ran to the window, peeked through the curtain, and saw their cars. We all went outside and they got out of their cars, waving and calling to me.

Then they came up and a huge hugfest ensued.

meet the cimorelli family birthdays

They welcomed me with open arms and were genuinely happy and excited to see me. She asked me if I got it dyed to look like hers used to look, and when I said yes, she got super excited and we talked about that a few minutes.

Then we all went into the den and they commented on how cute my birthday decorations and outfit were, and I introduced them to my friends and family. We hung out for about 30 minutes, chatting about anything and everything, from personality types, to volunteering, to books we read as kids, to school and more. Not once did it feel like I was talking to my biggest idols.

It just felt like I was hanging in a room full of close friends and family that truly, truly loved me. I felt so at ease, so loved and truly happy and accepted — more so than I have felt in a long time. Finally it came time for the performance to begin. We all got comfy in our seats and Christina talked about how this was their first house show and that they loved the set list I picked out.

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They ended up singing basically everything I requested, which made me super happy, as when I had made the list, I went into it not expecting anything. My den is not that large, so the girls were literally just a few feet from us in the audience. Every single song they sang means something special to me, and I picked them for a reason. I have lots of different sides! I'm half super-shy, half super-outgoing.

meet the cimorelli family birthdays

I'm VERY sensitive and emotional, and songwriting is my outlet. I can be a bossy leader, yet I can be a little kid or a complete weenie! Christina and Nick then began talking over Facebook and met in on Christmas Eve. He, like Christina and her family, is Catholic.

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She, Lisa, and Lauren are most likely to wear their brothers' clothes. They share a bunk bed and she gets a single bed. She and Dani can burp on command. Her favorite animal is a lioness.

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Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite song is "Too Little Too Late" by Jojo, who is the person she would most like to perform with. Food related Her favorite food are sandwiches. Christina and Lauren She is the only girl in the singing group who doesn't have dark brown hair.

meet the cimorelli family birthdays

She is the only Cimorelli sister to ever have a boyfriend. She has a pet turtle. She likes to sew. She would like to get a degree in theology, liberal arts, philosophy, psychology or some kind of mix of those.

She baby-sits and gives voice lessons to earn money. Her most embarrassing moment was when people began laughing at her when she wiped out while doing pirouettes in the middle of a bowling lane.