Bankier and adcock relationship

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bankier and adcock relationship

Imogen Bankier and Chris Adcock represented TeamGB in the mixed doubles in joy for Chris and despair for Gabby affect their relationship?. The truth of how Glasgow-born Bankier and Adcock came together is more . “I guess that if the badminton's going well the relationship won't. The BOA confirmed that Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier will try to make The Guardian sustainable by deepening our relationship with our.

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It has certainly worked for Chris and Gabby Adcock. They head into as one of the favourites to win the Olympic gold medal in the mixed doubles in Rio. The bad news for their rivals from China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Denmark is that the pair are getting better with every competition. And they put their upward development down to one simple ingredient: We know we are going to work our socks off for each other. It is some daily scrutiny. One of their routines at the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes involves Chris standing on a bench about twelve inches behind the net on one side of the court.

Gabby stands on the other side as Chris smashes a series of shuttlecocks at her as hard as he can.

Chris Adcock

Given that he has been timed hitting the amalgam of rubber at feathers at over mph it is some assault he unleashes. As Gabby bounces around fending off the flying weaponry it is not hard to imagine many a marriage crumbling under such conditions.

bankier and adcock relationship

The last thing most couples would want to do is compete together. The British pair won gold at the Commonwealth Games Chris and Gabby Adcock are one of those couples that finish each other's sentences. Some might find it annoying, others cute. But when your significant other is also key to winning Olympic gold, being so perfectly in tune can be essential.

Having been together for 10 years, the Adcocks are finally realising their potential, becoming the first Britons to win a World Superseries title, badminton's equivalent of tennis' ATP Tour finals.

The victory in Dubai came in some style too, cruising to straight-set victories in the semi-finals and final, having topped their group and beaten the world number two pair in the process. Media playback is not supported on this device Great Britain duo win badminton World Superseries title They also won Commonwealth gold in Glasgow last year and are now targeting a first British Olympic badminton medal since Gail Emms and Nathan Robertson at Athens If we play our best, we can beat anybody.

bankier and adcock relationship

BBC Sport has been finding out what makes the Adcocks tick. Rio The pair have won nine English titles between them Although not strictly on the plane to the Olympics yet, the world number seven pair's form and ranking points all but assure them a place in the mixed doubles in Brazil.

Imogen Bankier & Chris Adcock in pole for London - BBC Sport

They believe being free from the insecurity of qualification, coupled with the win in Dubai keeping them on an upwards trend, could propel them to success on the biggest stage.

I know if we play well we've got a chance. It's a challenge but it's something I know we can do.

bankier and adcock relationship

The rationale was placing each with a more experienced partner to boost their chance, a move they both agree was tough, but ultimately right at the time. As Gabby was unsuccessfully paired with Rob Blair, Chris joined up with Imogen Bankier, leading to reports that he had 'dumped' his girlfriend but Gabby says rumours her and Bankier did not get on were "rubbish".

I couldn't believe it.