Cross days makoto ending relationship

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cross days makoto ending relationship

Makoto Itou (伊藤 誠 Itō Makoto) is the protagonist of School Days and This provides many opportunities for him to pursue sexual relations with many girls. In Shiny Days, according to Ikeda, one of his classmates, all the guys avoid He can end up with Kotonoha, Sekai, Hikari, Otome or Kotonoha and Sekai together. Cross Days (クロスデイズ, Kurosu Deizu) is a Japanese erotic visual novel developed by leading to erotic scenes between characters and one of various endings. Despite being in a relationship, she genuinely reciprocates his interest. Her lie is unsuccessful, as Yuuki, aware that Makoto is Kotonoha's boyfriend. Maybe in her mind she made herself believe her relationship with Makoto was an ideal one and was in Ai Yamagata's true ending with Yuki in Cross Days.

He decides to get back together with her, going as far as taking her home and making out with her in front of Sekai. He then pressurizes Sekai to get an abortion because he doesn't want the responsibility of raising a child. Sekai feeling betrayed kills Makoto.

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Kotonoha then comes and finds Makoto dead, then she severs his head and sends a text message from Makoto's phone to Sekai to meet her. She accuses Sekai of faking her pregnancy, and then she shows her Makoto's severed head and attacks and kills her.

She then opens Sekai's womb and claims that her suspicions were correct. Kotonoha then sails away on a boat with Makoto's severed head, claiming now they can be finally together. Edit Like the anime he cheats on Kotonoha with Sekai, but he does love Kotonoha and feels guilty about the affair.

He then breaks up with Sekai, who accepts being dumped but still wants to remain friends. He begs Kotohona to forgive him but she is already too far gone in her jealousy and insanity.

cross days makoto ending relationship

Makoto jumps in front of Sekai and uses his own body to prevent Kotohona from stabbing Sekai. Makoto survives and despite what happened he wants to return to Kotohona because he blames himself for the entire ordeal and thinks he should take responsibility for what he's done.

Makoto Itou

However a week later Sekai kills Kotonoha while Makoto is still hospitalized, saying she's far too insane and dangerous. She also makes some remarks that could be construed as insane, such as saying that only she'll be the one who brings Makoto happiness ,and that she wants to start over with a clean slate.

Unlike most of his spin offs this Makoto shows a caring side and doesn't seem to be obsessed with sex as he does in the games and Cross Days manga. He really loves Kotohona and cares deeply for Sekai as a friend. Summer Days This article is a stub. You can help the wiki by expanding it. Makoto struggles to choose between her and Sekai but him having sex with Kotonoha was recorded by a group of people, who then show it during a party which Sekai attends.

Sekai confronts him about his unfaithfulness and breaks up with him, but Makoto confesses his love to her and is able to win her back. However, Kotonoha takes it very badly and declares that he and Sekai will never be happy together. Makoto and Sekai are talking about Kotonoha when she throws herself off a building, which is seen in full view to both of them as she hits the ground headfirst and dies.

cross days makoto ending relationship

Having witnessed Kotonoha commit suicide, Makoto and Sekai are unable to be together because of their guilt over Kotonoha's actions and break up. A while later, Makoto visits Kotonoha's grave and reminisces about past events and how, as predicted by Kotonoha's last words, he was never able to be happy with Sekai.

Both haven't met each other since the incident and they ask each other about their recent lives. Makoto as usual answers that he's working as a nurse, while Sekai mentions that she got married, suffered a miscarriage and is soon to be divorced. At the same time, Makoto hides his ring finger to hide the fact that he's engaged.

Sekai is holding a bucket of water and leaves as Makoto asks if she's not going to dump it. Sekai says the tomb is smiling, albeit unpleasantly, then tells him goodbye. She goes on to mention how the weather forecast said it would rain, but the weather seems fine. Makoto looks up to find there is no rain and the game ends.

They continue to have unprotected sex constantly even with Makoto still dating Kotonoha. During the school festival, Makoto finally has sex with Kotonoha while Sekai goes on to date Taisukebut is very unhappy in the relationship.

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Here, Roka is talking to Yuuki. Cross Days follows Yuuki Ashikaga, a bespectacled young lad whose withdrawn school life goes awry when his affection for two girls begins to affect his relationships with his friends and peers. Though unaware of each other, the girls in question constitute the premise of the game: Kotonoha Katsura, a character well known throughout the franchise as the pivotal love-interest of Makoto Itou, and Roka Kitsuregawa, a newcomer whose efforts to make Yuuki jealous only serve to further complicate her relationship with him.

Chie Ashikaga, the mildly abusive older sister of Yuuki, and Kyouichi Kasannoin, Nanami Kanroji's boyfriend, [6] having only previously made cameo appearances in the School Days anime, [7] return to make more prominent roles, as does Ai Yamagata, a character last seen from Summer Days.

Besides periodically keeping the public informed on development and characters, 0verflow consecutively released downloadable, non-playable benchmarks of the game from November 1, to May 4,