Spartacus season 1 crixus and naevia first meet

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spartacus season 1 crixus and naevia first meet

Spartacus is a set of Starz television series that focuses on the historical figure of Spartacus, . She has Naevia sold and convinces Batiatus to poison Crixus' food so he will She was found and cleaned up by Ashur after the massacre, and at first In Blood and Sand, he initially despises Spartacus and believes in the mark. TV Shows: Spartacus: Blood and Sand fanfiction archive with over stories. Though his nightmares stop when he meets Nasir while covering for him. Reviews: 1 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 1 - Published: Apr 8, - Crixus, Naevia - Complete. Naevia. Gods of the Arena; Blood and Sand; Vengeance; War of the Damned . In a call back to their first meeting, Naevia remarks to Crixus, "You were right.

Ilithyia, who had crawled out to stop Lucretia, bears witness to this and then dies from shock and blood loss. Portrayed by Dan Feuerriegel. A German slave, who was sold to the house of Batiatus along with his younger brother Duro. Agron and his brother are the first to join Spartacus in his plan to rebel and take back their freedom. When the plan is set in motion and the slave revolt starts, Agron fights by Spartacus' side and slays many guards.

He is overcome with rage when his brother is murdered during the revolt, and vows to avenge his death. He joins Spartacus when they escape the ludus, and becomes his right hand as they take on Roman guards that have been sent after them.

He and Spartacus go their own ways when it's revealed that Agron lied about Neavia's supposed death, as he does not wish to see many men die in the search for one single person.

He and others set foot to Vesuvius, where they reunite with Spartacus again later, who has found Neavia. Agron later becomes the lover of Nasir, a young slave whom he supervised after he was rescued from his fate after Spartacus and the rebels kill his master. Agron continues to fight by Spartacus' side, but his relationship with Nasir becomes unstable when a pirate named Castus shows interest in Nasir. Although Agron and Nasir eventually work out their problems, they are separated when Agron decides to join Crixus in his plan to take the city of Rome believing that a peaceful life was not meant for himwhile asking Nasir to remain with Spartacus, as he knows Spartacus and his group will have a better chance of surviving.

Crixus' army is defeated by the Romans, but several are captured alive, and Agron, refusing to give up Spartacus' location, is crucified. Gaius Julius Caesar, however, makes a deal with Spartacus; he will return Spartacus' people who have been captured, in return for Kore, a former slave of Crassus, whom he loved deeply.

Thus, Agron is returned to the rebels, and reunited with Nasir. As the rebels prepare for the final battle, it is revealed that Agron is still damaged in the hands from his crucifixion; and can't hold a sword properly until they fully heal, much to Agron's frustration and impatience. Nasir, however, crafts him a shield with a sword attached to it, allowing Agron to participate after all despite being originally ordered not to by Spartacus at first.

During the finale battle, Agron slays many Romans, and ultimately comes to Spartacus' aid when he is mortally wounded. He brings Spartacus to the foot of the mountain, where he eventually dies in Agron's arms.

They have also received word that some of the rebels who set foot to the mountain before the battle began, had been captured or killed by the Romans.

In the end, Agron and Nasir are two of the only warriors to survive, along with over hundreds of slaves. This makes Agron one of only a few gladiators from Batiatus' ludus, as well as the only prominent one from the first season, to have survived the rebellion. Portrayed by Dustin Clare. A Celt slave who becomes Quintus' first champion, a position left vacant by the grave injury suffered by Gannicus' close friend Oenomaus at the hands of Theokoles.

In an effort to win favor with Quintillius Varis, a man of much influence who is in Capua selecting gladiators for his games, Lucretia invites Varis to the ludus to get better acquainted with the Batiatus gladiators.

During the visit, a depraved Varis requests to see Gannicus in action, and Gannicus is forced to have sex with Lucretia's personal slave and Oenomaus' wife, Melitta. Neither Gannicus nor Melitta enjoy having to perform for the Romans, and their relationship with each other and Oenomaus becomes strained though Oenomaus is unaware of what has happened.

Meanwhile, Gannicus' flashy style and cavalier attitude gain him much favor with the spectators and Quintus, but are met with indignation by Titus Batiatus upon the pater familias' return to the ludus. Titus, feeling pressure to mend social and political relationships scarred by Quintus' actions, agrees to sell Gannicus to Tullius.

