Tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship counseling

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tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship counseling

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Marioak Marioak 2 years ago 3 One could argue that Asbel in Future Arc did growth up a little and begin a little less of idiot by the time of F-Arc, Plus Lambda is with him and all but hey And it's was done fine in the main arc if you asked me. Asbel and Cheria care for each others, It's just that Asbel is the stereotype idiot ball and is too obvious that Cheria like him more than just a 'friend'. It's just a matter of time before he realized that he like her as well.

In my point of view this is definitely not just "I look up to her" in my book. Elise or Ivar definitely fit in that catalogReally if the game are actually as long other game, I could see Jude outdone Veigue's "Claire" with his "Milla" Meanwhile Milla only see him as comrade or best friends at best.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship counseling

Milla starts of an ass characters who start of with "Mission Come first, Friends later" but gradually open up the cliche lol. She is definitely feel sad by the time they have to depart.

Though it's definitely not the romantic one. I felt that Jude did have a puppy-love crush and admiration for her strength for Milla, but that's all I felt. Honestly, I don't even see the puppy-love thing.

tales of xillia 2 jude and milla relationship counseling

Sure, he might find her attractive - but that never says anything. You don't love every person you meet, who might have physical features you might find attractive. But admiration to idolization? Hell, Milla even decided to sacrifice herself, so she wouldn't disappoint Jude's high-pedestal idolization of her as 'Maxwell, Lord of Spirits'.

That's not love, on either side. If anything, comes across as peer pressure on Milla's side - must do this or he'll be disappointed! People tend to think I'm bias because of my association with Leia I kinda began to ship Jude-Leia myself, as I played more through Xillia. Not because I was looking for something to ship I don't do that, but if something comes across as a natural potential, I'll check it outbut because they had chemistry together and seemed to really care about another.

And the fact that I am actually shipping a pairing that involves childhoodfriends-turned-lovers says a lot - I tend to absolutely despise those types of pairings.

Xillia 2 definitely removed a lot of the romantic feelings between them - maybe they are there in the Japanese version, not sure, I'm waiting for my import to arrive - but aside from the one option of saying "You sound like a married couple", there is nothing.

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He's about 5'4", which, while not abnormal for a boy his age, is shorter than the baby-faced year-old hero of Tales of InnocenceRuca. Some of his fist weapons look like this. Whenever he's thinking he has a habit of tapping one side of his forehead, usually accompanied with a head tilt. Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The sensitive guy to Alvin's manly man. Anybody who's so much as contemplating studying medicine will tell you that it requires a lot of brains.

Jude is a complete shrimp when compared to any of the other Tales leads, even those who are the same age as him.

And Swallow Dance, especially if used multiple times in a row, can function as a Hurricane Kick! His main thing; he's a Teen Genius and has good martial arts skills, but he doesn't have much worldly experience and his idealistic nature can get the better of him at times. First she dies, but even when she comes back, she takes on the title of Lord of Spirits, disappearing from the world.

His ability to use his knowledge can get uncanny at certain points in the story. His "Evasion Ability" is essentially this. His cooking skill is often complimented. He's the one that does most of the cooking according to skitsand is the feminine guy to Milla's masculine girl, displaying more empathy and sensitivity throughout the game.

He's 15 and in residency as a doctor close to finishing his medical school graduation thesis at the start of the game.

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He's surrounded by Maxwell herself, an incredibly shifty mercenary, his Hot-Blooded Childhood Frienda little girl with incredibly powerful spirit artes and a weird talking doll, and Ilbert the Conductor himself.

And he's taking everything amazingly well - takes some pretty shocking things for Jude to freak out and he recovers fast even so. When the game was first unveiled, Jude didn't sound like he was anywhere near puberty. Since then, Tsubasa Yonaga 's voice seems to have changed somewhat.

Just compare his line in the first trailer to his ones in the fourth, for example. Jude thinks the best of people no matter what. This can bite him in the ass, but Character Development has him temper it with his experiences; still thinks good of the world and people, but is more aware of the darker side. Is eventually considered one by Gaius. Alvin Alfred Vint Svent Voiced by: If I do betray you again, then you're welcome to strike me down by your own sword.

That's why, please let me come with you. Though powerful and charismatic, Alvin is ridiculously untrustworthy and hides a cool and calculating personality beneath his joshing smile. His special ability Charge allows him to combine his gun and sword, increasing the power of his artes and even changing them.

His Support Skill Breaker is used to break the guard of a defending enemy. He'll stab you in the back so many times you could swap his character model for Revolver Ocelot 's and nobody would notice the difference but, at the same time, he's a surprisingly nice guy who means well.

Mostly an Pragmatic Anti-Hero, but puts a foot into Nominal Hero territory once or twice when he's at his worst. Eventually develops into more of a traditional Pragmatic Hero.

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After finally being done back-stabbing the group for good, Alvin decides to make up for what he's done with whatever he can do. Not particularly long, but long enough to count.

For the same reasons as Jude. It is later revealed that as a citizen of Elympios, Alvin does not have a functional mana lobe and cannot create mana, essentially making him unable to use Spirit Artes at all. It's established ridiculously early on that Alvin is not to be trusted and he soon proves to have a serious case of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.

Yet it causes him a fair deal of angst because, since he was raised as a child spy, he doesn't know any other way to live. To add to this, Alvin does not want to betray people.

Milla Maxwell

He only betrays people because Exodus has the medicine his mom needs to live. He doesn't want to work for them but he can't go without it. To make it worse: Alvin's mother dies anyway because Isla was secretly poisoning her. All of Alvin's reasons for being evil were for naught. I can't keep living like this. Develops one towards Elize.

Played with, because it's implied by the latest story trailer that he sees himself as this to Jude, but The Hero views him more as just being a bit weird. It eventually gets flipped around when you realise that Alvin is much less adjusted to reality than Jude due to his lack of being able to form real attachments. By the end though, he becomes one to Elize in an anti-role model kind of way.

He's the most battle-hardened and Blood Knighty of the party. He seems to rather rather enjoy kicking Mooks about. It's revealed late in the game that the Svent family is this but Alvin doesn't consider himself a noble due to all he had been through by that point.

Does this to Isla when he suspects her of poisoning his mother to death. He claims that his mother wrote about the poison in her letters, but Isla immediately refutes that claim while accidentally admitting to the deed. Was raised as a child spy, thus explaining his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. It's so bad that at one point he has to plead with the party to let him continue traveling with them, and promises to let them kill him if he betrays them again. And he still betrays them one last time!

Won't hesitate to attack you when your back is turn, try to shoot you when your running, or at his worst attack someone who won't defend themselves. At first, but it gradually deteriorates as people become wise to his tricks. Somewhat, as there's a bit of thing going on between him and Presa. He used to date her, which is why there's so much UST between them.

Being the only party member for a while until Rowen joins that's actually worldly, Alvin pulls this off when dealing with Jude and Milla after joining up with them early in the game. Double Reverse Quadruple Agent: It's generally safe to assume he's working for at least three sides at any given time. There seems to be a deep level trust and passion between Jude and Milla. I feel that while they have only known each other for a small amount of time, a significant amount has happened.

Jude was a naive student and perhaps he still is naive. Milla influenced him and as a result of their adventure, he matured into the understanding and patient man he is during Tales of Xillia 2.

Some throw accusations that Jude is a lovesick puppy and returns to such a state whenever Milla is involved. I beg to disagree. Milla above all else was a dear friend to him that inspired him like no one else had.

He lost it and stopped caring about everything.