Kanade and otonashi relationship

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kanade and otonashi relationship

How is it possible that Kanade has Otonashi's heart? someone and you can kind of make a relation to the situation of the creator of Angel Player and Otonashi. Kanade also has Otonashi's heart. (Too sleepy for details) Sadly, yes:(I would' ve loved to see their relationship develop. Kinda sucks how. I just completed Angel Beats! and this coming to my mind when I saw the last episode of this anime which btw still has a better love story then.

His personality eventually changed when his sister died. After his sister's death, he became a more responsible person. He worked and studied hard to become a doctor and to pay for medical school to help people like his sister.

He became a very smart and kind person. When he got into the train accident, he helped the other survivors by taking care of their injuries and helped find enough food and water for everyone. At one point he even sacrificed his share of water. Before he died, he signed a donor card stating that he would donate all of his working organs. During his time in the Afterlife, he had the same personality as before he died though he was very confused most of the time due to the battlefront's antics.

kanade and otonashi relationship

He could become an idiot, a jerk, homosexual, lesbian addict, or retain his anime personality. As a result of his parents seeming absence, it is possible that both he and his sister were orphans. He detached himself from his friends and soon lived a solitary life, funded by his part-time jobs. All he wanted was to work enough to eat and live.

It had been her first kiss with anyone. There was an uncomfortable silence. I would not object. Mostly just chaste, as Otonashi was very frankly afraid to make any move on the small, delicate seeming girl.

Kanade Tachibana

After a deeper and profoundly awkward kiss, Kanade called him out on it. Well, it's not that I don't like you enough to go further, it's just…" At a loss for words, he gestured to all of her. You think that because you're larger than me, you could easily take advantage of me if you wanted to. It was a statement of fact. The fastest of your friends, much faster than you, can only match my speed in combat, not outstrip it. The strongest of your friends, who is also stronger than you, cannot hold me against my will for more than a minute.

I would have an easier time raping you if I wished. There really was nothing else to say. If I am uncomfortable with them, you will be able to stop, I guarantee it. Kanade, as it turned out, was surprisingly willing to be more physical with Otonashi if he wanted it, and even made some advances herself after Otonashi confessed about his hesitance.

Their relationship became more intimate, and the reason it moved slowly was because they both wanted it to move slowly. In a universe in which love had previously been taboo, they loved each other fully and completely. The first step was bonding emotionally. The second step was dealing with the others. The third step was becoming comfortable with each other physically.

kanade and otonashi relationship

And after more than a year and a half, they finally decided in their peculiar, nonverbal way, that it was the right night for the fourth step. Otonashi did so, and presently, he felt a pair of thin but steady arms wrap around his middle.


Kanade whispered something he couldn't quite catch, and he heard a tinkling noise, then a quiet, repeated foof sound. A second later, the steady arms that held him were the only support he had as the ground dropped out from underneath him.

After about a minute, Kanade spoke again. They were flying, flying high in the sky, near the clouds, in a place where there should logically be no oxygen, but when had the afterlife ever followed logic? The school, the field, the river, the forest, it was all beneath him, so far beneath him that Otonashi felt like a giant, walking along the curvature of the earth. Beyond the forests there were mountains covered in mist, that he had never seen before. It had never struck him until that very moment how immense a place the afterlife was, how much care God-if he was the one who created it- had put into making it beautiful for the poor souls who came there.

He could see the NPCs on the field, practicing track in the gradually fading golden-orange sunset. They looked tiny, oh-so-tiny, that for a moment, Otonashi thought himself the god, instead of one of them- or, as it was, almost one of them.

And then, when he turned around, there was Kanade. Massive, beautiful, crystalline white wings were sprouting from her back, beating in a regular rhythm to keep them both afloat.

kanade and otonashi relationship

Her hair was flowing around her, as if the effects of gravity were nonexistent for her, and she looked. She looked like an angel. A title which she had never wanted, which had been thrust upon her, suddenly fit her perfectly.

She was the most beautiful Otonashi had ever seen her. Despite the apparent lack of gravity, she kept her wings out, beating them steadily. At that moment, he wanted a refuge until he regains his memories, though he is not sure what he will do when he does regain them. To Yuzuru's surprise, he was immediately assigned to join one of the basic activities of the KKK: Operation Tornado, which is basically SSS's plan to steal meal tickets from students. Yuzuru ends up confronting Angel before the others, but the rest of the SSS was able to cover for him as Yuri initiates the main part of the operation — turning on the massive fans located throughout the Main Dining Hall, sending the meal tickets of the other students into the air.

