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spongebob and friends meet dumbo

Jim Crow and his brothers are a flock of 5 crows from Disney's film Dumbo. Once Timothy and Dumbo first meet them they are rude, but when they hear. Spyro and Friends Meet Dumbo. Spyro and His friends meet Tantor's newborn nephew, Dumbo, who gets separated from his mother. After getting back down to the ground, they meet crows who are amused by an elephant being in a tree. Timothy comes to believe that Dumbo flew, amusing the .

Role in the film In the filmhe isn't really much of an antagonist, just a guy trying to run the circus the way he can. But when some mean kids start to make fun of Dumbo's big ears, Mrs. JumboDumbo's mother, starts attacking them to protect her baby. However, the ringmaster, not knowing that she was incited, tries to stop her, only to be splashed into Dumbo's barrel where he takes a bath in. Furious, the ringmaster has the "mad elephant" locked up in a cage.

Then he talks to his assistant Joe about a pachyderm pyramid, but has no clue what his climax will be. Timothy the Mouse, who along with Dumbo heard this, convinces the ringmaster in his sleep to make Dumbo the climax so that Mrs.

Jumbo can be let out. The next morning, the ringmaster puts the act to use, but Dumbo trips over his ears and causes the pyramid to fall, getting the ringmaster exasperated.

Seeing no other use for him, he teams Dumbo up with the clowns, to give him a role without causing anything disasterous. During a show in which Dumbo jumps off a higher building, he sees Dumbo soar over the crowd.

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It's a robot Brachiosaurus. It's from a long line of robotic dinosaurs I've named Cybersaurs. This one is the 4th model, a Brachios.

And I thought dragons were the biggest creatures in Equestria. The Brachios looks at them, and gives them a low-pitched roar Goanna Jones: My friends, Welcome to Cyberjurassic Park! I wish Celestia was here to see this. It's a robotic Brachiosaurus. It's species were harmless herbivores that fed on only the grazing in trees. Besides, it's what they were programmed to do. To be harmless unless you're a threat.

You can even touch him if you want. He ain't gonna hurt you. Flies up to the Brachios, and hesitates to touch it I can't do it! Puts her hoof onto the metal of the Brachios That's what it's programmed for, yes. The Brachios looks down at her, and Fluttershy begins to get scared Icky: If i had a bit for everytime my first encounter was met with a sneese. We also had to make the Brachios' tails and neck out of metallic plastic so they wouldn't cause any accidents.

But I must admit, this thing is absolutely precious. Yes, all the Cybersaurs in the park have been programmed to be friendly to guests. But if they are threatened, they immediately attack. That protocol is useful in case someone tries to destroy them. But we've had to make sure the protocol was activated by a huge amount of damage, and not from being hit by a rock. If they get hit by a rock, the Cybersaur will just scare you away so you won't tease it again.

And you created the blueprints for every Cybersaur type by yourself? I hope it's quick. Pinkie is getting pretty excited. Giggles hysterically Goanna Jones: Keep your hooves on, mates, you'll get to play in the park in due time.

But first, you need to know how I came up with the idea for the Cybersaurs, how they function, what they're powered by, and what they're programmed for. Yeah, that's one thing we definitely need to know as heroes. The first step on having fun is to look at the situation.

Villains are crawling all over the UUniverses, and if there's anything I've learned after being evil, it's that whatever brings fun and happiness can also bring evil and destruction.

And don't any of you forget it! The group enters an auditorium with enough seats for the entire group Goanna Jones: Everybody sit, and take a moment to see our little film. Soon, it will all become clear. Oh, boy, a movie! Does it come with popcorn? Everyone takes a seat, the lights go dark, and the film plays In the film, Goanna Jones in a suit appears. Oh, hello, I am Dr. Okay, maybe a little, but I'm not cloning real dinosaurs. Removes a curtain to show a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex Rico: This device is the first of a long line of robotic dinosaurs that will be represented in the park.

spongebob and friends meet dumbo

But this bucket of bolts is not like the actual dinosaur. It doesn't eat and kill other helpless victims like a T-Rex. It's programmed to be harmless to those who are not a threat. Now, here to explain all about my inventions is Mr. An animated pterosaur appears on the scene Mr. To audience Kind of cute, ain't he? Dino, everybody here wants to know all about the Cybersaurs. Would you mind giving me a hand? Clears throat The Cybersaurs are the latest in animatronic technology.

