Gemini and aquarius relationship stories

Gemini man Aquarius woman

gemini and aquarius relationship stories

Gemini man and Aquarius woman compatibility. Guide to dating, love and Good luck but if the picture isn't matching the story - its a lie, just another good one. Gemini and Aquarius are trine to one another. They are the same element and have an easy, hospitable relationship. Other people may not. Yes, there is!!! I am an aquarius female enjoying a great relationship with a male gemini. Its going on 7 yrs now. Yeah it started out a little rough because of some.

Relationship Compatibility of a Gemini Man and an Aquarius Woman

They will both be aroused by the intellectual side of their relationship and if they are to be satisfied, they have to consider each other intelligent. Neither Gemini nor Aquarius will ever be in a serious relationship with someone who is, in their opinion, stupid. They can have sex anywhere and none of them would care. Gemini is a bit childish and can be ashamed in certain situations, but when Aquarius takes over, Gemini will realize that there is no limit to their freedom of expression. Still, their relationship could lack emotion and true physical intimacy.

This could lead to them pulling apart, often not aware that they both need something else in their partner.

gemini and aquarius relationship stories

We should emphasize that they will trust each other. Aquarius finds lying ridiculous and Gemini will usually feel free enough not to lie. They will both probably have this ultimate trust for their partner and are rarely deceived because of their premise to give and receive freedom as an absolute priority. None of them will have any satisfaction in storytelling or lying when there are so many interesting things to talk about with their weirdo partner, and so little to share that will be judged.

While Gemini will probably be fascinated by the belief system of Aquarius, always so rational and humane, Aquarius will have an opportunity to relieve some of their ego problem with their Gemini partner. The mutable quality of Gemini will allow them to adapt to some of those rigid Aquarian attitudes and opinions, even if they disagree. Gemini does have this mellow nature that understands the flow of the social touch with other people, and will rarely fight for their beliefs with someone they feel really close to.

This is a good thing for their everyday life, but in general, this can present a problem because the authentic personality of Gemini could be shushed until they are not sure who they are anymore, once again. It is important for them to have enough flexibility for one another, however different their premises might be. Still, it is best if they share the same basic life philosophy, which they usually do, or they could get distant and lose interest in each other.

He gives me my space and I give him his Just the random thingthat happens, I enjoy my life outside of the relationship because I have a lifeto maintain on the outside too.

He Is always there when I need him, he Issocially active when we are together. I love the fact that he Is so original andunpredictable my god It's always a big party with him! I find myself wanting him around because he calms my nerves plus other reasons. He Is like mybest friend and my lover, we can tell each other anything and I love that. WhenI'm with him sex Is the last thing on my mind, Its just not Important when weare together, Its just there, we have way better stuff to do than sex.

Before my Aquarius I was with a Cancer man and after a while I couldn't stand him, he wastoo emotional and too pessimistic. Wow he used to drain me, then I ran from his ass, straight Into my current boyfriend lol I think I better stop because If I don't I'll fill up this whole page: Gemini woman here, who was with an Aquarius man for many years.

In many, If not most ways, he and I were very good for each other. Never have Iconnected with someone on such an Intellectual level, yet he also understood myneed for space and let me keep my secrets. The only problem Is that neither of us Is emotional, and we both value ourindependence. During our entire relationship I felt like we were In our "comfort" zone, but wedidn't really grow as people.

Did we share wild and crazy experiences? ButI don't think we ever compromised or gave up personal space to accommodate eachother. In the end I felt we were compatible rather than passionate. This Is probably enough for some people but not for me. I am currently with my Aquarius man. We dated for 5 years and livedtogether for 4. We have been married for 15 years this October and neverregretted one minute. I am a Gemini woman who's In love with my Aquarius man. I love beingwith him every minute of my life and when I am not, I constantly think of him.

We been dating for 2. The only problem Is that he's 17 years older than and he wasmy aunt's supervisor.

gemini and aquarius relationship stories

But other than that, we always have sex when we seeeach other sometimes even 3x to 5x a night. Its just that good. When we brokeup, I hit Into a deep depression like I lost my best friend and soul mate. Luckily, we got back together. But seems like we guna hit rock bottom againwith another break up. He's a mess with lots of past Issues and I being theGemini always willing to compromise to make this relationship work out! I'm currently heavily smitten, even In love with my Aquarius mate.

