Velma and fred relationship poems

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velma and fred relationship poems

Daphne decides that she wants to do a show ghost hunting and the gang In prime heterosexuality, both Fred and Daphne flirt with the first. Velma was no longer just the "smart one. No longer a blank faced leader trope, Fred is somewhere between an idiot-savant and a two things, and lives his life around them, often without regard for personal relationships. The only person Daphne really wanted to talk to was Fred. But she didn't She always admired the relationship between herself and Shaggy. They were very.

As the only sane person in her neighborhood, the intelligent teenager used sarcasm and cynicism as a coping mechanism. Mystery Incorporated's Velma could easily be Daria in disguise. While the detective tends to generally be the most normal member of the team; in this incarnation, disdain and sarcasm are Velma's main personality traits.


The bright teenager can handle real estate agents dressed up as black knights or ghosts, but she draws the line at big red shoes and fake noses. As the story developed, Velma revealed that her fear arose from a terrifying childhood experience, one that ended with an obnoxious clown destroying her encyclopedia collection. No matter the group, there will always be someone who dislikes clowns. When she puts her mind to something, the private eye is willing to go to the ends of the Earth to see it through.

While certain series attempt to subvert this stereotype, the vast majority of Meganekko characters go along with the norm. Velma might not be an anime character, but she was one of the first examples of a Meganekko. In an early version of the Japanese dub, her name was even changed to Megako. As Velma's personality has progressed considerably sincerecent incarnations of the sleuth have left this trope in the dust.

In an attempt to boost ratings, Hanna-Barbera gave birth to Scrappy-Doo! Easily, the studio's most beloved persona The annoying puppy proved an instant hit and quickly revived interest in the Great Dane's adventures. So, what was she doing during that period? Well, the intelligent detective made the most out of her free-time by becoming a research assistant at NASA.

Yes, she went from driving around in a van to working for one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Luckily, Velma was allowed back into Mystery Incorporated.

That much can be taken as fact, but it also feels like a gross understatement. Rather than young adults, Mystery Incorporated's members were still in Junior High, meaning Velma was around years-old. Taking her "smart-girl" persona to its absolute limit, kid Velma designed and created a computer light years ahead of anything that was on the market.

Why is the 20th century's greatest mind wasting her time solving mysterious? NASA could use a Velma.

Fred acted as the leader and creator of misguided plans, Daphne filled the damsel-in-distress part, while Shaggy and Scooby brought the humor.

velma and fred relationship poems

In Velma's case, she usually found clues and solved the mystery, but her intelligence was not presented as the crux of her character. As the years slipped by, Mystery Incorporated started to depend more and more on Velma.

There is always a disgruntled real estate owner hiding behind the ghostly mask. Despite their history, the gang tends to approach any given mystery from the perspective that the monster might actually be real. Real estate owners deserve the benefit of the doubt!

To be fair, the evidence backed up her claim. In some cases, people discover an inner strength they never knew they possessed, one capable of seeing them through a difficult period. When it comes to Velma, her power manifests in a more literal sense; as, suddenly, the year-old teenager managed to lift like nobody's business! Still, this happens often enough to establish the teenager's prowess as a defining characteristic. From the very start, Velma has literally carried Mystery Incorporated.

So, what talent has Velma kept hidden? Daphne returned his stare and a sad smile crept across her lips. Then she turned her back on him. Like and angry child indeed. She thought and acted like one. But then again, the rest of the gang had become like an unhappy family. Fred and Velma acted like the parents and fought like ones, and Shaggy and Daphne, like the kids, could only look on and suffer.

How pathetic-the once powerful Mystery Inc. Every day they spent together seemed like an episode of a cheesy drama. Fred and Velma spat insults at each other for reason and for no reason, their fights made Scooby hide under the table and even got Shaggy out of his skin. In time, they completely forgot themselves…and Daphne.

The decision to dissolve Mystery Inc. They didn't even ask for her opinion. They had excluded her, and why not? She was the bad omen. Danger prone Daphne who always got caught by the villains. Clumsy Daphne who caught herself in the most childish traps.

Daphne who ruined everything. Why should she have a say? She was probably the reason for their quarrels. I should have left and they wouldn't fight. Suddenly she looked up and saw the ice rink in front of her. Lately she had begun spending as much time as she could there instead with her friends. She even had her own locker. It wasn't too late, so she went in the dressing room and changed. As she was putting her skates on she looked around the rink and smiled-there was nobody there.

The old guardsman who was looking after the place kept it open until very late. A few months back Daphne would've felt afraid to stay inside until late. Now she knew she could gladly stay until morning with nobody to bother her. She skated on the ice, waving to the guard.

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He smiled at her and put some quiet classical music on before going out and leaving her on her own. Daphne was grateful to him-for many months now he was her only friend. Daphne stopped in the middle of the rink and bowed to the invisible crowd in front of her. Then she started skating, gracefully and slowly, listening to the music carefully. She needed to start off slowly so she could pick up the rhythm.

She spun, then threw a triple Lutz. Not bad, maybe that was something she could do for a living. Oh, she shouldn't have thought about that. Now it got worse. She stopped and took a deep breath. Soon, the cold air drained all the blood from her face and she was calm enough to continue.

velma and fred relationship poems

But now she was doing everything mechanically, without any emotion. Her thoughts went back to their empty office-so this was it, huh? Their history was wrapped up in boxes, and would probably rot away in some attic. Thus there would be nothing left of them. It was sad indeed. All these years working together, all those times they had to pull through their problems, were for nothing.

At one hand, she felt really sorry because she thought it was her fault. If she just made some effort to become a better detective, if she took courses in self defence or tried harder not to fall into various traps…. On the other hand, she felt really angry. Angry with a capital "A". When the troubles started all they did was argue. Taking it on each other, saying things they didn't mean. They thought they were the only ones who had problems.

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They fought and spat insults at each other, but they had their faults as well. Fred, being all patronizing, looking after the helpless women and the image of the group-a pretty boy that flirted with almost every beautiful girl in sight.

And Velma…complaining about the little attention she got but always hiding in the shadows. Daphne stopped, realizing what idiotic things she was saying.

She looked around, the ice was furrowed because of her scates. Her image in it was cut into thousands of pieces, and all of them were crying. She fell on her knees and covered her face with her hands. She was acting like a child! Even Scooby was more mature than her!

She blamed the others, but she was the one to blame! She looked down and saw a thousand images of crying girls. A child of 5, crying for her mother.

velma and fred relationship poems

A girl of 12, crying for her father. A teenager of 18 crying because of her date. A woman of 20 crying because there was no difference in any of those images.

velma and fred relationship poems

She was the same, hurt child. Suddenly, she felt something warm press against her hand. She looked up and saw Scooby Doo, their Great Dane standing on the ice next to her. A few meters away Shaggy was trying to maintain balance on a pair of skates and was waving at her. The next moment he slipped and fell. Since he and Velma don't talk anymore he hung up without waiting. Her surprise was beyond limitations.