They technically used to be old worn out dinosaur animatronics from Universal Studios, many of which included the T-Rex used in the actual film. As serious as a T-Rex attack! The studio didn't want them anyway because of the popular technology of computer animation for film working. Jones decided to buy them, and well, here we are!

Jones said, they're harmless. And I'll tell you why. Slides the frame to a supercomputer like a cartoon Voila! This is the DinoComp. They are useful whenever a Cybersaur is needed for assistance or needs assistance itself. Some other protocols are automatic. For example, when a Cybdersaur needs to be refueled, it automatically enters it's fueling station to get refueled. They need a jumpstart to keep electricity flowing through their bodies like endoplasmic reticulum.

Anyway, in the fueling station, they also get a hookup so that they can be recharged. Without this automatic protocol, they would eventually run out of fuel, and power down. But there are also some occasions where the Cybersaurs might be attacked by villains, robot droids, solar-powered electric rays, and a few other bad things that I just now made up.

It has a protocol that automatically allows it to defend itself from a threat by attacking it head on. But if a Cybersaur should be bullied by some idiot toddler who throws a rock at it, the Cybersaur will just scare you off and not attack you.

spongebob and friends meet dumbo

But there is also another fascinating feature. Invasions will not be a problem for us because the Cybersaurs will do whatever it takes to defend their home. However, this feature is not automatic, and must be activated by a DinoComp. Remind me to have one of those when we get back to the zoo. But what if Alice notices it? Icky was eating popcorn. But that's not all. The Cybersaurs can also do a few tricks. While flying Cybersaurs like the CS7, or the Pteronodrone, can perforn great flying maneuvers, others have interesting features that can sometimes be used as weapons during their two defense protocols.

But the most interesting feature that all of the Cybersaur models can do is what we've called 'The Tumbleweed Move'. You other-worldly dinosaurs don't try this at home. But smaller Cybersaurs are free to use the Tumbleweed Move in forests. Especially for the Spinotron and the Dimetron with their sails, which can break when hitting the ground.

That is why these two Cybersaurs are programmed to land on their limbs like cats when they need to reach the ground. Despite the risks, the Tumbleweed Move is one of the best advancements of animatronic technology ever known. But the rarest protocol of all is also the most important.

Whenever a Cybersaur takes too much damage, it will automatically shut down, and wait until it is repaired. After that, it will go back to it's original programming. But, wait, there's more! The Cybersaur are not only good for being like the real thing and protecting the park from invading other-worlders that want to use them for evil. They are also good for other things such as classical entertainment. Each of these Cybersaur types are capable of doing various forms of it.

Like CS4, or Brachios. Brachios can be friendly enough to give you a ride if you're brave enough to get close to it. Also, there's CS6, ot Rapticon. There's also CS8, or Struthios. Struthios is the fastest Cybersaur in the park, running as fast as an ostrich, it can be used for riding on, or it can be used in horse-themed races. And finally, there's CS10, or Parasaurolotron.

Being modeled after the incredibly complex Parasaurolophus, the head's nasal cavity loops around it's large head crest, allowing Parasaurolotron to bellow a low-frequency call that helps sooth anger and even put babies to sleep. So come on down and meet all 15 Cybersaurs here in Cyberjurassic Park. Where Jurassic Park is taken it's toll to the future.

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Film ends Suddenly, the theater seats become a monorail-like cart in a series of arranging in groups of 30 passengers Lord Shen: Yeah, this is the park's monorail. Nothing to be alarmed about. Just imagine you're on the monorail of Walt Disney World in Orlando.

I have NO idea where or what that is. I've been there when I was still living in Florida. There's a Walt Disney World Park in your world?