Before Gannicus can be sold, Lucretia poisons Titus and Melitta by accidentkilling both and framing Tullius. Now that Quintus is head of the household, he decides to keep Gannicus and gain revenge on Tullius. Quintus finally regains the social standing his father willingly parted with, and manages to enter his men into the opening games of the Capua arena. The winners of each round meet in the Primus, and Gannicus wins after defeating Solonius' best gladiators.

In an act of betrayal, Solonius convinces Varis to award Gannicus his freedom, thereby robbing the house of Batiatus of their only proven champion. Gannicus returns to Capua during the events of Vengeance after being hired to execute the captured rebels in the arena.

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After Spartacus's attack on the arena, he helps the rebels get the wounded Oenomaus to safety. Despite pleas to join their cause, he returns to Capua and Glaber tries to force him to join his army against the rebels. In response, Gannicus kidnaps Ilithyia and delivers her to Spartacus, thinking that if Spartacus kills the woman of the man who killed his, the rebellion will end with no more bloodshed.

However, Spartacus spares her and Gannicus, having given up everything, is forced to stay with the rebels. While cynical of Spartacus' cause at first, he is won over with the help of Oenomaus, who has forgiven Gannicus for his forced relationship with Melitta, and serves a vital role in the rebellion. After the rebels gain several thousand more freed slaves, Spartacus tries to groom Gannicus to become a leader, which Gannicus refuses time and time again.

He is involved in a relationship with Saxa, but ultimately leaves her for Sibyl, a young slave he helped free after taking over the city of Sinuessa en Valle. Hours before the final battle, Gannicus finally agrees to become a leader, so that the rebels may have a better chance. He approaches Crassus' army from behind with his own group, distracting him from Spartacus.

Gannicus easily slays many Romans, and is horrified to see both Saxa and Naevia die in front of him. He is ultimately cornered by the Romans, and captured by Caesar. Gannicus is then crucified along with thousands of other rebels.

In his final moments, Gannicus sees his old friend Oenamaus, and imagines being back in the arena again, with everyone cheering his name. He retrieves Sura on Batiatus' orders and murders her. He is choked to death by Spartacus once he learns that Aulus killed Sura under Batiatus' orders. Free Roman wife of Varro. Attempting to take care of their child after Varro sells himself as a gladiator, she is raped by an acquaintance.

When Varro spurns her afterwards, she murders the rapist and they reconcile. After Varro's death at Spartacus' hand, she aborts the rapist's child and sells herself into slavery to see their child provided for. Seeking revenge upon Spartacus, she learns that the death was not his doing, but that of Numerius. During the rebellion, she kills the young Roman, while screaming for Varro. Spartacus later gives her a chance to flee Capua to start a new life, but she is captured and tortured.

She dies desiring that Spartacus and the rebellion stay away from her family. A slave who serves as cook for the gladiators at Batiatus' Ludus and later for the Rebels. He is one of the few slaves who manage to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom. Barca Antonio Te Maioha. Nicknamed the "Beast of Carthage", he is one of Batiatus' most successful gladiators. He served as bodyguard and hit man for his master. Barca attempted to save up enough money to buy freedom for himself and his lover, Pietros.

However, due to Ashur's machinations to avoid paying Barca money owed from losing a bet, questions regarding the latest murder committed on the part of Batiatus arise, resulting in Batiatus luring Barca into an ambush and murdering him.

Younger brother of Agron. Clearly not as proficient a fighter as Agron, he is often saved in combat by him. In the slave revolt, he pushes Agron out of the way of an attacking guard and is mortally wounded in his place. He dies in Agron's arms saying: A Dacian gladiator who fights in the unconventional retiarius style.

Killed by Spartacus after Gnaeus's abuses led to Pietros's suicide. A Sardinian gladiator, killed during the revolt. Naevia steals his gate key to lay with Crixus. While harassing Mira about the key, Spartacus scars his face by pushing it into a burning lantern. After Batiatus discovers he was the one who lost his key, he is beheaded. A captured fugitive who is forced to become a gladiator.

He is killed in the Pits. Later a prominent rebel. He survives the final battle and escapes the battlefield as one of the few slaves to survive to flee over the mountains to true freedom.

