Reasons for ending a long distance relationship

How to End a Long Distance Relationship | Dating Tips

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

The Lessons I Learned From The End Of My Long Distance Relationship . They tell you in sex ed that sex causes you to form a bond with someone. They throw. I was in a long-distance relationship for a couple years, where the miles When I finally ended things in my long-distance relationship, all I. Once you decide that it's time to end the long distance relationship, parts of the relationship as these are the reasons for ending the long distance relationship.

Take this simple equation, for example: Sure, there are now things like Skype, Facebook, unlimited calling plans and more.

6 Signs You Need To Let Go Of Your Long Distance Relationship

But an honest question? Do you really want to be Skyping an hour or more every night?

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

Do you really want to resign yourself to the ritual of coming home early from the pub that you were at with your buddies to make a phone call to her, while you realize that the things you talk about increasingly reveal your worlds are becoming separate from each other?

This all sounds bleak.

6 Signs You Need To Let Go Of Your Long Distance Relationship | Thought Catalog

At this point in columns like this, the normal course of action is to give you the good news and explain why it gets better. But nope, it gets worse.

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I visited the USA six weeks after our first visit, still hoping he could change in this area. He assured me he felt differently and that he would address his thought processes and behavior going forward, but it was an empty promise.

Go with the flow. The pattern of controlling behavior remained. Almost weekly we would have another fight. It seemed he only ever saw our relationship from his viewpoint—what he needed at that moment, regardless of what I was doing or how I was feeling. I felt as though I was being interrogated for just living my life, but at the same time I wondered if I was overreacting and being too dramatic.

I would dread being unobtainable by phone for any amount of time as I knew he would become anxious and the questioning would start again.

Listening To Your Gut Instincts I ended the relationship 3 weeks after my return from the USA for our second visit, five months after we started dating.

Looking back after it ended I saw the red flags more clearly, and I saw how early they had appeared—earlier than I had realized at the time. I recognized that I had seen warning signs of his real character and our incompatibility, and that my instincts had been telling me to back off for some time. I thought it was his nerves, his anxiety, his not wanting to be hurt again, or because he loved me so much.

I made any number of excuses for him.

If You're In A Long Distance Relationship, Watch This

But a balanced person puts their own needs across, just not in a selfish way. In a healthy relationship it is give and take, it is listening to what the other person needs and providing that as far as is possible.

5 Signs You Need to End Your Long-Distance Relationship | Her Campus

In a long distance relationship it is also living with a certain amount of uncertainty. It is practicing trust.

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

It is working on your own sense of security. It is not needing to know where the other person is every single minute of the day, or needing them to reply to every text immediately no matter what time of day or night. It is not needing constant reassurance that the other person really does love you. It is not trying to control who they spend time with. Yes, relationship are about change and compromise, but at some point needing someone to change becomes needing an unhealthy level of control.

Listen carefully, your instincts are there for a reason!

5 Signs You Need to End Your Long-Distance Relationship

I did that for a long time in this relationship—longer than I perhaps should have. It's important that that you handle this situation the right way.

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

Meet Singles in your Area! Think about everything that you want to say before actually contacting the person. Once you decide that it's time to end the long distance relationship, it's important that you reflect on everything you want to tell your significant other.

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

Write notes down if it will help you remember all that you want to say. While you don't want to read a script when ending the long distance relationship, notes can help you say everything you're thinking without leaving anything out. Call the person to end the long distance relationship. Many people may find it easier to end a long distance relationship via email, instant message or even snail mail.

This is nothing but cowardly.

reasons for ending a long distance relationship

There is no questioning that the phone call is going to be difficult. It's still important that you have a real conversation with the person you've been in a long distance relationship with as this will give the both of you better closure.

Make sure that both of you have plenty of time to talk before beginning the conversation.