Icall him aquaman, we met back In fall and when I first saw him, I t was likeseeing the sun for the first time. I feel so good when Im near him, that's why Ialways wanna be close too him, his body language towards me screams powerfullyand I only ask for him to let us grow Into something. I just hope Im what he's looking for and more. We are no longer together cause he always want to be In control of everything.

But It seems like we gunahit rock bottom again with another breakup for good. He's a mess with lots ofpast Issues that he can not let go. He would blow like stuff out of contentwhich made the relationship stressful. Even though we fought we still loved each other. I love being near him! I have been In an online relationship with an Aquarian male for thepast two years.

But our relationship was "open" Yesterday I came clean about athreesome I had last year In November and the way he looked at me was soulbreaking. He says he can no longer trust me and can not build a future with awoman who has been with two men on the same night and that all plans are off.

Iwanted to fulfill a fantasy and not hurt him. He loathes me right now, will heever forgive me and will he ever forget about that Indiscretion. I love thisman with everything that's good Inside me.

I've hurt him so much and now heregards me with contempt. Will he ever regard me with the love and care he hasdone before - will he ever love me again and see a future with me or Is myindiscretion the end of our beautiful union? Im a Gemini woman and I have a crush on a Aquarius boy. I just don'tknow what to. Its hard for me to show him that I like him and be the first oneto tell him that and he's the same. I know we are attracted to each other butnow I wanna be his girl and I don't know how to make this happen.

Please help I am a Gemini girl and I like an Aquarius guy I would love to tellhim I think of him day and night and those thoughts help me love him evenmore To the Gemini woman asking If the aqua man will forgive and forgetyour threesome and will you thrive together NO, It will not happen. It mayhave been said that It was "open", but that mans nothing to the Aqua.

You werebeing tested, likely, to see what would happen during "open season". He may forgive you, but you will be nothing but an acquaintance now. AQUA GIRL Im currently seeing Aquarius he confuses me when we were on our datethis waiter came to take our order and he asked him If that I was hisgirlfriend and then couple days later I don't hear from him till 3 dayslater Im a Gemini and Im very driven don't have time for screw ups When wemet everything was great, he called me all the time, visit me at work for hours,suggested we have a baby and get married, so I got pregnant right away and hada lot of emotional Issues during the pregnancy, and lost my job a nd car andinstead of being Independent like I was became really needy.

During thepregnancy he pulled away a little and I was going to leave him. He cried andbegged me not to leave. So we stayed together and moved Into our own place andeverything was going great.

Around that time we moved Into his moms house to save forour own bigger place. Everything pretty much went down hill from there. Hestarted using coke and being a jerk and hanging out with his friends.

Hedecided to break up with me but said for me to stay at his house for the amonth till I was able to move. So I left a week later and have not really gotten any type of emotion from him since. Emotions are hard for himwhen things are good so when they are bad It worse.

I have nothing to go on. Iam wondering If he will come around and come back to me or If I should justmove on all together??? Married Gemini woman and Aquarian singleton ten years my junior. Heis Intelligent and Inspiring, encouraging and a beautiful person. When we arearound our mutual friends he says things that mean something to me, but othersdon't know about us. How can I trust this man? He has been In a relationshipwith another older woman who now has a three week old baby by him.

He sayshe's on the way out of the relationship with her, but I know there must belingering feelings. He's already told me he has several female relationshipsbut that he doesn't sleep around. I can't know If he's being honest with theway he says he fell In love with me at first sight or not!

I hate It when we fight but It Issometimes just how things work. To the Gemini woman asking If the aqua man will forgive and forgetyour threesome and will you thrive together Put yourself In his shoes and It will all make sense. But atthe same time he will always have a soft corner for you even after yourthreesome relation which he might have never let you know.

The reason Is thathe feels that you might take It as his weakness. So If he Is a real Aquarian,you just need to prove your worth. You need to show how sincerely you love him. An Aquarian will forgive you forget the Incident. But be sure you don't makesuch mistake again.

He will leave you In fraction of a second. He Is controlling, jealous, andterritorial. And the twin In me loves to hate him.

