Mac address and ip relationship

IP and MAC Address: What Are They Good For?

mac address and ip relationship

MAC and IP are the addresses that uniquely defines a device and a connection in a network. A MAC address is a number assigned to the NIC. Description of how MAC-addresses and IP-addresses relates to each other on local Ethernet networks. The ARP cache is the the link between them. The Address Resolution Protocol is responsible for converting an IP-address to a MAC-address.

A unique IP address A packet sent to this address will actually loop back from IP layer only and will not go to the physical layer at all. This is primarily used for testing purposes where the same machine is acting as both client and server.

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mac address and ip relationship

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While IP addresses are assigned by ISPs and can be re-assigned as devices connect and disconnect, MAC addresses are tied to a physical adapter and are assigned by manufacturers.

mac address and ip relationship

A MAC address is a digit string where each digit can be any number from 0 to 9 or letter between A and F. For readability sake, the string is divided into chunks. There are three common formats, the first being most common and preferred: The MAC address contains no information about which network a device is connected to.

Some of the terms thrown around will likely already sound familiar to you.

mac address and ip relationship

Ethernet and Wi-Fi are largely self-obvious concepts, although it may require a little bit The MAC address is used to deliver the data to the right device on a network. Think of it this way. But what if we incorporated your ancestry i.

Difference Between MAC Address and IP Address

This is your MAC address. What does this look like in actual terms? Use our summary to configure your standard router settings to prevent unauthorized access to your network. This address is based on where the host is actually located.

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Using this address, it is possible for a frame to determine the location of where a frame should be sent. The IP address, or network address, is known as a logical address because it is assigned logically. IPv4 was the first generation to be used but has space limitation since only 3. The IPv4 limitations eventually led to the current transition to IPv6 networks.

The structure of an IPv6 Address Both the physical MAC and logical IP addresses are required for a computer to communicate on a hierarchical network, just like both the name and address of a person are required to send a letter.

A source device will send a packet based on an IP address.

mac address and ip relationship