Heck, they even have a Disneyland there, which is on the other side of the United States after all. And you've been to Disneyland? Of course I have. You should know that, too, because it's a great tradition for Disney characters to visit the Disney Parks of their worlds once in a while.

Every Disney character in the Lodge knows that. Okay, everybody, settle down. It's time you saw the Cybersaurs and what they do here in Cyberjurassic Park. Pulls lever, and the monorail goes into motion Pinkie: This is a monorail, Pinkie.

It's a totally different thing. Yeah, but it's still fun. Monorail carts continue moving Icky: It takes you all around the park where you all get to meet all 15 Cybersaurs. But not in order, I should say. We had to make sure the Cybersaurs were scattered far enough for them to refrain from interacting.

The Cybersaurs are friendly to each other, but sometimes, staying with each other for too long will cause them to fight. We're still figuring out a way to fix this, but until then, they have to be far away from each other. You mean the dinosaur with the false neck frills and the spitting venom from the movie?

Everyone does that Holoscreen: Just like the Jurassic Park version, it has retractable neck-frills, and instead of a paralyzing venom, it sprays a highly currosive acid which it only uses for defense of invaders. It is mischevious, odd, and frisky, and only shows it's frills for show, or for scaring off anyone who bullies it. But in reality, Dilophosaurus never had any neck frills or spitting venom. It only had 2 crests on it's head, and the neck frills and spitting venom was only acknowledged as creative license by Michael Crichton, the author of the Original Jurassic Park book.

Oh great, a radio that speaks Nerdese. A Cybersaur with neck-frills? I don't like the sound of that. Oh, please, Private, you heard the screen, Dilophosaurs never had neck frills or even spit venom. Quit scaring the visitors. Dilophos puts neck frills down, and climbs back down onto the ground Po: I wish I could do that. Trust me, Banzai, you don't want that. It makes you look ugly. My nefpew is a big fan of the first movie I don't blame him.

The sequals took a very differnet direction then the original did, and i actselly stared in at least one of them" Goanna: Yes, I share your feelings, mate. Now, onto the next Cybersaur. The monorail continued moving Pinkie: Hey, I can see the Brachios from up here. Alright, here's the next pen. The pen is full of robotic velociraptors Icky: Oh, hell, those are WAY worse than Sharptooth.

But in reality, Velociraptors stood only 1. When threatened, they attack in a pack, using their claws to shred the enemy to pieces. But when they are bullied, all they do is scare you by hissing at you. The Rapticons have the personality of dogs? What the heck does that mean? Suddenly the Rapticons appear in a group, and pant like dogs Fluttershy: Oh, did I forget to mention they are curious? Rapticon stares at him Uh You're a cute little Rapticon, yes you are!

The Rapticon barks like a dog Melman: Okay, why do the Rapticons act like puppies? Well, that was actually Jasmine's idea. Pets a Rapticon Fluttershy: Gains the courage to pet a Rapticon, and it barks and licks Fluttershy and she laughs They're so cute. This actually reminds me of my dog, Wanona, back home.

Pets a Rapticon Goanna Jones: Okay, I think it's about time we continued the tour. The next one is the 5th favorite of the park. You'll find it kind of They continue riding the monorail, and reach a pen full of robotic Dimetrodons with their sails swirling with color Pinkie: Rainbow Dash feels ashame of her colors in compairison that machines based on extint creatures have shinier colors.

Well, that's because they don't appear in the movie, mate. The dinosaur they're based on isn't really a dinosaur. It's actually based on a synapsid, or mammal-like reptile, from the Permian Period, the period before the Triassic Period.

It's based on the extinct Dimetrodon. Holoscreens come on Holoscreen: This feature makes Dimetron the fifth most popular Cybersaur in the park.

spongebob and friends meet dumbo

This model is one of the two Cybersaurs capable of using the Tumbleweed Move as a weapon for defense from invasion and itself, using it's chromatic sail as a madsaw. But in case the Dimetron doesn't land on it's back during the Tumbleweed Move, which will crush and destroy the sail, the Dimetron is programmed to always land on it's front like a cat.

