Computer swap meet bendigo 2013 dodge

Computer Swapmeet and Technology Market - Melbourne

computer swap meet bendigo 2013 dodge

In , the Swinburne team focused on the electric car category What you can 't see is the on-board electronics and full computer . pm Swap Committee meeting at the Clubrooms. Featuring years of Dodge. The next market is on 14th December 11am to 4pm . Geelong Computer Swap Meet . Prince of Wales Showgrounds, Holmes Road, Bendigo. Don't forget the BENDIGO Computer Market makes its celebrated return this Saturday 17th March at the Kangaroo Flat YMCA. To celebrate there is a door.

For more information, or to register as a solo participant or as part of a group, visit www.

Computer Swapmeet and Technology Market

Family-owned and operated, the company first opened its doors in and has been going from strength to strength since. Brendon Frost says Render Solutions pride themselves on providing a high-standard of work to major builders and the general public within 1.

Render Solutions specialise in cement and acrylic rendering for any project ranging from standard homes to commercial builds. For more information on Render Solutions, visit www. Students love the hands-on learning and developing practical skills in agriculture and horticulture.

Students develop strong skills and the confidence to undertake Certificates II and III in Agriculture during Years 10 to 12, opening pathways to further study and careers in the industry. In the past year, students have also displayed animals at Alpaca Colourbration and the Bendigo Agricultural Show. The College also runs its own show where students present sheep, cows and alpacas and compete for the Stockmanship Awards.

By Sue Turpie Hidden away in the undulating hills of Axedale, Yalooka Farm is a haven to the animals who find themselves there and the people who are lucky enough to visit. It is no surprise that the family came to live on 54 hectares here, Shelley is originally from Bendigo, returning after years living on the Apple Isle and her husband, Ed, is a sixth-generation farmer from Tasmania.

The couple even turned to the land when naming their property. The word Yalooka comes from the local Aboriginal community — it was the name they gave to the Campaspe River. The couple had not long purchased the land at Axedale when their first furry housemate came along.

We brought about 50 goats off him. We had no idea at the time. We were like a lot of people and thought you stick goats in a paddock and they eat anything. The goating community is very supportive. The establishment is self-funded, with farm stays helping to pay for the upkeep of rescued animals, as does the breeding program which involves adopting goat kids 11 12 out to suitable homes.

Given her passion for the animals in her care, Shelley scrutinises potential families and none of the rescued animals are adopted. The animals that now call Yalooka home have come from near and far. A goat, Alfie, was born in a stock crate when a truck broke down. The family phoned Shelley and asked that he come and stay with her. The retirees and rescues just chill and do their thing. And Shelley knows them all by name.

William, Edna, Audrey, Felix … everyone has a name and their own personality. The people who stay at Yalooka are as dynamic and varied as its permanent residents. Many come from Melbourne, keen to teach their children about farming.

Shelley is trying to build more shelters but as she says: My husband works away quite a bit. For more information on Yalooka Farm go to www. For more information on the artist and his creations, visit the Andre Sarone Art page on Facebook. One documentary interviewee described Edith as not necessarily the most talented, but certainly the smartest. Edith worked on almost films, starting at Paramount Pictures and then Universal Studios.

She created a rapport with the actors and actresses she dressed by designing clothes that highlighted their assets and disguised what they considered to be their flaws. It was the ability to do her job so well that made her a favourite for so many.

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Her costume designs, that earned her eight Academy Awards throughout her career, will soon be on display at the Bendigo Art Gallery. The collection of garments span her work from the s to the s, and will come from the archives of Paramount, and the Collection of Motion Picture Costume Design as well as from other private collections. Here, three of the staff from Bendigo Art Gallery who have been involved in the organisation of this latest international exhibition, give some insight into their roles and the collection itself.

What have you needed to consider or work around for the exhibition to come to fruition? Every exhibition is different, and each brings new challenges. With each new international exhibition, the layout and floorplan is different — to add interest and to accommodate the content and size of the exhibition. With this exhibition, one of the issues that revisited quite a few times was the point of entry.

There was quite a lot of back and forth with the exhibition designer trying to decide the best location for entry; one that would stand out to visitors, would best cope with crowds, would not encroach on the actual exhibition layout … 16 Do you personally have a favourite exhibit or piece that appeals to you and why?

For me it would have to be the sketches. I thought it would just be an overnight stay until the Doctor informed me that I would require immediate surgery. I would like to thank the members who have came to see how I was. I greatly appreciated their support and well wishes.

My mum, dad and my sister Bronwyn and her family have also been a great support. Without them, it would have taken longer to recuperate.

Thanks to the Club for sending me a get well card. When you are ill gestures of appreciation are very encouraging. My recovery will take about two months but I expect to be at the next meeting to thank everyone. I hope everyone else had a great Christmas and New Year and did not over indulge.

The website is looking great I thank all involved to get it to this stage. If you have any news, reports or interesting items you wish to place on the website please pass them on to David Thorne editor vvccbendigo.

Everything you send will be published within a short time and will be very much appreciated by the whole club. If you require a printed version of the newsletter mailed to you, or if you have not informed the club of your email address to receive the digital version please inform Steve Lottkowitz as soon as possible. The SMSs we are sending out to inform of event changes and other important news appear to be working well.

computer swap meet bendigo 2013 dodge

The seem to have encouraged more members to attend club activities. If you are not receiving these SMSs it is because we do not have your mobile phone number, so please pass your number onto Steve.

computer swap meet bendigo 2013 dodge

Hope you have all faired better. January is usually a quiet month. There was no printed newsletter. But on that score David Thorne has developed a way to make both a printed edition and an email edition available each month from now on.

Keep it at ground level! All up she has about seven contributions in the laneway, some of them spur-of-themoment ideas, others commissioned by Megan for events such as the Grace Kelly exhibition.

As for my winter afternoon? A stroll down Chancery Lane to check out new additions to the wall could well be on the cards. You may find yourself lingering over a weekend read, striking up a conversation with someone on a shared table, or taking a moment to browse without agenda, coffee in hand. Time passes differently here, savour it. Like to read more? With thanks to One Little Bird Designs for digital elements.

Come and be part of our Christian learning community.

computer swap meet bendigo 2013 dodge

We look forward to meeting your family. Guests were asked to dress in masks and costumes for a masquerade ball to celebrate — the guest of honour arriving in a horse drawn carriage. Whether you choose prescription glasses or the convenience of contact lenses, OPSM offers a huge choice of Queen Street frames for your glasses, a range of kids glasses, guaranteed value and comfort fitting. This busy mother is the sales and marketing manager behind the family business — Reuben Beazley Builder.

She has just enrolled into full-time study to obtain a degree in Business, majoring in Marketing.

Reservoir Computer Swap Meet

Deb shares with us what inspires her love of pretty things and creativity. The bricklayers had to make two circles out of bricks and the slab was poured around it.

The couch was custom made by hand by Nigel Hale and arrived in 20 pieces. The space is retro inspired from an era that valued family and spending time together conversing without any distraction. It is our communal centre and there is no television in this room. Reuben and I have been married for 10 years this year — we met when I was only We are madly in love, but ultimately the best of friends.

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We are together all of the time and while our ideas are similar, we are constantly teaching each other. We now have two children, Pheobie nine and Levi seven. They are like mini clones of us.