He got the right onebecause I never back down from a good fight but the other part of me loves hisprotection, his Intelligence, his eyes, his smile, the way that he loves me andprovides for me.

And when he tells me he loves me, I hear It for the firsttime, again. I'm crazy about him. Im a Gemini woman dating an Aquarian man for over 6 years, he Is fiveyears elder than me and lately each time we have a fight he says that we areover and that he doesn't want to see me anymore, he swears at me and constantlyaccuses me of being childish and Incompetent decision maker.

I also feel thatno matter how much time I give him and how much I put myself to the side hedoesn't appreciate It, and that Its somehow Insignificant to him. He sees onewhole negative picture out of a situation which was wholly positive but with anegative occurrence. I love the guy deeply and we seem to fight In relation toinsignificant things, but I feel that I cant be with someone who does notadmire me for who I am.

I constantly feel at fault because I am not an olderand dominant woman as Im sure he would long to have. I feelconfused it's In the eyes! We became Lovers and friends and as Time goesBy.

I Feel So Close to him, I'll be thinking abouthim. Idon't know what any of this means. But all I do Know Is that forever he willhold the Key to my heart. Wehave everything In common when It comes to our minds. We know what each otheris going to say most of the time. At times we even say that we are perfect foreach other. If I could have It my way I would spend everyday withher. Problem Is she lives an hour away.

And our lives are on different paths. Either way she Is beautiful, smart, energetic, charismatic and funny I want this Gemini girl. I am a Gemini girl and I have been best friends with my Aquarius guyfor two years now. We talk every night on the phone and have the BESTconversations. We share a lot In common and always crack jokes. We seem tospark off one another a lot. Whenever we're around each other, we're a littlenervous, but very comfortable at the same time.

The reason we're not together Is because of distance. We would probably be avery compatible and happy couple If we could, but we're an hour away, young,and don't feel like risking the heartache. If I had It my way, he'd live withme. Our visits to see each other always end up being out of nowhere and we tendto do other things than planned when we do visit.

We've never kissed and to not have ever kissed and stay so true to someone fortwo years really feels like an accomplishment, especially being a flirty littleGemini girl. I love his mentality and he always makes me feel comfortable. Asfor the emotional level, we do have It. So If we were to be together, I feel Itwould be quite perfect. Especially from what we've been reading about our signsas a match.

My mom and my best friend, two of the most Important people to me, have told methat I should really marry him. They feel he loves me, them, and my prizedpossession, my dog, Jack. My Aquarius guy Is great, he always listens,interests me, keeps me coming back, and makes me smile continually. We've hadbreaks from each other but our connection Is too strong and we truly are amatch that Is far beyond this world.

He's truly my best friend and hopefully my future love of my life.

Aquarius and Gemini Compatibility

I know withhim there will be loyalty, happiness, trust, apparently good sex, good laughs,great conversations, and an awesome friend. Every thing I want In a guy. I'm a Gemini woman that's been with my Gemini man for 5 years.

It happened that we both ended up In thesame city and started dating and finally got married. I dated MANY differenttype of guys before him and It never worked out because they always wanted tomove to fast. With my Aquarian husband he was always my best friend so weclicked right away. One thing I did notice about him was that he was one personas a friend and another as a husband.

As friends he always told me that hedidn't care If a girl had a lot of sexual partners or had experimented. As soonas we got married he wanted to know exactly what I did and with who?

Aquarius and Gemini compatibility - Part 2

Of courseme being a Gemini I know how to keep some secrets that you should never tellyou husband. All In all he's been there for me and I have for him, he makes melaugh, he Is sooo loving and sexually keeps me guessing and excited! If, I were to put all of me In our relationship, we would still betogether. I am a little bit more than friends with an Aries I'm a Gemini.

Hejust split up and told me he doesn't want to be tied to anyone and his heart Isstone cold and emotionally closed at the moment. Yet, he's around me everysingle moment that he can. I'm being a little distantand just friendly and keeping romance out of the picture for now, but I FEELour connection would grow Into something huge.

Just don't know when! He Is sosensitive, sweet loving n faithful. The only thing I need to do Is give him hisspace n love him for all that he Iseven some of his wacko Ideas.

