Meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

The Morning Line: Santorum Enters Race | PBS NewsHour

meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

Jonathan Alter compares the possible candidates for the Matthew Dowd - Meeting with Obama to Offer Advice . PBS NewsHour. PBS NewsHour's special election broadcast coverage continues with live of the campaign, the Vice Presidential candidates will meet at. Matthew Dowd - Meeting with Obama to Offer Advice · Matthew Dowd - Won't Give His Heart.

Rarely leaves New York. No, mostly avoids it, prefers radio. February appearance on Fox Business was rare exception. After being named sexiest year-old by People magazine in November, called into the CNN show hosted by his brother, Chris, to rub it in.

Minimum wage boost, on-time budgets, teacher standards. Take a national stand: Environmentalists nationally and the energy industry are closely watching his pending decision whether to allow fracking in upstate New York counties near the Pennsylvania line.

State economy grew at slower pace than national rate in Kennedy, ended in a public and bitter divorce in Cuomo lives with Food Network star Sandra Lee.

The Morning Line: Santorum Enters 2012 Race

Considered a likely contender if Clinton ends up not running. Few if any personal tweets; Facebook also generated primarily by staff. And this is not the time for me. This is the time to show a little self-restraint. No record of recent visits. Yes, in April Spoke to Empower S. Yes, a few times a year. Several visits to Israel, as governor and since then private visit Also went there as Florida commerce secretary in s.

Party in summer of for his immigration book at home of Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets and a leading Republican bundler.

meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

Picking up the pace this year. Skipped Conservative Political Action Conference in March, after giving keynote speech to the influential group a year earlier. Speeches and meetings on education policy. Told Kemp Foundation in October he considers the U. Blanketed the Sunday talk shows in March to plug his book on immigration, but not many appearances since.

Staked a position on immigration to the right of Sen. Strong job approval ratings as governor of Florida, a swing state. Revamped state educational system, cut taxes, managed state through several hurricanes.

Most prominently, an advocate for an education overhaul, including publicly financed private school vouchers and stricter accountability standards for teachers and students. Many conservatives — and some potential GOP rivals — see them as a federal takeover of local classrooms.

Also supports immigration overhaul. Also, his Common Cause advocacy and position on immigration put him at odds with some on the right.

meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

Sally Bradshaw, his chief of staff when he was governor, is his go-to political person. Tweets and posts many Wall Street Journal stories, education thoughts and some Bush family doings. Tweeted in November Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare.

Embassy in Rome was relocating, not closing. But I am absolutely in — nowhere near that consideration process. Also in and to help U. Steve King raise money. Yes, visited in to help Romney raise money.

meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

First official trip overseas was in Julyto Israel, then Jordan. Was among a handful of high-profile Republicans to meet with super donor Sheldon Adelson in Las Vegas at his resort casino in late March. Yes, broad outreach now as chairman of GOP governors group, a position that offers regular face time with top party officials and donors nationwide.

Also was keynote speaker at Republican National Convention. At Aspen Institute in Julystarted spat with U. Not so much these days.

meet the candidates 2012 pbs newshour

Typically avoids the usual sober circuit — most conspicuously, the Sunday news shows, although he appeared on four of them the day after his re-election.

Preferred to cut up on late-night TV before the traffic scandal surfaced and investigations kicked in.

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Won November re-election, becoming first Republican to earn more than 50 percent of the New Jersey vote in a quarter-century.

Vetoed a bill that would have sanctioned gay marriage, but declined to appeal a court ruling that legalized it. Signed law increasing pension and health costs for public workers.

Showed in disaster response that pragmatism trumped party labels, although questions arose later about whether politics played a part in recovery aid. In re-election, outperformed Republicans elsewhere among women and minority voters. Christie apologized in January for highway lane closures near the George Washington Bridge apparently ordered by his aides as political retribution against a Democratic mayor who did not endorse him for re-election. He denied knowledge of the machinations.

The episode deepened questions about what Christie, or at least those around him, will do to win, and took a toll in his popularity.

Investigations are underway into the traffic episode and an allegation his administration linked Sandy aid to approval for a real estate project. One investigation cleared him but critics dismissed it as a whitewash because lawyers chosen by his own office conducted it. RGA chairmanship allows him to grow his national profile with voters and party officials with regular travel and key appearances.

Began building broad coalition of donors through his national fundraising tour in spring The former Utah governor said over the weekend he will sidestep the Iowa caucuses because of his opposition to federal agriculture and ethanol subsidies, reports Seema Mehta of the Los Angeles Times.

One candidate who decided to test the risky move of campaigning against ethanol subsidies in Iowa is former Minnesota Gov. We need to do it fairly. But we need to do it.

His past support for policies relating to climate change, immigration and civil unions would have made winning over Iowa conservatives a tall challenge. The meeting comes as Defense Secretary Robert Gates continues his farewell tour in Afghanistan, which included a warning that the initial drawdown of U.

The political dynamic at home, however, is one in which a war weary nation is making it hard for Congress and the Obama administration to avoid a significant drawdown to indicate to Americans that a substantial transition is underway in U.

The New York Times leads Monday morning with that tension on display. Gates, and top military commanders in the field. They want gradual cuts that would keep American forces at a much higher combat strength well into next year, senior administration officials said. But in recent weeks they have gained greater political potency as Mr.