Erza and jellal relationship quiz

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erza and jellal relationship quiz

Looking for top fairy tail quizzes? Play fairy tail quizzes on ProProfs, the most popular quiz resource. Do You Have Relation With Jellal From Fairy Tail?. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Erza S., Jellal After all, that was what happened the same year as the kiss before too. Is there even a possible relation between them? During the battle between Azuma and Erza, Jellal made an appearance as well. Ultimate Fairy Tail Quiz.

Because of Jellal, Erza was able to find strength in herself to protect her friends and become even stronger. Time and time again, even though Erza acts as if she is tough, she finds salvation in Jellal when she needs it most.

erza and jellal relationship quiz

How many of us can say we have found the person who instills in us the power that we often forgot we have? Do you still need to be convinced that Jellal and Erza need each other? He is the type of person who has gone to Hell and back with very little reward except for guilt for his journey.

When it seems like Jellal will be forgiven, his past forgotten, he is arrested after having helped Fairy Tail fight against the Oracion Seis for the crimes of his past. He is willing to give himself up, but it is Erza who bears the brunt of his pain through her tears. The girl who seems to have no emotions except for seriousness actually breaks down into tears for Jellal.

Jellal has someone who will cry for him. Does that not say a lot about the relationship between Jellal and Erza as a whole? How many of us have found someone who will cry for us, regardless of whether we deserve the tears? What Jellal has in Erza is something clearly special.

Jellal exists in her secrets. He exists in her future.

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He will always be there. Even when Jellal had been controlled by Zeref, Jellal gave Erza a purpose: This may seem like a terrible purpose, but the guilt that Erza developed from being freed kept her alive, if only for the purpose of being forced to see what her freedom ended up costing her. While others would have turned to suicide, Erza sought out more power, which allowed for her to find a family in Fairy Tail which eventually led her to find a way to save her friends at the Tower of Heaven.

This is just one of the many ways that Jellal contributes to what defines ultimately defines Erza. However, the true scene in which Jellal gives Erza the most purpose is shown when Erza flashes back to the time she admitted to her friends that she does not have a surname.

When he heard this, Jellal gives her the last name Scarlet after noticing her beautiful hair. Although this scene is quite early on in season one of Fairy Tail, it really defines their relationship throughout the course of the series.

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When most of us question our own life choices and our purpose of life, Erza has unwittingly found someone who gives her what everyone needs the most. Jellal is now able to keep his composure and most of the time remains calm. That is, until you decide to hurt Erza! Overall, he's developed a lot throughout the series and it was really entertaining to see how he changed each time we saw him! Now, I'm sorry if you ship Jellal or Erza with someone else, but I have to state the obvious - they love each other.

It's obvious as shown many times in the series and even though they're not together, the fact they love and treasure each other is completely obvious!

An example of this is when they almost kiss; if you don't love someone you wouldn't even think of kissing them, right? Even though Jellal committed horrible sins in the past, Erza forgave him and even encouraged him to keep on living! Jellal learned a valuable life lesson from Erza, which is to keep on living for the ones you love and that it's being alive that makes you strong.

erza and jellal relationship quiz

Also, as we all already know, Erza is not the kind of girl who easily displays emotion and she doesn't usually get nervous or embarrassed in any situation. However, there's an exception to this; when being more intimate with Jellal, she becomes flustered and doesn't know what to do as if she's a normal girl who's madly in love!

The exact same thing goes to Jellal, because even though he is really mature and knows how to keep his composure, he just looses it when it comes to Erza! As seen in the little incident they had in Ryuzetsu Land, Jellal can become quite embarrassed when in contact with Erza's beauty and absolutely looses control!

Something else I definitely want to touch upon is their past; these two just went through so much together! They were slaves in the Tower of Heaven and together, were able to plan an escape attempt in order to finally find the freedom they so dearly desired.

Unfortunately, their plan didn't go as planned and Jellal was possessed by Ultear leading him to commit the awful sins that he still regrets to this day. In my opinion, when two people go through something together, their relationship gets stronger and they learn to trust each other which is exactly what happened to them!

