Dbsk yunho and changmin relationship

TVXQworld: The truth about Yunho and Changmin

dbsk yunho and changmin relationship

May 5, Changmin does take care of Yunho (even though i dont ship homin's moments and relationship from a japanese staff's point of view. Aug 2, I have a complicated relationship with Yunho as a fan – so let's try this to explain my opinion on Yunho and Changmin without mentioning the. Fourteen years later, through military services and painful breakups, TVXQ is back Check out our list of 8 times Yunho and Changmin made us LOL with their.

I obtained permission from my friend to write this. My friend, K-kun, from sometime ago, has had chance of numerous encounters with Yunho and Changmin. Is their relationship exposed.

dbsk yunho and changmin relationship

K-kun told me these moments between the two. And then at this time, Changmin would very naturally out of instinct take the drink, pour it in a cup, or open the cap and give it to Yunho, and then Yunho drinks it. Sometimes water drips from the cup; Changmin would clean it immediately.

Sometimes Yunho would be coughing; Changmin would pat his back and give him some water. Sometimes after sitting so long and suddenly getting up Yunho would feel a bit dizzy; Changmin would hold out his hand and help Yunho immediately. Sometimes Yunho would shut his eyes and rest, and Changmin gets out of the room for something.

Yunho open his eyes and sees that Changmin is not there, and seems a little lost and uneasy, looking around to find him. When Changmin comes back, he would relax and have a relieved expression. Like when a lost child has found his mother, that kind of expression.

dbsk yunho and changmin relationship

And Changmin after coming back would give him a gentle smile as while. Sometimes Changmin would rest with his eyes closed, or sit around doing other things, for example playing games, and if Yunho by his side needed anything, Changmin would immediately respond.

Here is Yunho whispering things most likely weird into Changmin's unsuspecting ear and Changmin, like the professional he is, playing it off for the camera's sake.

dbsk yunho and changmin relationship

Though inside, I am sure he is cringing to the highest degree and desperately wishing he were somewhere else at that moment. Like in another group. Like in another group like Super Junior. Like in another group like Super Junior with another hyung.

Yunho reveals Changmin suddenly does a lot of aegyo for him

Like in another group like Super Junior with another hyung like. It's all coming together, everyone. Years of one-sided flirting.

Of Yunho using his leader card to wrap his arms around Changmin and make our poor maknae flustered and confused. Of Homin shippers passionately believing that their ship is the most really-realest thing since sliced bread.

It's all over now! Since Changmin has enlisted, he's not taking Yunho's pervy shit anymore. He will no longer be oppressed. He will no longer be the uke in thousands of Homin fanfiction.

Yunho reveals Changmin suddenly does a lot of aegyo for him | allkpop

He will be a new Shim Changmin. With a new family. With two new hyungs. Changmin has been adopted by Siwon and Donghae. Thank you for saving me from the big and bad Jung monster.

Yunho cannot harm you here. Come, let us hold hands and raise them in victory.

°⚓ The HoMin Love & War Couple ⚓°

Just look at how happy and pleased Changmin is with his now liberated life. His smile just looks so free and un-Yunho'd. Here is Changmin looking at his watch, instinctively wondering if it's "U-Know Time" yet, but then quickly realizing he doesn't have to worry about that anymore.

Yunho is no longer around to bug you about "U-Know Time," Changmin-baby. Standing tall after leaving his past behind him and overcoming his fear of 'liners. Changmin applauding Donghae as the elder gives a passionate speech about boundaries and mutual consideration of one's feelings. Changmin refusing to "keep his head down" like Yunho has serenaded him to do since Our maknae's own way of silently saying "fuck da police" to the Homin fans of the world. Ah, he makes me so proud. No wonder Yunho creeped on him," Siwon thinks, but immediately catches himself and clenches his fists.

I am his hyung. I must not blur our relationship's lines as Yunho attempted to do. You are a lovely and handsome person both inside and out. Yunho should take notes from your selfless actions. A true family if I do say so myself. Look at Donghae keeping Changmin in line. With no stifling discomfort stopping him, derp! Changmin can now freely reign.