Finding carter season 1 episode 12 ending relationship

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finding carter season 1 episode 12 ending relationship

'Finding Carter' Boss on Finale Cliffhanger, Season 2's Tonal Shift and instead to focus on Carter's (Kathryn Prescott) relationships with her. On tonight's season finale of MTV's hit show "Finding Carter," Carter uncovers some dark secrets while relationships between characters reach. Carter Stevens has a close relationship with her mother, Lori However, at the end of the episode, Lori is shown watching Carter hug her father from afar. . 12, 12, "One Hour Photo", Peter Lauer, Terri Minsky.

finding carter season 1 episode 12 ending relationship

The two share one final kiss before agreeing that they both need to get their lives back together. Carter and Liz combine their police work to locate Lori, however it is Lori that comes to Carter disguised as a therapist that Liz agreed to have visit. Although Carter called her mom, her attitude towards Lori has taken a turn for the negative over the season, and the two argue about how David and Liz believe she is a stalker.

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Lori tells Carter that she will always love and that the Wilsons are her real family, but most importantly that she deserves to know the truth. Carter told David that Lori had visited her, and she showed him a picture that Lori had given Carter; the picture showed a shirtless David asleep. Lori calls Liz, again disguising herself as the therapist, and Liz agrees to meet with her, much to Carter's disapproval.

Carter joins Liz before her meeting with Lori, and before Lori arrives Carter tells Liz that she is her mother while Lori is her kidnapper. Carter is directed to be located at the cafe across the street from their meeting point, and Liz also tells her that there are undercover cops all over the area. However Lori appears next to Carter in the cafe, telling her that she wishes she could chat with Liz but she is able to spot undercover cops.

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Carter drank from a coffee that was given to her by Lori, and it was clearly poisoned as Carter falls ill. Lori, acting as her mother, carries out to the car, telling her, " We were perfect together. The first season of "Finding Carter" has captivated viewers with heavy amounts of emotion and drama-filled story lines.

From the development of the characters to the twists and turns of the plot, every episode left viewers wanting more.

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In August the show was renewed for a second season, which will likely be airing in For more information and content from the show visit mtv. How did you feel when you found out Max was the killer? I knew there would have to be a really good reason for Max to go there.

It kind of came full circle with what had happened with his mom, and Taylor having that incident at the college party, and then the interaction with his Dad having gotten out of jail. All these things lined up to this situation where an impulse could strike.

One Hour Photo

How was it filming the scene where you smash the bottle on Jared? It was fun because it was a new experience for me. I love stunts and I love the physical stuff.

finding carter season 1 episode 12 ending relationship

We only had to do it a couple different times from a couple of different angles. Do you think Max will actually stay in jail? Now he can actually really embrace that stuff, as opposed to always just playing in the light.

finding carter season 1 episode 12 ending relationship

And Taylor and Lori Milena Govich have a great moment as a result of her refusal to let him go, when she goes to see Lori in the jail cell. There must be a lot of love there. You even saw in Season 1, with Lori coming back, she was out of sorts, but she was coming to Max to get back to Carter. Max grew up with Carter and with Lori in their house, with her as the surrogate mother. We also had Crash Caleb Ruminer come back for the finale.