The SSS quickly retreat soon after, but not until getting enough meal tickets for the entire battlefront. The operation left Yuzuru still confused about the workings of the Afterlife and the conflict between Angel and the SSSbut he decides to put aside his questions for the meantime.

In Episode 3, Otonashi was told about Iwasawa 's, leader of Girls Dead Monsterpast before she disappears after her performance, leaving the rest of SSS to learn a lesson that they themselves could disappear without Angel interfering. A Backfired Plan Edit Upon Yuri's discovery of the true nature of Angel as more human than they first thought, she involved Otonashi in a plan to humiliate her as their plan to weaken their supposed enemy.

The plan worked perfectly, but even though the plan succeeded, Otonashi has deep doubts about what they did. Naoi succumbs to Otonashi's words of encouragement. He later finds himself interacting with Angel, who seems like a normal human being, and after learning about Yuri's fight against Naoi who replaced Angel as Student Council Presidenthe rushes to the aid of the SSSfoiling Naoi's plans for the SSS to forcefully move on.

Also, because of his inspiring remarks, Naoi joins the SSS and becomes attached to Otonashi like a little brother would be attached to his older sibling.

Angel Beats! - Kanade Goes Fishing (English Dub)

As it turned out Naoi was only able to restore a portion of Otonashi's memories up until the crash itselfbut even so, Otonashi was left devastated by the recollection of the life he had lived and wept openly, especially when mourning the loss of his sister. As a result of this experience he becomes a changed person. Whilst he is now fully behind Yuri and the SSSOtonashi soon doubts that the conflict he is involved in is as straightforward as it seems; he starts to act on his own, befriending the very enemy which is supposed to be SSS's true target.

At first, the members of the SSS are skeptic of Angel's "lack of hostility" towards them; but soon, after the events in Operation Monster Stream, they realize that their enemy is really a nice person. This outlook changed when Yuri was attacked the same day when Angel that time known as Kanade Tachibana joined Operation Monster Stream. The descent needed most of the team to do their "sacrifices", but they managed to save Kanade.

Otonashi awakes to the sight of a fully recovered Kanade.

kanade and otonashi relationship

Otonashi watched over Kanade as she slept, recovering the rest of his memories in the process. Upon waking he and Kanade start to become closer to each other, and he decides to help her in her mission, which in reality is to help the people in the afterlife to move on to the next world.

After he helped in fulfilling Yui's regrets in life, they are suddenly faced with another problem: Facing the Shadows Edit Otonashi's team-up with Kanaden't was put on hold when mysterious creatures appear to attack and consume the students in the Afterlife ; Hinata and Naoi soon join his side to help out as well and they attempt to continue with their plan while keeping it hidden to Yuri.

Unfortunately, thanks to Yusa's surveillance, Yuri discovered their plans. But instead of apprehending them for doing the opposite of their mission, she gives them credit, as she realizes that disappearing would be the only way for the others to be saved.

With Kanade on his side, he leads the members of the SSS to defend Yuri as she tries to find out more about the world. Yuri eventually succeeds in confronting the one responsible in the existence of the Shadows and with that, the SSS are freed of their duties.

Otonashi and Kanade plan a graduation ceremony for the remaining members, since Kanade never got to graduate when she was alive.

After everyone "graduates"Hina taNaoi and Yuri bid farewell to everyone for one last time, then pass on.

kanade and otonashi relationship

Otonashi takes the time to confess to Kanade about his feelings for her and begs her to remain with him. He hoped that they would be able to guide anyone who wandered into this world and let them leave with no regrets. It is then that Kanade reveals the reason for her appearance in the afterlife that the regret she had in life was never being able to thank the person who gave her a heart so that she could live.

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She then thanks him for a chance to have lived longer before disappearing in Otonashi's arms, leaving him the only remaining person in the afterlife, and in depression.

It is implied however that he did eventually pass on and met Kanade again, in his new life. Abilities Edit At first unskilled in any equipment and lacking experience when he first arrives in the Afterlife, he is utilized by Yuri as backup, but he manages to pull through for the team when they are in danger. After some self-training, he manages to be experienced in handling a gun, and is able to defend himself well.

Otonashi is also revealed to be knowledgeable in academics, commenting that one physics exam he took was "easier than expected". On later events, he is showed to have improved with his shooting abilities to the point he is able to shoot an enemy from behind without looking while talking and has added leadership skills like analytic thinking to his assets.

Before his death, Otonashi's closest relationship was with his sister, Hatsune. His love for Hatsune was so strong that he even expressed a desire to take her place in the hospital, only wanting the best for her.

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Her death causes Otonashi to lose the will to live, but later inspires him to become a doctor. During the train crash, Otonashi was shown to have become good friends with fellow survivor, Igarashi.