Roy wood and jeff lynne meet after 20 yrs

ELO Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood reunite - Birmingham Live

roy wood and jeff lynne meet after 20 yrs

Jan 21, But after 30 years of working almost exclusively behind the scenes, Lynne and this guy called Roy Wood that was in the Move, we used to meet up at the .. at a table, the first time they'd all been together for about 20 years. Aug 13, The group has put out just two albums during the past 22 years, with 's " Alone in the double-disc "Out of the Blue," and scored 15 Top 20 hits in the U.S., Lynne said he "didn't have a clue" when he and Roy Wood started ELO during , after the dissolution of their previous band, the Move. Mar 14, Stars meet for first time in 20 years as music legend honoured on Video and pics: ELO legends Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood reunite for Jeff's big night a grandad for the first time, after daughter Holly gave birth in the US.

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Pepper-style pop with classical trimmings. But even allowing for a pre-gig overload of lager, early ELO gigs were chaotic affairs, with the sound of the cellos clashing with the guitar and drums. Musicians came and went as Lynne struggled to recreate the sounds he heard in his head.

roy wood and jeff lynne meet after 20 yrs

Showdown was a minor hit. But his father, plain-speaking Philip Lynne, who spent his working life paving roads for Birmingham City Council, thought otherwise: Lynne devised the story of Eldorado about a young man who escapes his dull everyday life by escaping into a fantasy dream world.

Here, in his alternative universe, he hangs out with Robin Hood, fights medieval battles and becomes irresistible to women. Lynne lost his temper and sent them all home. Nobody knows if it was Arden or Lynne who made the call to the Musicians Union. Lynne made Smith wait 20 minutes before rounding on him in front of the orchestra, telling him the session had overrun because his members were unco-operative and incompetent.

The outburst left the imposing Smith nicknamed Dr Death by some union members shaken. Smith ordered the musicians to carry on playing and told Lynne the MU would pay for the extra session. Years later, Lynne played down the problems when discussing Eldorado Finale. The Wizard Of Oz. Not that Lynne realised.

America was now their Promised Land. But there was more to it than sales.

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From now on, ELO would spend a ridiculous amount of time on the road, doing the things bands did on the road. I was so bored I would drink to amuse myself. Desperate to appear more exciting, the string section devised several visual gags. From there, he graduated to explosives.

roy wood and jeff lynne meet after 20 yrs

Later he died when the van he was driving was struck by a kilo hay bale. Gale played a whole American tour believing he was a hired hand before being told at Heathrow Airport he was actually in ELO and they were going to Europe next.

Once again, things could only get better. His favourite question to Mack was: Songs such as Strange Magic and Evil Woman suggested less of the former and more of the latter. Evil Woman was a perfect pop record. ELO celebrated the only way they knew how — with another gruelling American tour, playing 65 shows in 76 days.

The vinyl is quiet and well centered. Overall, as with many of Jeff's productions, there is a certain muted hush to the sound of the record, requiring you to turn up the volume on your amp to feel the splendor of the recording. Considering that this was Jeff's first production effort -- he was about 20 years old then -- the impact of the recordings are all the more impressive. Stylistically, this album is a bit all over the place not unlike The White Album by his heroes The Beatles, which came out one year prior.

Pepper with its simulated audience applause mixed in. This should have been the single off the album. Its a kicker, balancing multi-part choral harmonies with a Pink Floyd worthy hook and This is great stuff even if you are just a casual fan of Jeff's music. If you are a hardcore fan, The Idle Race albums are essential. Now, while Jeff was busy pushing his Idle Race as far as he could, his eventual subsequent bandmates The Move were riding the waves of their own bumpy career.

As something of a stop gap until their next album was finished, the band released a nifty live EP extended play 7-inch mini album recorded live at The Marquee in London in This raw little rocker of a record -- called Something Else From The Move -- was also reissued for the first time in its original 7-inch format on Record Store Day.