Employed to treat the gladiators' injuries. He dies off-screen of dysentery in the sewers. Is slain by the army of Crassus during Crixus' attempt to lay siege on Rome. Lover of Barca and slave of Batiatus.

He dreams of freedom with Barca once enough money has been earned to buy their freedom. However, after Barca's demise, Pietros is left without a protector. Gnaeus soon begins raping and beating Pietros, leading Pietros to hang himself. He is crucified by Crassus's men after the final battle.

A Gaul gladiator who admires Crixus and gladly joins the revolt after seeing Crixus launch Spartacus into the balcony. He is among those captured during their attempt to rescue Naevia from the mines and falls in the arena before Spartacus is able to launch his rescue attempt. A Gaul slave purchased by Batiatus to become a gladiator. He fights under Ilithyia, who has him attempt to kill Spartacus in exchange of freedom. He is stopped by Crixus, and later emasculated and crucified by his fellow gladiators on Batiatus' orders.

The Veteran Shayne Blaikie. An unnamed Greek gladiator. A Roman citizen who sold himself to the ludus to support his family, also a good friend of Spartacus. Varro is killed when Numerius forces Spartacus to kill him after a duel that was simply for show. He left behind a son and a pregnant wife, Aurelia, who was raped by one of his old friends. The editor of the games held in The Pits of The Underworld. Fierce warrior who fights in The Pits. He wears the severed faces of his killed foes.

He is responsible for Kerza's death, and meets his own end when Spartacus kills him with his own axe. The Champion of Pompeii. Killed by Crixus in the Pompeii Games. Theokoles Reuben De Jong. An albino Spartan towering above all of his opponents the actor who plays him stands 6' 10". He was undefeated and had previously defeated as many as men in a single spectacle. He has won many fortunes and his freedom several times, but continues to fight high-profile matches.

Immensely strong and impervious to pain, Theokoles was unbeaten prior to the Shadow Games episode. Oenomaus, who is the only man to survive a battle with Theokoles and still bears the scars of the matchpersonally trains Spartacus and Crixus for the spectacle.

Theokoles meets his end during a match between himself, Crixus and Spartacus, the former's aid allowing Spartacus to become the victor. Other characters[ edit ] Aemilia Mia Pistorius. Friend and follower of Licinia and Ilithyia, murdered during the revolt. A Roman senator and Ilithyia's father. Is killed by Glaber in Spartacus: Friend and follower of Licinia and Ilithyia. Murdered off-screen during the revolt. The wife of magistrate Calavius and mother of Numerius.

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She is slain during the rebellion. Killed by Oenomaus during the revolt. Licinia Brooke Harman credited as Brooke Harmon. She is a friend of Ilithyia and visits Lucretia, asking to partake of the pleasures of the ludus, i. She asks for Spartacus by name, being attracted to him. When she and Lucretia discover Ilithyia having sex with Spartacus, she wonders at the tale of the wife of Glaber sleeping with his most hated enemy. Enraged, Ilithyia kills Licinia. Licinia's murder is used by Batiatus to extort patronage from the legatus.

A Capuan lanista and rival of Batiatus. It is shown in Gods of the Arena that he and Batiatus were close friends, but became enemies by the season finale. He tries to bring down Batiatus, but is ultimately caught in the webs of Batiatus and condemned to die in the arena, being framed for the murder of magistrate Calavius. He is slain by Spartacus, but not before the gladiator informs him that Batiatus and his entire house will follow Solonius to the underworld.

Solonius dies laughing to the roar of the crowd. Although the original character's name was Erebus, the name was changed to Mercato prior to filming.

He is present at most of the games at the arena and is killed when the pulvinus collapses on top of him. Numerius Calavius Lliam Powell. The son of magistrate Calavius with a fascination for gladiators, Spartacus in particular. Seduced by Ilithyia, he orders the death of Varro to please her. During the rebellion, he is killed by a vengeful Aurelia, wife of Varro.

A Capuan businessman to whom Batiatus owes money. After attempting to have Batiatus killed, he and his family are killed in revenge. He is Titus Calavius' cousin.

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Pompeii Magistrate Philip Grieve. A Capuan merchant of jewels. He sells Lucretia an expensive emerald necklace, but will only accept half the price when she attempts to return it. Killed by Spartacus at the beginning of the revolt after Batiatus shields himself. Revealed in Vengeance to be the cousin of Seppius and Seppia.