Dimetrodons' sails are unable to create swirls of color. Shrugs, and mumbles angrily Dodger: Ooooh, someone's jealous of coloration, I see. Yeah, the idea for the Dimetron's colorful sails are mine. I actually got the idea after thinking about Rainbow Dash.

Yeah, thinking of rainbows reminds me of chameleons and octopuses because they can change color, to be honest. I'm feeling a little embarassed right now. I mean, igmagine Scootaloo, but there's more of her, and they're giant lizards with sails.

Suddenlys gets into a proud, boastful mood Aw yeah! I didn't became a Wonderbolt yet because of the insanely long training courses and requirements, and already i have some followers! Uh, Rainbow Dash, I don't think you should yell at them.

Scoffs Like they can reach me. Besides, what can they do? Cybersaurs scare away bullies, remember? Sits back down Icky: Alright, let's continue the tour. The monorail continues moving, and it suddenly enters a huge domed cage where robotic Pterodactyls fly inside Icky: Yeah, they're actually the only Cybersaurs capable of flying.

Holoscreen comes on again Holoscreen: These are the 7th Cybersaur model, designed after the predatory Pteronodon. It's wings are in a combined design of a bat and a pterodactyl, making it fly as fast as a World War II Fighter Plane. When they are threatened, they will attack in a flock, and often take you up into the air, and let you drop to your death. But when they're bullied, they just screech at you. These are the only flying Cybersaurs?

They are masters of flying, and they can be useful for fighting jets, planes, or other aerial machines of death. However, they can be very rude sometimes. Flies past the monorail, scaring the Lodge Trixie: Hides under the chair Goanna: I swear, that bucket of bolts gets on my nerves. We intend to work out their attatude soon enough. At least that thing didn't mess up my regal hair-- Pteronodrone: Scares Rarity into jumping out of the chair, ultimately messing up her hair Rarity The monorail moves into another pen where robotic Parasaurolophus appear Icky: They sure are, mate.

Holoscreen comes back on Holoscreen: They have large crests that allow them to mimic the low-frequency call of the original animal.

When it is bullied, it will bellow at you at a middle-frequency sound loud enough to scare you away. Hmm, an anger soothing sound, huh? It's been known that Parasaurolophus have been capable of creating low-frequency calls of infrasound which can travel vast distances, and warn the herd of oncoming predators. Whoa-nellie, that's simply ingenius! Oh, well, thank you.

Suddenly, a Parasaurolotron bellows a call onto Fluttershy, who gets so relaxed Kind of reminds me of that Batula guy. Well, mates, I think we should get on with the tour. We've got a few other Cybersaurs to see. The monorail moves off Meanwhile A turkey shaped doctor is seen walking across the hallway.

Just wish Celisus was with me.

SpongeBob and Friends Meet Dinosaur

We're like familiers togather. Speaks inside Narcotic's head with magic Listen up, Narcotic. Or are you my conscience? I'm Jiminy Cricket, a small and wise cricket who knows everything and can breathe underwater for some odd reason.

Now, just stay focused. It's an island of robotic prehistoric creatures these people apply named "Dinosaurs" and the have potainsinal to cause complete chaos, but that soft-hearted lizard being and his cyberted lackies are wasting potainal war machines to be theme park toys! Oh, can i ride in the ferris wheel?! Anyway, I sense that that dragon who is so obsessed with me and her friends are in the park right now.

I'm gonna need you to sabotage the park, make the dinos go wild, and get them to kill the entire Shell Lodge. Like for example, I could Cackles like Yzma until she coughs Narcotic You know, you're evil laugh seems to be getting weaker.

Maybe you should consider singing a song. We don't have time for a song! We've got a job to do! YOU'VE got a job to do. Drinking sound is heard, and she sighs look, this not the right kind of episode to do that, alright?

The original jurrassic park was NOT a musical? I didn't invade Sandy's hometown by myself, did I? I have other OC villains who are capable of breaking me out of that stupid contraption no matter how locked down that stupid Prison was. I'm just sick that that son of a bitch Stephen and his son of a snitch fly friend had to ruin everything! I would feel more confortable if you just sang.

