Moniece and fizz relationship problems

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moniece and fizz relationship problems

Moniece, what kind of conversation did you and Fizz before doing Love . they know I'm in a relationship but I told them that the relationship is Cause if you don't and she's hands on with my kid, I have a problem with that. Moniece shocks Fizz by revealing some unresolved feelings about their . life likely caused some of the problems in her relationship with Ray. "LHHH" Stars Nia Riley & Lil Fizz Dating: Moniece Slaughter Is Totally off of # NiaRiley and #LilFizz's possible new found relationship We can definitely see that causing problems between Nia and Moniece in the future.

Nikki is equally as shocked given that Moniece is in a relationship with Rich, but also says she would step aside if Fizz wanted to try and make things work with Moniece since they have a child together.

She laughs off his assumption and quickly changes the subject to her recent visit to Texas where she reconnected with her father for the first time in 10 years.

moniece and fizz relationship problems

Milan is then left to tell Princess and Nikki that Hazel quit, but they take the news in stride and vow to pull it off successfully anyway. Just as the fashion show is coming to an end, Moniece lets Teairra and her models in through a side door where they crash the runway wearing designs from her blazer line.

He presents her with flowers and propositions her again to work out their relationship. Although she admits to still loving him and wanting to work things out, she tells him that they need to keep things on a friendship level for now.

Ray J is disappointed but agrees to start over as just friends. Princess is annoyed when she arrives to see that Moniece has also come along with Teairra, but keeps calm for the time being. Princess then begins to speak on wanting she and Teairra to put their differences aside once and for all for the sake of working peacefully together in the same industry.

moniece and fizz relationship problems

Nikki and Teairra both chime in to agree with Princess, but things go left when Moniece interrupts the conversation to remind Teairra of Nikki and Hazel bringing Princess in behind her back. Following the criticism that followed the premiere episode, when the father of their son Kameron aka Lil Fizz was praised for his efforts as a single father and Slaughter painted as an absent parent, the former singer-songwriter, is now here to set the record straight.

Does Fizz really have full custody of their son Kameron? What really occurred between the former couple to cause such a rift in their current relationship? Check out what Slaughter had to say below. There were a couple of factors that influenced my decision to join the cast and do the show.

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He was selling weed and I thought that the show would give him another opportunity to potentially launch his music or anything else he had going on and it would give him a legitimate way to make money to support our son. There are a lot of rumors circling about the reason behind why Lil Fizz originally received full custody of your son Kameron. Do you want to set the record straight on what really occurred?

moniece and fizz relationship problems

Drew and I are not together. When I found out I was pregnant, he actually broke up with me and then I found out a week later, that I was expecting. After finding out, he decided that he wanted to make the relationship work.

He said he wanted to make it work.

moniece and fizz relationship problems

I felt like we should work on ourselves as individuals and then come back together as a strong family unit. Originally, we had an arrangement set up verbally, in regards to custody for Kameron. Drew came to my house to pick up our son and threatened to never bring him home.

There ended up being a huge fight that day that involved my parents and after everything escalated, I attempted to f— up his car but before I could even make it to the car, he tackled me in the street. The police were called. I was running my mouth, so they took me to jail and not him.

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But because I was so bloodied and messed up, the DA dropped the case and they were not going to remove Kameron from my custody. Drew later filed for a temporary restraining order. But again, he never showed up to court, so a permanent restraining order was never granted and the temporary order was dropped.

DCFS had to get involved because anytime there is a domestic dispute and a minor is involved, by law, they have to come out and evaluate the situation. They ended up coming out to my home, evaluated me and my living situation and determined that it was best that Kameron stayed with me. My mother and I at the time were not getting along. I had a brother who at the time was addicted to heroine. Kameron was visiting with his father. My cellphone was dead and when they finally reached someone at the house, it was my mother, who lied and said that I had hit my son with an open hand.

But when they [DCFS] came out to see him, there were no signs of bruising, no signs of physical abuse, nothing of the sort. So that is where I lost full custody of my son. I fought for a year and a half to get my son back.

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I went from having him five to six days a week to seeing him six hours a week at a DCFS office. It then graduated to supervised visitation with family members — his goddad and my cousin. The judge got tired of his s—, closed the case and told him to never petition again. So if filing joint custody made him more comfortable and he needed to solidify his visitation rights legally, I was behind him percent because for me, it was never about us but our son Kameron and I refused to use him as a pawn.