Once upon a time snow and charming first meet

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once upon a time snow and charming first meet

Apr 16, There's some good news and bad news for the Charming family after Sunday's episode of Once Upon a Time. First, the good news: After weeks. He débuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by special guest Prince Charming is based on the Prince from the fairytale "Snow White", the You can help out the Once Upon a Time Wiki by adding or updating to the .. the Queen materializes in place of Charming to ask Snow to meet her for a parlay. "A Curious Thing" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of the American fantasy drama On the other side of the door, Snow and Charming meet Glinda, who has heard of Meanwhile, back at Granny's, Mary Margaret tells the others that she found the "Once Upon a Time" book in her closet during the first curse.

Their wedding is the musical episode! Get more details here. How did you react when you learned Snow and Charming did wake up during the curse?

Maybe she could have had a different life. Maybe she could have stayed in the Enchanted Forest. Maybe it would have been fine. She would have been that princess, and she would have had that life. It was hard for me to relate in real life because, especially now that I have children, I wholeheartedly, selfishly would have just taken care of myself and my immediate family, gross as that may be.

once upon a time snow and charming first meet

So it was hard to find a more generous place in my spirit, but I found what Snow did to be of the utmost integrity and very Snow White-esque; very in keeping with her character. It is like many Once Upon a Time reunions. It is dramatic and brief in elation in our realizing immediately that something else is going on. It is how it always is.

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It was nice to get out of it for sure. How do Charming and Snow feel about their daughter getting married in the midst of the Black Fairy drama? What is the word for the bridezilla mom? Aurora reveals that Zelena threatened her and Philip in order to get them to reveal when the others returned to the Enchanted Forest and that Zelena is planning to go after Snow and Charming's unborn baby. Just then, Zelena shows up on her broom and freezes everyone except Belle, and turns Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys.

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She then checks the baby in Snow's womb and decides that it is exactly what she needs. It's eight months later. Regina asks what gave them a head start in defeating her and Snow says that Rumplestiltskin warned them.

They decide that they have to talk to Rumple so Robin and Regina lead the team as they enter his castle, and discover that he is now in a cage and talking in riddles. When Belle takes his hand, Rumplestiltskin tells them that "The light magic of Glinda, the Good Witch of The South" will defeat the Wicked Witch of the West, but adds sing-song clues to the message "through the door step inside if pure of heart then she won't hide" after Snow questions him.

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Later that night in the forest, the rescuers find a door that leads to nowhere, fitting the musical description that Rumplestiltskin gave them. Snow and Charming step through, but Regina cannot because her heart is "heavy with vengeance". On the other side of the door, Snow and Charming meet Glinda, who has heard of Snow and wanted to meet her.

Glinda tells the couple that she isn't powerful enough to destroy Zelena, because she was once a friend. Glinda then tells Snow about a pendant that she gave Zelena and that all of Zelena's magic rests inside of it, but only someone with the most powerful light magic will be able to remove it. Snow realizes that Emma Swan is the only one who can do this, and, since Emma's not with them, the only way to defeat Zelena is to enact the dark curse to get back to Emma.

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After the Charmings are reunited with Regina, they tell her that the only way to stop Zelena is to re-enact the dark curse. Regina explains that to do that, she would have to destroy the heart of what she loves the most. That means Henry, and is not an option; for apart from the fact that she won't sacrifice him, he is with Emma in our world. But Charming figures out that Snow can cast the curse and offers his heart, realizing the risk that he is taking to protect their unborn child.

Before enacting the curse, Snow lovingly tells her husband: Charming collapses to the ground and Snow holds his lifeless body. Zelena then appears, adding a forgetting potion to the curse so they won't remember how to defeat her, and she also adds that Snow will be too worried wondering where her husband is to worry about the witch.

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Then, Zelena tells Regina to pay close attention since that is "how you ruin a happy ending," before flying off on her broom. Snow realizes that when Charming said they were of one heart it could be meant literally, and so she asks Regina to split her heart in two and give half of it to Charming. At first Regina hesitates, as there is no guarantee that Snow will survive, but Snow convinces her to believe.

Regina does as Snow asked, and seconds before the new curse consumes them, Charming is brought back to life.

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With the new curse now enacted, Zelena takes a memory potion to remember the year that will be lost between the curse, then offers Rumplestiltskin a chance to remember his loss of Baelfire. She says he can do whatever he wants with the potion.

once upon a time snow and charming first meet

Seeing this as a way to get revenge on Zelena, Rumplestiltskin is about to take the potion when Baelfire takes control and decides that now isn't the time for revenge and Emma needs to remember more than they do.

Baelfire quickly sends a message and the bottle of potion to Hook by way of a dove before being reabsorbed into his father. Regina who just finished her romantic date with Robin Hood decides that they need to break the curse and the way they did that before was Emma. They figure out that the missing component to breaking the curse is that Henry needs to believe. It's time to find the storybook, because that is what first made Henry start believing.

Speaking of Killian Jones, it appears that the pirate has been taken hostage and placed in the trunk of Gold's Cadillac. When Gold opens it, Zelena tells him that he must kiss Emma, taking away her magic, or she'll start killing those she Emma loves, starting with Henry.