In a relationship, it's important for the two people to be close enough to trust and comfort each other, and Jellal and Erza really do! A really cute moment where this is shown, is when Jellal tries to comfort Erza after she was tortured by Kyoka and feels miserable because of it.

It was absolutely adorable to see how he was trying to comfort Erza even though he's clearly not good at acting cool and doesn't know how to comfort girls! Something else that I find super cute about their relationship is how Jellal is super protective of Erza!

What do I mean, you may ask? In the manga, Jellal shows his dark side after Neinhart uses his magic to torture Erza and he completely annihilates him! Even though he promised himself he wouldn't commit more sins, he made an exception for Erza, something which shows how much he cares about her! When they were younger, they shared the fact that they were both slaves in the Tower of Heaven. This allowed their relationship to develop a lot; even though back then they weren't in a proper relationship, it was obvious they loved each other!

Something else that I must talk about is how Jellal gave Erza her last name "Scarlet"! This moment is one of the most famous when it comes to Jerza, and it is how their relationship started! It's adorable to see how Erza simply accepted the fact Jellal named her and loved the name he gave her! Jellal constantly stops himself from being with Erza because he's trying to punish himself for all of the sins he has committed in the past.

However, I just don't understand why Jellal still flirts with Erza even though he's trying to punish himself. If he doesn't mind flirting, why doesn't he just admit that he loves her already?!

They went from a very innocent ship which consisted of two little kids to a beautiful and captivating couple who makes the person watching anxious to know what's going to happen next! They're my favourite couple in Fairy Tail and I find them absolutely adorable! I love all of their qualities and flaws and I think they suit each other a lot! As some of you already know, Erza is one of my favourite characters and Jellal is my anime crush so why not ship two of my favourite characters together especially when they're obviously in love with each other?

There's just so many reasons to why I ship them! However, I'm not going to talk about all of them because my partner for this blog is about to kill me because I'm taking too long to finish writing this blog! I mean, who knows? Jellal had absolutely no idea why girls seem to read this like it was the bible. It was long and draggy, written by Jason no less. He thought about this question for a while, before circling 'a' at last. True, he would love to see Erza Scarlet naked, being single helps too, and holding hands with her will work out just fine.

So the only decision was 'a'. It's true though, he would love to see her smile more often. Erza started to get more serious with the jobs, the battles, and well, always too focused. She didn't laugh as much as other people, nor does she frequently joke around anymore. And usually, she would be visibly upset by Team Natsu, mainly Gray and Natsu. He didn't like seeing her hurt or sad, and Jellal wanted to see the softer side of Erza more often, to see her smile.

She didn't use her smile often enough, although she had a really pretty one. Jellal know he was the cause of this. He shook it off as he quickly calculated his scores with the score sheet at the back. He got points. Congratulation to you, lucky dog! You are in love, love, love! Tricky situation there is if your paretner doesn't love you back, though. You are absolutely head over heels in love with that lucky one so if you don't grab that person now, don't blame us for that painful headache you will suffer.

Seriously, don't, we don't want to get sued. Jellal stared back at the article. What did it know anyway?

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It was probably just full of rubbish, telling him that he's in love. He sighed and continue staring at the dreaded article.

There's probably some mistake What are you doing here? A voice that he recognised clearly. There, standing at the doorway of the empty room he was in, was Erza Scarlet. The one and only gorgeous Erza Scarlet, looking confused. IF she find out She walks toward him, looking confused. Aren't you suppose to be fighting some dark guild right now and- what is this? Name of Suspected Love?

erza and jellal relationship quiz

Erza Scarl-" her voice faltered, as she saw her name on the quiz, her eyes bulged. IT was too late, Erza had started to read the quiz.

When she finished, they were both silent. Jellal was turning red, avoiding her glance as she looked up at him.

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Jellal hesitated before shaking his head. Might as well tell the truth. The matter just blew up in his face like -snap- that. By the next morning, everyone will know for sure that Jellal Fernandez is completely heads over heels for Erza Scarlet and how he was all over her. This spelt the end of his life.

erza and jellal relationship quiz

To his surprise, Erza grinned, before she burst out laughing. Her smile, just the one he always wanted to see. It was as pretty as he imagined, just like her.

erza and jellal relationship quiz