Will shion and nezumi meet again

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will shion and nezumi meet again

But, yes, Nezumi and Shion would meet again. Nezumi left to go find his tribe's [ former] land to get some questions answered. He would then. Well, I absolutely think they'll meet again, because they need, attract, love and because they're meant for each other. Normally, I don't like. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Nezumi/Rat, Shion - Words: and dust would encounter its roadblocks from time to time) but Shion was.

Four years later, at age 16, Shion is accused of being involved in a murder that he had no partake in! The correctional police were taking him into the correctional facility when out of no where, Nezumi comes to Shion's rescue!

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Saving Shion from the correctional police, they both flee into the West District the outskirts of No. Nezumi allows Shion to stay with him since he feels obligated to owe Shion back for what he did four years ago. During the time Shion stays with Nezumi, he encounters his accident with the parasitic bee, and with Nezumi being present, he is able to save Shion's life, but Shion's appearance does change, though that doesn't change Shion's personality.

Throughout the anime, both characters develop knowledge of one another and soon become inseparable.

will shion and nezumi meet again

Even with Nezumi's personality, he too finds himself changing because of Shion's presence. Shion also finds it unbearable to be away from Nezumi. They both become very fond with each other and become closer than ever.

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Things start to change however once both of them are in the facility. Shion starts changing and even looks as if he has been possessed by something. Noticing this, Nezumi blames himself for letting Shion lose himself in the darkness. Eventually, both Nezumi and Shion find Safu, but unfortunately it's too late for Safu to escape with them.

will shion and nezumi meet again

Upset, Shion and Nezumi are forced to leave Safu behind and keep moving forward before the facility blows up, but Shion can't handle it anymore. He starts blaming Nezumi for being the cause of Safu dying and that he only came to burn down the correctional facility since he hated it so much, and used both Safu and Shion as a decoy and reason to do so.

will shion and nezumi meet again

Realizing the truth, Nezumi admits to it, leaving Shion in even more shock and distracted when a police officer comes by and shoots Shion. However before the bullet could reach Shion, Nezumi runs in front of him and takes the bullet. After seeing the shock of Nezumi being shot, Shion performs his medical needs on Nezumi once again like four years ago and manages to buy Nezumi some time alive and for them to escape.

Naturally, Shion is against it, but after successfully accomplishing what they both needed to do, it was only right that Shion had to return to his mother and Nezumi had to continue on with his free-spirited life. Though keeping some hope between each other, Nezumi gives Shion a "Promise Kiss" promising that they will meet again Stated in the manga and leaves Shion.

will shion and nezumi meet again

He'd been able to rebuild and help others with their own projects, which had included the building of houses in the past year. Still, when he would pass another house in progress, its skeleton humble yet standing proud, he couldn't help but wish a certain person was with him, the man who had saved his life countless times and the man who Shion had been worrying over since he left.

While Nezumi had hated No. With a small smile, Shion turned away from his window, shaking his head.

will shion and nezumi meet again

Like always, thinking of Nezumi had only served to make him miss him even more. It's already been five years, do you really think he'll come back now because you're thinking of him? Think realistically, just think-' His inward scolding of himself was interrupted by four sharp taps on his window.

Shion turned around, his eyes growing wide at the sight he saw.

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He was taller, but not by much. His hair was exactly the same, still confined in the usual up-do. Really, with the exception of his height and the build of his body now slightly more muscular, he looked exactly the same. Once he got over the initial shock, Shion smiled.

He hurried to the window, lifting it up and repeating his greeting. Nezumi smiled, his eyes soft as he looked at the man who he had left a boy all those years ago.

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You know, Shion, from the outside, your house isn't too shabby Um, let me go to the front door and-" "No need. Back up a little, Shion. Nezumi looked around Shion's room, nodding approvingly at what he saw. I always did think a smaller house suited you better. Once again, you show up at my window.