Les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

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les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

Javert reveals his reasons in the song he sings when he commits suicide. And must I now begin to doubt, who never doubted all these years/. "Les Miserables'' is like a perfectly respectable Classics Illustrated version of the Victor Hugo novel. It contains the moments of high drama. For me, the biggest surprise of the movie version of Les Misérables came right at the end. I suppose I would have been more surprised by the.

Les Miserables

Superb international cast includes a terrific Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush, in his first role since winning an Oscar. More Reviews Tallinn Film Review: In addition to the three U.

les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

Most film versions begin with the trial of Valjean and his imprisonment in Toulon for committing a minor crime, stealing a loaf of bread. In this adaptation, scripter Rafael Yglesias starts with Valjean Neeson being released on parole after enduring 20 years of hard labor and cruelty.

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The harsh treatment has made Valjean a brute with strong survival instincts but no sense of morality. The only things he can rely on are his instinctive wit and sheer physical strength.

Nonetheless, incapable of trusting anyone, he steals the silverware and runs away.

les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

In return, the bishop asks Valjean to be kind and help others, whereupon an inner moral odyssey begins, one that forces Valjean to wrestle with his conscience. Story then jumps towith a reinvented Valjean serving as the humble and popular mayor of Vigau, a small, thriving village, where he also runs a profitable factory.

les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

First encounter with former inspector Javert Rush occurs in this peaceful town, when the strict lawman joins the local police. But he lacks sufficient proof. Cue the standout solo, I Dreamed a Dream. Like many of the big numbers in this film, it is shot in blistering, uncut closeup.

With each actor you get a chance to see the smears of stage blood, the sweat, the tears caught in the eyelashes, the veins throbbing in the forehead on the high notes, the dirt, the spots, the drool, the snot, and the poverty stains on whatever remains of their teeth.

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In a movie already determined to cover all its characters in filth, vomit and human excrement, this is a bit relentless. A historian can't complain about the past being shown to be dirty — it was — but it seems contrary to insist on gritty realism if you're going to have your cast express themselves exclusively in show tunes.

les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

But why is the saintly Valjean hanging around in the red-light district? This is a lot easier to get away with on stage.

Melodramatic though it may be, Fantine's story is apparently based on a real event.

les miserables movie 1998 ending relationship

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