The wife of Spartacus.

spartacus season 1 crixus and naevia first meet

She is enslaved after her husband rebels against the Romans. Batiatus purchases her, but has Aulus murder her in order to break Spartacus' desire for escape. She appears to Spartacus through dreams and visions and encourages his quest for vengeance. Titus Calavius John Bach. He and his family become close to Batiatus but when Batiatus expresses interest in pursuing politics, he insults Batiatus, leading to a scheme where he is murdered in the sewers beneath Capua.

The murder is then pinned on Solonius. She is struck by a concrete statue and murdered by Tullius during a party hosted by Lucretia in an attempt to gain the favor of the Capuan elite. Despite Lucretia's protest, Titus has Gaia's body and belongings hurled over the cliff to make her murder look like an accident. Titus Batiatus Jeffrey Thomasfather of Quintus who disapproves of his son's efforts to gain power.

He is slowly poisoned and eventually killed by Lucretia in order to prevent him from disowning her and his son Batiatus. Tullius Stephen Lovatta very rich and influential Roman and enemy of Batiatus. Tullius is responsible for the construction of the grand arena in Capua seen in both seasons 1 and 2.

He is tortured and eventually sealed alive within the walls of the very arena he built by Batiatus and his group of vengeful gladiators. Vettius Gareth Williamsa rival lanista to both Batiatus and Solonius. Young, arrogant and short tempered, he holds a close business relationship with Tullius virtually allowing him full control of his ludus.

When Tullius is bricked into the walls of the arena by Batiatus, Solonius blackmails Vettius into surrendering his Ludus over to him as well as leaving Capua forever. Cossutius Jason Hooda wealthy man who lives outside of Capua and is easily the most depraved character in the entire series.

He is impaled through the chest and killed by a javelin thrown by Spartacus during his attack on the arena. A lover of Barca with whom he shares a penchant for hazing new gladiators. He is killed by Crixus during their match in the old arena. He does not speak the Roman tongue and requires Ashur to translate, often being duped in the process.

Despite earning the mark of the brotherhood without fighting a seasoned gladiator, he proves himself in the arena and earns their respect, unlike Ashur. He is tricked into being raped by a Roman during a party, after which he turns on Ashur. His future as a gladiator is ruined after Ashur blinds him in one eye.

In the opening games of the arena, he makes it to the primus and attempts to kill Ashur. However, Ashur outwits and defeats him. A close friend of Naevia. After being chosen as a sex slave by Cossutius and repeatedly raped thereafter for Roman entertainment, she changes from a spirited youth to a broken and bitter woman. Not wishing to see her friend further deteriorate, Naevia aids in Diona's escape from the Ludus. She is later caught and executed with other fugitive slaves prior to the opening games of the new arena, leaving Neavia to bear witness to her demise.

Davis - A Macedonian slave and recruit for the House of Batiatus. Is nearly sent to the mines for his lack of skill, but is then selected along with the Syrians Ashur and Dagan to help Batiatus in a plot to take opportunity away from rival lanista Vettius in exchange for being inducted into the brotherhood despite not taking the test. Though they succeed, Ashur is reluctantly forced to kill Indus since Vettius had seen his face one thing Batiatus ordered not to happen and could recognize him as a slave of Batiatus later.

Lydon Renato Gomes - A Hispanic gladiator. Melitta Marisa Ramirez - Wife of Oenamaus.

spartacus season 1 crixus and naevia first meet

She was Lucretia's trusted body slave prior to Naevia's tenure. Immensely popular among both her fellow slaves as well as her masters, Melitta was often allowed to speak freely among her masters without being prompted, a punishable offense under any other circumstance.

Whitfield also provided a brief voice-over role. Filming began in New Zealand in the summer of The prequel aired beginning January Blood and Sand would debut in the Netherlands in March Reception[ edit ] The premiere episode of the series set a record for Starz, withviewers on their network, and anotheron Encorewhere the show was available only that weekend.

For the rest of the season the show had an average of 1. He commented on the improvement of the series throughout its first season. The first, titled Spartacus: Clements and released on January 3, Morituri by Mark Morris.

Board game[ edit ] In Gale Force Nine announced the creation of a licensed board game based on the series. The English language release, Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery, had a limited release at Gen Con and a general release to game and hobby stores on September 28,