Spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

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spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

Sun 4 Nov pm - pm. Toy Story 3 S1 Ep3 Episode 3 (M) · pm .. Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Henry In pm. LEGO Friends .. 3: 00pm. How I Met Your Mother .. pm. Brother Bear .. SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob and Friends meet Brother Bear is the 23rd and final moisode in the 1st Kenai, Denahi and Sitka are 3 brothers who live in the Ice Age Universe. Moisodes (Movie/Episode) · Superior Renaissance Rebirth · The Dark Truth of the . Elsewhere, Rutt and Tuke arrive with Rutt having one of his antlers broken off. HULK (SPECIAL EDITION) UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOME VIDEO 1 Week At Number Animated SING-ALONG SONGS: BROTHER BEAR - ON MY WAY WALT HOME ENTERTAINMENT Spongebob Squarepants SCOOBY-DOO AND Animated DORA THE EXPLORER - MEET DIEGO!.

What in Neptune's name is going on?! We're making the commercial, Mr. What you're doing is throwing away me money! I told you to rent, only, what is absolutely necessary! This is all necessary! Then what's that useless junk?! That's the useless junk for scene, uh Oh well, then how do you explain that? Krabs, everyone needs an understudy! Well, you got me there. But why do we need him? This job gets very stressful, Mr. Krabs, "Amy" Pearl and "Jen" Squidward: Come spend your money here!

Next thing you know people'll start opening doors for me! SpongeBob thinks that the man is holding the door open for him] SpongeBob: I don't smell anything. Hey, I saw you on TV last night. Yeah, you were in a commercial! You're right, I was! Wow, he recognized me!

Well, I have to go to work. See you later, old man! Yep, see you later Bran Flakes! What a nice cereal box. I've never felt such a strange combination of pity, and indigestion. Can You Spare a Dime? Well, I've never seen it! Are you prepared to say that with your hand on a stack of interpretive dance quartilys!?

spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

Of course I'm— What are you saying? I ain't sayin' nothin', that would manner to anyone who would be able to take a lie detector test!

Heavens to Betsy, no. It's just that me lucky dime's gone missin' and you've been working the register all day. Are you accusing me of something? Well, the way I see it, there are 3 possibilities - 1, you stole it I didn't take your precious dime! Show me your tentacles. I wanna see empty suction cups. Krabs eyes with his tentacles in anger] Here, here, here!

You, you can't do that to me! I'm out of here! Remember, if you need anything, I'm here for you because you and me?

We're like brothers, only closer.

spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

Gary, Squidward is not a free-loader and he'd never take advantage of me! He sure is having a hard time getting his confidence back I'm sure he's close to a breakthrough So much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting, and they had to hire a new one. He's still not looking for a new job, isn't he—? I know he still isn't looking for work!

Don't rub it in! SpongeBob, where's my lemonade?

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I can't drink that! Just look at it! That lemon has 3 seeds in it. That's an odd number! I can't eat anything odd numbered. Fine, I'll just take it out! Then go fix them. Condensed soup from a can? Now, you've ruined my appetite, go fetch me something to read! You know that I'm allergic to newsprint! Time for my stories. Hurry up, they won't hold the show while you laze around.

Hey, where ya goin'? You have a job? I am not some lazy inconsiderate jerk who lays in bed all day! Say, where can I get one of these Especially if you're green and have 6 tentacles!

I'm going to go look for one so I can stop SpongeBob, the remote control is broken! Get over here and fix it! I've got a better idea! Why don't I call somebody whose job it is to fix it? What are you saying? No Weenies Allowed 8. SpongeBob's acting jumpier than a rattlesnake in a pickle barrel. Back in Texas, we call ice cream "frozen cow juice. Way to go, buddy. It took us three days to make that potato salad.

Oh, I'm sandy, all right. Hey, what's everyone waiting' in line for? It be the line to get into the Salty Spitoon, the roughest, toughest sailor club ever to be built under the seven seas. Only the baddest of the bad can get in. You need to have muscles. Welcome to the Salty Spitoon.

How tough are you? How tough am I? Got any more tattoos? He soon discovers this, and freaks out.

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Tenana calms him, and tells him to redeem himself by taking it up with his brother's spirit at Spirit Mountain. Then he meets the Shell Lodgers, who are talking about Lord Shen's origins. Kenai is amazed that they are capable of speech, and he soon realizes that he can understand animals. He meets Rutt and Tuke, two future members of the Jungle Crew, who are somewhat dim-witted, and doesn't understand Kenai telling them about his problem.

Later, Kenai gets caught in a trap. When he tries to make it out, he meets a bear cub named Koda.

spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

They make a deal that Kenai would take Koda to a Salmon Run area if he can get him out of the trap. Even though Kenai doesn't believe he can do it, Koda actually manages to get him out of the trap. But Koda smells Denahi nearby, and runs. Denahi and Boss Wolf find him, and Kenai is unable to tell him it's him, and Denahi attacks him.

While Kenai retreats into a glacier, the Shell Lodgers follow persuit of Boss Wolf, and soon end up in combat with his wolf army.

