Lieutenant uhura and spock relationship

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lieutenant uhura and spock relationship

Among long-time Trekkies, the decision to pair Spock and Uhura was Kirk and Spock's relationship before they decided to bury the hatchet. All that notwithstanding, it's quite clear that Uhura and Spock have already been in a relationship for some time, possibly since even before Kirk signs up with. Oct 18, Now, go back to my participation in Star Trek as Uhura and Leonard (Nimoy) as Spock. There was always a connection between Uhura and.

Later, Kirk and his crew are tasked with the mission to hunt terrorist 'John Harrison' down on the planet Qo'noS where he is hiding. Since Uhura is the only one who speaks klingon, Kirk asks her to join him, Spock and two security officers in the mission.

lieutenant uhura and spock relationship

While on a shuttle to the planet surface, Spock coldly stating that the odds of them dying in the mission are high provokes an argument between him and Uhura where, remembering what happened in the Nibiru's mission, she accuses him of being too willing to die for a mission and not caring about how she would feel if he died and also his unwillingness, after the fact, to talk with her about what happened and why he seems to have a death wish also implied in the IDW ongoing comic series.

Spock finally explains that, when he was in the volcano, the thought of how she'd feel for his death, that is what he himself experienced when his mother died and home planet got destroyed, was so painful for him that he had to choose to feel nothing. So, what she perceived as a lack of care from his part was, in fact, pretty the opposite feeling.

I assure you the truth is precisely the opposite. Later, after getting back to the Enterprise, the two shares a reconciliatory kiss. It feels like a typical, contemporary love story laughs. And Uhura, she needs to learn to just understand his Vulcan side.

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In this movie you seem them working through that. You see the ways in which they misunderstand and miscommunicate, and you see the ways in which they understand and then come back together. You get the sense, I got the sense at least while I was working on it, that we were creating a dynamic and expanding a relationship that has a believable foundation and hopefully it will continue to evolve in that way. In issue 4, that is an alternate take on the original tos episode 'Galileo Seven', even thought the enterprise is unable to locate and save the away team that includes Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Rand that is stuck on the planet's surface due to their shuttle being damaged, Uhura takes a shuttle and she's successfully able to locate the team and save Spock and her other crewmates from a difficult situation.

Uhura asking Spock out for a date IDW 18 In issue 18 - dedicated to Uhura's backstory - it's revealed that Spock and Uhura started dating back in after Uhura completed Spock's course and she no longer was one of his students.


A few months into their relationship, Spock proposed Uhura to perform the "Emafa Kito" with her, which is a kind of mind meld that is part of the vulcan coupling rituals. Uhura accepted and during the meld she shared a dramatic memory from her childhood with him, which further their connection.

In issue 23 After Darkness series part 3while Spock is affected by a sickness that turns him in one of the 'Sasauds' which is a group of vulcans reverting back to pre-Surak primordial state due to the grief caused by the destruction of their home planetUhura remembers the first time in their relationship when Spock made her understand that he was in love with her.

It happened back when they were dating, after she beat him for the first time while they were playing his favorite game: The next day he left the "King" piece from his chess set on her desk without a note and Uhura understood that his chess set was now missing a piece and that, with the gesture, he was trying to tell her that he was in love with her and she had 'won' more than just the game: Additional parallel realities showed in the comics The comics have showed two other parallel realities, beside the one from the current movies: It's implied that Spock and Uhura have a romantic relationship in these other realities as well.

Name[ edit ] Gene Roddenberry had intended his new female communications officer to be called "Lieutenant Sulu". Nichols states in her book Beyond Uhura that the name was inspired by Robert Ruark 's book Uhuru, which she had with her on the day she read for the part.

When producer Robert Justman explained to Roddenberry what the word uhuru meant, he changed it to Uhura and adopted that as the character's name. The Undiscovered Country incorrectly refer to Uhura as "Uhuru". Uhura's first name was not used in Star Trek canon until Abrams's filmin a scene where the young Spock calls her "Nyota" in a moment of intimacy. Although other non-canon names had previously existed, "Nyota" had been the most common.

Seeking approval for the name he contacted Gene Roddenberry and Nichelle Nichols. Gene Roddenberry approved of the name. Nichelle Nichols also approved and was very excited when Rotsler informed her that Nyota means "star" in Swahili.

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While guest-starring on the game show Super Password on January 7,Nichols stated that Uhura's first name was "Nyota". Of Gods and Men. Until the film became part of the franchise's canon, "Nyota" was one of three possibilities; the other two were "Penda" and "Samara": The non-canon book The Best of Trek suggests that Uhura's first name is "Penda", coined when a group of fanzine authors suggested it to Nichols at an early convention.

What did you think of the new film and the recasting of Uhura? First, I loved the film.

Saldana On Spock-Uhura Relationship

I loved the fact that J. We had a wonderful time. He picked my brain here and there, and we talked about he would have loved for me to be in the film and what would have taken place. So there was a concern there and he had to get finished. Everything that was already written could be done. But they could stop anything new.

Star Trek's Uhura Spock Were Supposed To Hook Up Years Ago | The Mary Sue

Ultimately, the strike threat prevented even the possibility of you being in the film. But that story about your lunch with Abrams has more to it. Actually, they were driving me to my car. I walked in and there was the command level set and my heart stopped.

Of course you know.

lieutenant uhura and spock relationship

Everything calmed down and the next thing you know they were bringing out J.