How can i show my relationship status on facebook

How to Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook Mobile: 8 Steps

how can i show my relationship status on facebook

Relationship status has always been an integral part of Facebook. To change your status, head to your timeline and click "Update Info" next to your name. The custom option allows you to show the status to a particular list while hiding it . I changed my status to "In a relationship" and it is reflected on my page, but did not come up in my newsfeed. When my boyfriend did this, his status did. Sep 8, How to change your relationship status on Facebook without genius, and I recently had her sit down and show me how to make this happen.

  • I want to add my relationship status on my profile page (under Intro). How?
  • 1. You may want to keep some of your personal information private
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how can i show my relationship status on facebook

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