They beat them, but they get away. After the threat is over, they head back to the glacier. Kenai and Koda manage to avoid Denahi, and they are relieved. Kenai breaks his promise on taking Koda to the Salmon Run, and tries to move on. Then Koda asks him if he can do it because he needs to get there after being separated from his mother. They get some shut-eye, and the Lodge makes it back, and is relieved that the two bears are okay.

They introduce themselves off-camera, and they too get some rest.

spongebob and friends meet brother bear part 1

The next morning, Rutt and Tuke are fired up for breakfast, and they go for it. Nearby, at the glacier, Denahi, Boss Wolf, and the wolves make it back, and attempt to check the place for the gang. The Lodge manages to make it out without being spotted, and they move on for Spirit Mountain. Denahi and the wolves spot Rutt and Tuke.

Spongebob and Friends meet Brother bear.jpg

Tuke runs after trying to warn Rutt, but he refuses because he gets cramps while running while still digesting. Then he spots Denahi and the wolves, and panics, runs, and gets a cramp. The Lodge, Kenai and Koda begin their long trip, and it gets bruisey at first, but it gets a lot nicer later on. Then they run into Rutt and Tuke again, who says there was a hunter and some wolves after them, and that they should let Kenai protect them.

They say they lost the hunter already, but they learn that they left tracks. The Lodge tries to find a new method of transportation that doesn't leave tracks besides the flying van, which would be the first thing the bad guys would expect. Then Colonel Hathi arrives with a few mammoths, and Mr. He asks if they can give them a lift, but they refuse. But when Winfred, Hathi's wife talks him into it. They ride off, and Koda explains he knows about the Great Spirts, and he enjoys having a brother at his side.

The next day, the gang gets lost, and get off the mammoths and elephants. Rutt and Tuke are both unable to get off the mammoth and resume riding it. Kenai and Koda argue after losing their trail, and they both lose it, and separate.

But then they come across cave drawings. They witness lots of animal drawings, and one drawing of Lord Shen. Patrick criticizes the drawing, while Kairi recognizes it as Lord Shen.

She remembers a few clues to her past with him, and she and the Lodge leave. But he also points out that they should go through a geothermal wasteland. They get lost for a while, and soon encounter Denahi and the wolves again. Kairi is snatched by the wolves, but Biomon digiballs to Birdramon, and attacks the wolves.

After taking a few hits of Shen's cannons, Birdramon uses her super attack on them, and saves Kairi. The gang retreat over a log bridge, but Denahi collapses it, and it begins to fall. But Kenai manages to get to the other side safely. Denahi is enraged, and after thinking about Kenai, and Fagin urging him to continue his mission, he jumps off the ledge to go after Kenai. He clings onto the log, but the log falls off, and Denahi falls down into the river below. Meanwhile, during the fight, Kaa crashes out of reach of the Shell Lodge, and winds up getting captured by the wolves.

Meanwhile, Lord Shen is waiting for Kairi, until instead, he finds out his wolves have captured a member of The Lodge. Shen orders him to bring Kaa to him so that they can have a little talk.

Elsewhere, Koda is confused about Kenai's words about bears being killers, and he says that humans are the real killers, and Kenai doesn't really know what to say. Suddenly, Kowalski discovers Kaa's absence, and they are prepared to confront Lord Shen again. Back at Shen's base, The gorillas bring Kaa to Shen, and they talk.

Kaa tells Shen that his team is just a gang of misfits that are just protecting Kairi like a family since their mission at Devil's Bayou. Meanwhile, The Lodge has finally made it to the Salmon Run area, and Kenai is horrified by the bears and screams like a banshee. The Lodge meets up with Kaa again, and Kenai is about to leave until the local bears encourage him to stay for a while. He, Koda, and the Lodge enjoy the party until things get bleak for Kenai.

During a game, Koda explains to his friends about watching his mother battle a hunter and a mean wolf. Kenai listens in horror as Koda continued his story, and he suddenly realizes that the bear he killed turned out to be Koda's mother. He panics, and runs off. The Lodge thinks that they know what his problem is, and that they needed to find the Penguins, which happened to be lost in a world of fish.

Hours later, Koda and the Lodge find Kenai and ask him what was wrong with him, and Kenai decides to tell the truth. The Lodge leaves the two bears alone for a while, and Kenai explains to Koda everything he did wrong.

Koda gets heartbroken, and runs off in sadness. With a very guilty Kenai off to continue his Spirit Mountain journey by himself, Po tells the Lodge that later in the moisode, he saw the Chronticler on Boss Wolf's arm saying that Lord Shen is not all bad. The Lodge is now determined to make sure what's going on, they leave Kaa in charge of watching Koda and Kairi, and they try to get the local bears to agree to look after them before confronting Shen again.

Meanwhile, Shen is all fired up to meet up with Kairi again, and he tells the Soothsayer to tell Kairi everything she needs to know. Meanwhile, Sitka's spirit leads Denahi and his evil Leaguer conscience to Spirit Mountain so that there could be a chance to cure him from darkness.

Denahi follows him, and they head for Spirit Mountain.