Long distance relationship uk to australia

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long distance relationship uk to australia

But I just wanted to know if there are any other couples out there who have a LDR between Australia and the UK? And just some advice on how. What confuses me is when people are in a long distance relationship just for the sake of being in one or without a clear end goal i.e. what. I was in a student house in the UK with a bad living situation and in a to Australia (also because it had a great course), and it all came at a very good You don't just go into a long distance relationship and have it work out.

Trust Probably the most important factor. You're not in the same country and a billion things could run through your mind when you can't get hold of your partner on the phone or when he goes out with his boys.

long distance relationship uk to australia

Plus you'll always have those people, that claim to have your best interests at heart, constantly in your ear telling you to be 'careful'. At the end of the day, you know your partner more than any of them do and you're the one in the relationship, not them, so pay no mind to the naysayers. If you are having any trust issues, which is very likely since you're so far apart, discuss it with your partner, not outsiders.

long distance relationship uk to australia

Communication is key in an LDR. Which leads me to my next point. So many self-help sites and relationship guides will tell you not to over compensate not seeing each other with phone conversations or messages but I say why not?

long distance relationship uk to australia

I don't mean spending your whole day and night talking to your partner as you wouldn't do that if you were together and if you are like me and have 'only child syndrome', you like your space.

But definitely make more of an effort than you would if it wasn't long distance. This is a great chance for your friendship to develop without being distracted by the physical. I laugh whenever I think of how much international call credit we used to burn before we started using Facetime and Skype. Then when he had to increase his already high data package to keep up with our level of conversation.

It helped us to grow us a couple. We learnt so much about each other just through talking and listening extensively. Even during our pre-marriage counselling session, our counsellor was surprised at how much we already knew about how much we knew about each other and how much we had discussed regarding our future.

Self Growth I really used our time apart to develop myself as a person. When else would I get this much time to myself without my partner? Without sounding selfish, I enjoyed my time alone, probably knowing that it was only temporary.

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I turned hobbies into skills, turned dreams into plans and actions, strengthened relationships with friends and family, and fulfilled a little bucket list of mine too. Can't tell you everything that was on the list of course, but one thing was to start going out to places by myself more often instead of waiting for others i.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with long distance relationships and these are the things that helped me get through mine. It wasn't an easy journey at all and there were times where I may have felt alone, but I never felt the need to quit.

Australia and UK LDR advice!

Someone having to stay late at work or falling asleep before they could call the other person, should never be reasons for a fight. This especially gets hard when one person is busier than the other. If this is the case, it is important for the busy person to reach out to the other whenever possible. And as for the not-as-busy person, reconnecting with old friends or picking up new hobbies can be great ways to help fill the time.

Small gestures can make a big impact Even if you can keep in contact on a regular basis, send surprise text messages or emails too! See something on your travels that reminded you of them? Mail it to them with a nice handwritten letter.

Does a long-distance relationship have to be expensive?

By making small gestures like these, you help keep the romance alive, so go get creative! Watch a movie or your favorite TV show over Skype, play a game online, or share funny links and YouTube videos with each other. There are plenty of activities you can still do together if you think hard enough.

If your partner is going through a hard time, you still need to be there for them, even if it means staying up all night talking them through it on the phone. Focus on the positive Before you get yourself into a LDR, you need to be realistic of the difficulties that lay ahead.

long distance relationship uk to australia

Every relationship will have highs and lows, even those in a non-LDR. Always try to focus on the highs! Plan time to see each other Although this may not be practical for someone who will only be in a LDR for a few months, try to plan a time to see each other.

Long Distance Relationships With A Goal

I was lucky enough to be able to meet Johnny in Hong Kong during my time in Japan. Do you have any advice of maintaining long distance relationships when travelling? Or an experience of your own you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below.