Alright, you're the boss. How do i get the robo-creatures on our side? Alright, here it is. Teasingly You can't do that! I'm one of your best mini-ons! Maybe I'll cut off your tail, and then sow it back on. I'll just get started. But what do I do when we get the worm in? Simple, you just hide in a well-hidden dinosaur-proof hiding spot.

Well, that shouldn't be too hard, right? Just don't get yourself killed! Judging by the fact that I don't have the power to ressurect you like the other Villains around here, I can't afford to lose you.

Don't make me do what I said I was gonna do to your tail earlier! Runs off Dinocomp room. Two toucans are working the controls, with an Emu boss with a cigar in his mouth over-seeing this.

Goanna saids only 4 more hours of work before lunchtime. If this goes well, this damn park is gonna make more money then a counterfitting operation, only this park's actselly legal friendly. You're gonna wanna see this. They watch the news Scorch: Good afternoon, I'm Scorch Scorchington.

This just in, meteorologists have given a storm warning off the coast of Florida. People within it's range are advised to stay indoors until further notice. Well, that can't seem good. Did we make sure the Cybersaurs were water-proof? Well, of course, sir. We made sure they were waterproof yesterday. Are there any catches? Well, if the Cybersaurs should fall underwater, then they will probably short circuit. All except CS13, which actually thrives underwater.

I guess we should tell Mr. I'm already on it, sir. Are you there, this is Toucan Pete, over? Calls on Walkie-talkie Yes, Pete? On radio We gotten word from the news that there's a tropical storm heading our way, so I think we should send your visitors home. Ends transmission Sorry, everyone, but there's a tropical storm coming our way, so we need to close down for a while. But I'm sure we have enough time to see the last Cybersaur.

The monorail arrives in a pen where the Cybersaur is hidden, and the Holoscreen appears Holoscreen: It is the main attraction of the park, and the most famous. When threatened, it will attack you with everything it's got. When it's bullied, it will roar at you. Well, I don't see a RoboRex anywhere. Goanna, Jasmine, we better go to Mr. All the cybersaurs, even the ones based on dangerious predators, are harmless. We're not going anyway till you guys come back.

The King of Cybersaurs Attacks Dinocomp room. Jones insisted they won't be here for long, they're gonna do protocall with us to ensure the park is properly set and prepared for the storm. Jones insisted it was a ONE time accsident with a misspress of a button. I don't trust these tin cans with my own life!

They're just bloody trouble waitin' to happen, mates! Seriously, Joesmith, this stuff has got to stop. Ever since you took that trip to Sharptooth's world, and lost part of your tail to him, you've been acting as crazy as a drunk hyena.


Oh, I know the world around us, mate! There are badboys out there thirsty for power! They'll find out about this place, and get into the heart of it! For everyone's sake, I hope you're right, mate.

I think the storm's coming. Everyone looks outside to see the gray clouds preparing to pour down rainfall Toucan 2: I hope the storm doesn't cut the power.

Power suddenly goes out Dubbed as Stewie And we're dead. With a flashlight after purposely cutting the power off Alright, Qui, I've cut the power off. But are you sure cutting the power off first is a good idea? Yes, of course it is! Won't the DinoComps be powered down, too? The DinoComps have emergency power in case of events like this.

But don't let the guards see you. Most of the guards are nocturnal creatures such as cats, koalas, bats, or owls, which means they can see in the dark. And if YOU can't see in the dark, then you're boned. Don't worry, I have a flashlight. Wait, don't you have night-vision goggles in your pocket? Oh, right, I do. Well, the hell with this piece of junk.

Throws the flashlight away, and it makes a loud crash???: Shrugs Damn you damned thing! Quickly puts on night-vision goggles, and finds a hiding place Some Bat security guards appeared!

I heard it, too, George. You don't have to point out the obvious!

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Let's just find out what that noise was! The bats search the room Darkness Qui: My plan is almost foiled! Takes out a grenade filled with sleep gas, activates it, and throws it George: What the heck is that, a marshmallow or something?