Hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

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hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

Fruits basket Shigure yes I do really love the sound. Find this Pin and .. Fruits Basket quizzes for the real fan Fruits Basket Cosplay, Fruits Basket Anime, Rice. Fruits Basket .. Rin and Haru - I don't they could have a closer relationship. Truly. I cried when I read this part! he admitted being in love with her c Hatsuharu Sohma <3 Fruits Basket Quotes, Fruits Basket Anime, Me Me Me .. together then throughout the story there was more of a relationship between kyo and tohru and then began the kyo& Check it by taking the tests and quizzes here for free now. questions and answers about 'Fruits Basket' in our 'Television D-G' category. Did you He has a good relationship with Tohru and Arisa. 8 "Kyo? He pushed Kisa Sohma into a wall whe he found out that Hiro was in love with Kisa.

Out of fear of similar harm coming to Haru, Rin broke up with him, and ever since has been struggling on her own to break the curse so that Haru will be free of it. Hiro doesn't seem to be aware of all of Rin's motivations she's also convinced that she's not worth Haru's love, and that her own love would destroy him.

The revelation snaps Haru out of his lethargy, and he confronts Akito about Rin's injuries and demands to know where she is. Akito lashes back at him and forces him to confront the fact that he was also responsible for hurting Rin: From Kureno, Haru and Akito learn that Rin has only just been hospitalized to recover from Akito's latest abuse of her, and Kureno tells him that he believes Rin wants to see him. Before Haru can visit her in the hospital, he is told that she's gone missing; despite being haunted by his guilt for what was done to her, he immediately goes to search for her.

He finds her collapsed on the street, delirious with weakness and the shock of sudden freedom; too off-balance to lie to him any more, she confesses that she wants to come back to him, and they reconcile. They haven't been shown together after chapterin which Haru seems deeply protective of her, and determined to make up for his selfishness towards her; his current attitude seems to be one of hoping to convince her that it's not a sign of weakness if she relies on him for emotional support, and that he is now more able to "carry" her a recurring metaphor in their relationship since ch.

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In chapterHaru and Rin are together when the curse finally breaks entirely. They share very little dialogue Haru comments that, in its own way, it's a sad thingbut are shown holding each other tightly after they realize what's happened.

They are also together in the final appearance in the series: Also in the sequel, it's revealed that they are the parents of fraternal twins, daughter Sora and son Riku. Yuki Sohma Yuki is probably Haru's closest friend.

hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

As a child, Haru resented Yuki without even meeting him, because the adults' teasing him was based on the Rat's use of the Ox. Yuki was the only one in a position to start easing Haru's distress, and the fact that he did so was the basis for their relationship. Because of this incident, Haru refers to Yuki as his 'first love'; afterwards, he began sneaking in to visit Yuki, and their friendship began to develop from there.

It's easy to simplify their relationship to one of Haru having a childhood crush on Yuki and that feeling continuing as they grew up; fans are still debating whether or not Haru is actually bisexual. Personally, I suspect he is, but I also think he's no longer 'in love' with Yuki, despite his teasing.

Haru is very tactile with Yuki, which makes Yuki uncomfortable sometimes; it's a sign of how much Yuki cares about him that he doesn't lash out and actually make him stop.

Yuki gets annoyed at the physical closeness sometimes, but that's probably partly because he's hung up on seeming feminine. Their relationship is actually very subtle and complex; they confide in each other more than with anyone else with the exception of Yuki's periodic talks with Tohru.

hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

Haru understands Yuki in a way Tohru isn't really capable of--they share the Jyuunishi curse, and Haru, more than anyone, knows what Yuki went through as a child. Yuki doesn't seem to have the same level of understanding of Haru; he certainly tries, but often admits that Haru's leaps of logic and intuition confuse him. Haru's initial love for Yuki grew out of Yuki saving him from his own cycle of bitterness, and he was able to repay Yuki with literal freedom: He never tells Yuki about what he did--Haru seems to be the type to help people without talking about it.

However, Yuki does find out eventually: As far as we know, Haru does not know that Yuki knows what he did. The two of them don't seem to spend all of their free time together at school, especially as Yuki becomes caught up in his involvement with the student council which Haru supports, and clearly thinks is good for him.

They do, however, check in with each other regularly, to exchange news from the Main House and Shigure's house, and are still obviously close despite having their own very different lives. Despite getting back together with Rin, Haru still comfortably tells Yuki that he loves him to which Yuki replies that he should "only say that sort of thing to Rin". Haru claims that Rin understands [ch. And after Tohru is badly injured in chapterHaru goes to visit Yuki and make sure that he's ok ch.

Yuki asks if he's being proud, trying to defuse the intensity of the conversation, or just being a "sexual harasser"; Haru thinks about it and says, "all of the above? In response, Haru reassures him that he'll always love him. Kyo yells at him, but Kyo yells at everyone.

When Haru goes Black and needs to vent, Kyo is usually Haru's first target, which may be because he's still aware on a subliminal level that Kyo is 'safe'--Kyo won't be badly hurt, and it'll keep Haru from seriously hurting anyone else. They're not close, but they're friendly enough. Also, Haru enjoys keeping him off-balance, although he doesn't take it as far as he does with Yuki; instead, it manifests in ways such as dragging Kyo into the ocean and then appealing to his eternal competition with Yuki to make him race with them ch.

Shigure agreed, on the condition that Haru would have to address him as 'sensei' ch. To this day, Haru does so. Otherwise, they don't seem terribly close; Haru visits Shigure's house from time to time, but more to visit Yuki and Kyo. However, he's clearly aware and wary of Shigure's manipulative tendencies.