Just lovebeing near him!. Once In a while he needs some radical change to keep ourrelationship going We have been together for 2 years now n I hope to God we will be together forever! I love him sooo much. Take care of ur aquaman dats all he needs n hewill love u forever!

I am an Aquarius woman and I have a friend who Is a Gemini man. Thefirst time we met, I really felt there was something about this guy thatconnects me.

Gemini Woman Aquarius Man – A Match Made In Heaven

But he Is already married so we just treat each other as friendsuntil now but we know In each other that we are really attracted to each other. Once he had ask me out we really cant help each other to hold hands and hugeach other.

I am right now confused because even though there's a lot of times Itried to erase him In my mind, he still there like a magnet to me. Thishas been going on for 3 years! I am scared to tell him because he rejected me2 years ago - but It seems like everything has changed.

Should I let him cometo me? He Is my everything. I must marry this man. The connection Is Incredible, weunderstand each other so well that we don't even need to talk. I love him andtrust him more than any other person on this planet Ithink something Is wrong with our planets for compatibility.

Gemini woman here, I have met this aqua man 4 years ago. It's very difficult to deal with an Aquarius man he is possessive, controlling and moody. We have a son together, but during my pregnancy everything falls apart. Gosh I guess aqua man is the best for me huh. I'm a Gemini woman and I've been seeing my Aquarius guy for 2yrs. We've met in High School, but didn't start seeing each other until my junior year he graduated 2 yrs before me.

We started out great. He would call or text me every time he got a break from work. When we spend time with one another, I value every moment of it. I feel warm and somehow I gotten attached to him. However, He had bit of baggage on the count that he has two children by two different women, which makes me a bit iffy about trusting him.

About a year into the relationship, he admit all of the things he's done in his past and everything that has happened in his life. Though we've had our fights, I still love him. Even though he'll blow things out of proportion, gotten out of line and even acted very cold towards me whenever I was wrong for something. There were times that he's gotten possessive and bit controlling, but I manage to tell him how I felt on about it.

Til this day, We're still together and hopefully we'll last. I am a Gemini woman, who has met a taken aqua man. I feel an unusual feeling with him, like a deep bond or comfort that ive never felt with another man. I cannot stay away from him due to our connection or my emotions.

Well I am a 27 year old Gemini woman who's in a relationship with a 19 year old Aquarius!! I am totally in love with him, though sometimes I have to catch myself when showing too much emotions.

He is a bit detached when it comes to showing his feelings but I learned his ways and know when to give him space and how to love him! I learned they show their love in different ways and my boyfriend talks to me as if I am just one of his friends, at first I didn't like it but as I began to understand him I know that's a sign of him being comfortable and getting close with me. We are like best friends and talk about everything which means a lot to me.

He is my second Aquarius but treats me better than the first one I was with and their ways are very different in a lot of ways! He is stubborn and seem cold-hearted sometimes but I know the real him and the funniest thing is he actually knows me well enough to predict some of my actions when I get upset as well!!.

We were good together had loads of fun and I was very open about my feelings but he only expressed his occasionally. A couple of months back I started hearing he has been seeing the particular girl and he got so defensive insisting they were just friends and we went on a break for less than a week. We got back together again and I snooped on an old phone and realized he was flirting with this same girl.

When I told him what I saw he totally flipped saying I should have trusted him calling me all sort of names and said he still loves me but thinks we should take a break.

I love him and want him back! Its all my fault I should not have snooped. I'm a Gemini woman. I've been off and on for five years with an Aquarius man. It's very true that these signs spark up great conversation, and there aren't many dull moments. Gemini's love to express their emotions and will always say how they feel.

They're able to translate their feelings into words very easily. Whereas Aquarians have a very hard time wording what's on their mind. As a Gemini this frustrates me, because we're so extravagant with how we express our feelings, I feel annoyed and let down when an Aquarius man only mouths out one boring lifeless sentence of how they're feeling.

Aquarians carry a huge ego as well, and it usually takes them a while to admit their faults. They're also very prone to putting their friends before their girl, and will do whatever their friends want.

They usually don't stick up for themselves which is a turn off because Gemini's are all about saying what's on their minds.

Honestly y I don't think Aquarians can live up to the expectations of a Gemini. We need someone just as extravagant as us!