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When telling Yuki that Rin had broken up with him, he says that he suspects Shigure had known that they were dating this is confirmed in chapter 70, although it hasn't been explained how Shigure found out. Haru also knows that Rin has been visiting Shigure, but doesn't know why; he tries to get Shigure to tell him what she's up to by offering to call him 'honey' in exchangebut Shigure refuses again, ch.

Sohma Kisa Haru is very protective of Kisa. When he goes hunting for her after she runs away, and brings her back to Shigure's house, he says that he feels particular concern for her because she reminds him of Yuki as a child. Sohma Akito Haru has the dubious privilege of being on Akito's short-list of preferred Jyuunishi.

They're not often seen together, but when they are, Akito is constantly touching him.

hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

He is the only one of the younger Jyuunishi with whom she displays this absent, yet demanding, physical interaction her way of touching Yuki is distinctly different, meant more as intimidation than as a careless invasion of his personal space. Some readers interpret the way she handles Haru as vaguely sexual, although it's not clear if it's entirely deliberate or simply an extension of the way she interacts with Shigure and Kureno or, to a lesser extent, Hatori.

Being fond of Haru doesn't keep Akito from cheerfully taunting and laughing at him, though--like all of the Jyuunishi, Haru is a pet, if a cherished one, and his wishes and feelings have no influence on her view of the world.

hatsuharu sohma love quizzes relationship

In chapter 95, after Akito hurts Yuki at New Year's, Haru flatly refers to her as 'oni' 'ogre', in Shadow's translationbut despite Yuki's injury, he displays the same passivity to her actions as the other Jyuunishi, touching back on Momiji's long-ago suggestion to Tohru that the Jyuunishi are incapable of blaming Akito for her actions ch. However, Haru later becomes the first Jyuunishi we've seen actually blaming Akito for anything, telling her flat out that her behavior is cruel and unacceptable, and trying to hold her accountable: He displays a very controlled rage as he demands an explanation for his god's behavior and lifelong hatred for Rin.

Akito lashes back and touches on his secret fears about his relationship with Rin--that his love for and need to be close to her blinded him to the very real danger that the relationship put her in, that his deliberate ignorance allowed her to be hurt so badly. The guilt that overwhelms him as he realizes Akito's right doesn't change his fury, though, and there is a very real threat of violence throughout the scene, to the point where he takes her by the throat.

Even when Akito is reduced to real terror of abandonment, and cries for him to stay with her, Haru ultimately walks away, telling her that if she comes near him or speaks to him again, he will kill her and himself.

As he goes, a childhood memory of Akito comes to his mind, reminding him of the real or desired connection between them; he hesitates, but Kureno tells him that he should leave and not return. Haru later admits to himself that, had Kureno not intervened, he might well have returned to Akito's side ch. Despite everything, the power of the bond remains very real. His confrontation with Akito is also interesting in that it shows Akito's ability to see the truth about the Jyuunishi, even when it's something they themselves are unwilling or unable to see; her intuition aided by the bond itself, presumably is reminiscent of Haru's own ability to see to the heart of matters.

One other point of interest is that, although Haru is clearly one of her 'favorites' among the Jyuunishi, Akito doesn't hesitate to threaten him with serious physical harm specifically, she threatens to blind him, in both chapters 79 and as a way to control Rin. It's not entirely clear how sincere the threats are, since Akito's intuition about the Jyuunishi undoubtedly extends to knowing Rin's love for Haru would make carrying the threats out unnecessary.

Haru is never told about these threats. In chapter Haru and Yuki mention that Akito seems to have changed dramatically since the events of the several preceeding chapters, but he and Akito don't see each other again at least not where we can see until chapterafter the curse has broken.

Along with the other younger Jyuunishi, he discovers that Akito is a woman when she summons them to the Main House and appears in a woman's kimono.

She makes an effort at apologizing to them for everything she's done, but is too aware of how empty words are to choke very much out. Since Haru hasn't had any one-on-one time with her, we don't know whether he's forgiven her or not, but it sounds as if he's closer to doing so than Rin is ch. Sohma Kazuma Haru is obviously closer to Kazuma than he is to most adults, even though they've rarely been seen together. Kazuma trains him in karate, and wins his trust; when Haru is a child, he finds Rin collapsed on the sidewalk and calls for Kazuma for help ch.

By the time Rin regains consciousness in the hospital, Kazuma is still the only adult Sohma on the scene. After her parents abandon her, Kazuma opens his home to her to some extent [ch. Years later, when Haru once again needs a safe place to take Rin, he goes to Kazuma ch. He can place curses on people simply by knowing their names. All he had to do was say their names and they ran away.

No one knows if he really did put a curse on them. He looks exactly like his sister, although neither of them will admit that. He has a good relationship with Tohru and Arisa. I-I can't open the door! Kagura Kyo was holding the door shut, and Kagura did not know why, she ended up breaking the door. Shigure seemed very upset, because the main house would not pay for any more repairs.

This quote is from episode twenty-four. Yuki Haru went to go yell at Yuki, and then ended up falling in love. The Impossible click to play it. When she introduces Ayame, her robe is green. She is in love with the rat. She hates the cat. She lost her mother in an accident. Even though she lost her mother in an accident she is still happy. She always sees the glass as half full.

Question by author PrinceMagus Kateii Of the four possible answers, only one would not describe him. That is "shousetsuka", which means "fiction novelist" and would more accurately describe Shigure Sohma. He is a "tatsu", which is the name for the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac: