Nightwing and robin meet starfire

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nightwing and robin meet starfire

Fans of Batman will be familiar with the The Bat's first adopted son, Dick Dick's other great romance was with Teen Titans teammate, Starfire, The girl, Koriand' r and Dick had instant chemistry which resulted in a kiss. Starfire meets Robin. 5 years agoShe was a princess on her She and Robin fell in love. When Dick, now Nightwing, left the team, he appointed her leader. Starfire (Koriand'r) is a fictional superheroine appearing in books published by DC Comics. . After a meeting at Titans Tower, Adam Strange Zeta Beams Starfire and This led to Starfire, Nightwing, Troia, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Kid Flash, and .. In the film, more focus is put on Robin and Starfire's blooming romance.

Kory tells Jason and Roy that Tamaraneans are said to have a short attention span when it comes to "all things Earth", seeing humans as little more than sensory experiences. In a flashback, Jason reveals that Koriand'r is the one who found him and nursed him back to health on the island she has made her home after her ship crashed on it.

The two attempted a romantic relationship, but Jason later notes that "[they] just friend-zoned each other". However, he considers her a dear friend, and narrates that if he ever gets used to Koriand'r kissing him, to shoot him.

It's soon revealed that Koriand'r is Commander of a Spaceship named Starfire, the crew consisting of slaves she helped free when she herself escaped slavery. The Starfire has returned to earth for Kory because that Tamaran has been taken over by The Blight, a parasitic alien race.

This is mainly because Kory blames her sister and the people of Tamaran for her enslavement, so she is torn on if she should help them now. Roy is then kidnapped during an attack on the ship and taken to Tamaran, driving Star to go to her home planet. Later on, Kory's memories are forcefully returned, which leads Roy Harper to discover that she lied about her nonchalance towards relationships. Roy breaks up with her because of his own trust issues particularly towards Oliver Queenbut the two reconcile later on, resulting in a much more tender relationship, since Kory is able to be emotive as she normally is, and no longer has to hide her emotions.

Roy openly admits to Jason several times that he loves her, and later on, the pair confess their love to one another. Right at the end of the series, Tamaran is invaded again by Helspont, and, to ensure the safety of her people, Blackfire sides with him on the condition that Tamaran be spared. Koriand'r is devastated, but eventually, however, Blackfire hears her sister's pleas and betrays Helspont, destroying him and nearly killing herself in the process.

This leads Kory and Roy to break up - though purely out of necessity - as Koriand'r is forced to return to Tamaran, so that Blackfire can get the medical attention she needs.

The two share a kiss, and Koriand'r promises to remember Roy for "forever and a day". After Starfire departs, Roy announces to Jason that he, too, will now go his separate way, too, thus leaving Jason on his own. Rose Wilson, who was hired to kill Koriand'r but eventually decided not to when she realised she was hired by Helspontasks if Jason needs a minute after losing his team. He replies that they were not a team, they were friends.

Starfire[ edit ] InKoriand'r was given a new solo on going series titled Starfire, wherein she returns to Earth presumably by this point her sister is healed - specifically, to Key West, a small coastal town.

She befriends the local Sheriff, Stella Gomez, and a super-powered woman whose civilization lives inside the Earth's surface, called Atlee. As of issue 5, she has also befriended Stella's widowed brother, Sol who bears a striking resemblance to Dick Graysonand appears to not be particularly interested in heroism. Powers and abilities[ edit ] Starfire is a Tamaranean and as such her physiology is designed to constantly absorb ultraviolet radiation.

nightwing and robin meet starfire

The radiation is then converted to pure energy, allowing her to fly at supersonic speeds. Originally, Starfire was capable of using this power to fly in space and even go fast enough to cross several solar systems in minutes to seconds.

However, it is established in Red Hood and the Outlaws 2 and 27 that the rebooted Starfire is unable to fly without the effects of gravity, leaving her unable to travel in space unaided. This energy also gives her incredible superhuman strength and durability.

nightwing and robin meet starfire

This strength, combined with her fighting skills, allowed her to defeat the much stronger Donna Troy about two out of three times during purely hand to hand matches. After being experimented on by the alien Psions, Starfire gained the ability to release her absorbed energy into incredibly powerful blasts called "starbolts. The released energy leaves her in a weakened state.

Starfire (Teen Titans)

Starfire, and all Tamaraneans, are capable of assimilating languages through physical contact with another person. When Starfire attempts to do so with a male, she typically does so by kissing because it is "more fun" for her. Starfire is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, having been trained by the Warlords of Okaara. She also doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep and doesn't require an atmosphere to breathe, though she has to if she is low on ultraviolet energy.

She intends to burn the city[ clarification needed ] to the ground. Starfire and the Amazons with her are killed in a gasoline explosion caused by Dick. She eventually died which put a strain on Dick and Mar'i's relationship. Mar'i was inspired by her parents to become the superheroine Nightstar. In the comic tie-in to Injustice: She still harbors a romantic interest for Dick Grayson who recently left the team to join the Justice League in this reality.

Superman mortally wounds Superboy and sends the rest of the Titans into the Phantom Zone to not only save Conner's life, but to also make sure they don't interfere with his plans. In the prequel to Injustice 2, she and the rest of the Titans are rescued from the Phantom Zone by the Insurgency.

In Teen Titans Go! When the Gordanians had attacked Tamaran, her parents set up a ship to save him by launching him to another planet, thus saving the Tamaranean royal family bloodline.

nightwing and robin meet starfire

Afterwards, Blackfire, in an attempt to make a treaty between the Tamaranians and Gordanians, gives them Starfire as a slave setting up her appearance in the episode "Go! As a result of Starfire and Wildfire's absence, their parents had tragically died of a broken heart.

Wildfire seemingly comes to Earth to meet up with his second eldest sister, but he is revealed to be the shapeshifting Madame Rougewho was aided in the deception by Blackfire.

nightwing and robin meet starfire

Discovering this, a furious and heartbroken Starfire closes off all sisterly ties with Blackfire stating that they are no longer sistersand vows that she will find her long-lost younger brother, as he is the only family she has left. The children used in this experiment all developed their powers when Starfire went through puberty.

Among the experiments used by STAR labs was a failed clone named after her evil older sister. The New Order, Nightwing ends an ongoing feud between superpowered beings by activating a device that depowers ninety percent of the super powered population, including Starfire. This builds to a future where super powers are outlawed and any super powered being must take inhibitor medications or be contained and studied should the medications not work on them.

nightwing and robin meet starfire

Prior to this, Dick and Kory were married and have a son named Jake who soon develops Starfire's powers. After Dick joins the Crusaders and starts policing the metahuman community, Kory leaves her family and joins the Titans to fight against the anti-metahuman government. When Dick and Jake join with the Titans to restore the metahuman population's superpowers, Jake acts cold towards his mother for the effect her absence left on him and his father.

After Jake restores the metahuman population's powers, Dick and Kory remained friends and Kory made more of an effort to be there for her son. Starfire appears in the Teen Titans animated series.

This version of the character does not use contractions in her speech, has a limited grasp of Earth culture, and tends to misstate or misunderstand common idioms. She also has secret romantic feelings for Robin throughout the whole series until the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo where she and Robin finally accepted their romantic feelings and became a romantic couple.

Starfire appears in the New Teen Titans shorts. In one short, she kisses a Spanish boy to learn Spanish, just like how she kissed a Japanese boy to learn Japanese in Teen Titans: This causes Robin to be jealous and learn French to impress her. When he shows her his amazing French skills, she kisses him on the lips.

Starfire appears in Teen Titans Go! However, unlike her previous incarnation in the series, Starfire does not reciprocate Robin's romantic feelings towards her. Rather, she sees him as a brother figure or friend; however, in "Mouth Hole" and "The Return of Slade" it is predicted that they kissed.

Her rage and fury releases a huge barrage of circular, bright green ultraviolet energy bolts that cause quite a lot of damage and pain to her enemies. Her hair is colored hot pink in this comedic version and not auburnas it was in the original show.

Starfire appears as a non-voiced cameo in a DC Super Friends short. Her appearance is modeled after her original look, with her auburn hair straight as opposed to curly. She does retain her unusual speech pattern of the English language from the other animated shows. In the series, Kory Anders awakens after a car crash with no memory of her past.

Teen Titans: 25 Crazy Things About Robin And Starfire's Relationship

She learns that she can project bright, hot flames—powered by the sun—from her hands. However, she eventually discovers that she was originally sent to Earth from her home world to kill Rachel so as to prevent the resurrection of her father. Trouble in Tokyowith Hynden Walch reprising her previous role from the animated series. In the film, more focus is put on Robin and Starfire's blooming romance, culminating with the two sharing a romantic kiss after Brushogun is defeated and at the end they become a couple, as evident of them holding hands.

Public Enemies as part of Lex Luthor's force of government-employed superheroes. Although Jennifer Hale receives voice credit, Starfire does not have any lines, the only thing she actually "says" are the vocal effects she makes when Superman punches her. Her appearance in this film is much like her comic counterpart, aside from her starbolts that are green instead of pink.

Starfire has a very brief cameo in Batman vs. Robin appearing as a still image on Dick Grayson's phone, although the image is obscured due to an incoming call notification from Alfred. Kory calls Dick while he's babysitting Damian and tells Dick what she's wearing.

Dick tries to make arrangements to spend time with her before discovering Damian escaped and Batman needed help. Her voice is never heard. Starfire makes another cameo in Batman: Bad Bloodthis time voiced by Kari Wahlgren. She and Dick had plans for a date at Titans Tower but it was cancelled by Dick after a fight with Blockbuster and an emergency call from Alfred.

Her image on Dick Grayson's phone is once again obscured by an incoming call notification from Alfred, although more of the picture can be seen this time; she can be confirmed to have solid green eyes and red hair. Teen Titanswith Kari Wahlgren reprising her role. Her costume and hairstyle largely correspond to her original comic version.

She is present at Batman's birthday party. She is also seen in a video chat with Robin and at the end of the movie in the Batcave at Batman's welcome back party. Hero of the Year. While her appearance is modeled more closely to her comic version, she retains her speech affection from the Teen Titans series. She fights Dark Opal's shadow monsters before the ceremony for the Hero of the Year. Starfire appears in the animated film Teen Titans: The Judas Contractwith Kari Wahlgren reprising her role.

A flashback scene taking place five years prior shows that her origin matches her TV series version in which the original Teen Titans which had consisted of RobinSpeedy, Kid Flash, Beast Boy and Bumblebee rescued her from the Gordanians and she learned the English language by kissing Robin. In the present, she accepts Dick's offer to share an apartment. Though she is unsure of her role as leader, Dick reassures he chose her as the team's leader and his girlfriend for a reason. Like the previous movie, she seems incapable of emitting her bright green-colored ultraviolet energy from her eyes.

As one of the competing heroes for Superhero High, she ends up fighting against her own elder sister for the championship. When later Blackfire changes sides, she combines her bright green starbolt energies with Blackfire's lilac ones; where they easily decimated them in one swoop, as she pointed out that were at their strongest using "the blast of togetherness". A waitress wearing an exotic version of Starfire's costume based on her first New 52 appearance makes a cameo in Batman and Harley Quinn.

Starfire is one of the main characters in the animated theatrical film Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesagain voiced by Hynden Walch.

Video games[ edit ] Starfire is a playable character in the Teen Titans Game Boy Advance and console video games, with Hynden Walch reprising her role in the latter. Starfire appears as a spawnable and Wii U only playable character in Scribblenauts Unmasked. Starfire appears as a playable character via downloadable content in Lego Batman 3: Starfire appears as a playable fighter via downloadable content in Injustice 2with Kari Wahlgren reprising her role.

However, in the Injustice: In her single player ending, she is the last of the Titans as Dick Grayson and Beast Boy have been killed while Cyborg joined the Regime and Raven became a servant of her father, Trigon.

To overcome the loss of her friends, she forms a new Titans team with Blue BeetleFirestormand Supergirl. Freeing the Justice League Edit When they arrive, they free Superman by stabbing him with a shard of kryptonite, Superman frees the Flash and Wonder Woman and they save Raven, but Trigon was able to pass through the magical shrine that possessed Superman salvaged form the Earth and attacks the heroes.

Raven then states that they must trap Trigon within the magical crystal that she used to Trigon before so along with Cyborg, they take a portal to Hell. Defeating Trigon After Raven uses the crystal to trap Trigon once again, she insist on staying in Hell to keep an eye on Trigon, but the Titans manage to convince her that home is where she belongs.

The aftermath Edit 10 days later, the Justice League confirmed there were no more signs of the Corruptors. The League congratulated them on saving the world and them. Starfire agreed with Wonder Woman and was proud of the Titans. Then Cyborg shows up with pizza and the Titans eat in celebration. Edit A flashback shows that her origin matches her TV series version in which the Titans rescued her from the Gordanians and she learned the English language by kissing Robin.

In the present, she accepts Dick's offer to share an apartment.

Though she is unsure of her role as leader, Dick reassures he chose her as the team's leader and his girlfriend for a reason. Personality Edit Starfire is first and foremost a very kind and caring person, and despite the fact that she is not of Earth, she is just as human at heart as any of her friends and teammates. Due to her cultural differences, she does have some quirks to her that many of her teammates do not share.

One of them is her utter indiscretion regarding the sexual side of her relationship with Dick Grayson, which has caused him to become embarrassed on more than one occasion; although she noted his is "quite proficient".

Another is her lack of familiarity with human culture, which she attempts to mend via various outings as a form of bonding and team building for the Titans. Starfire is also shown to be a decisive and capable leader in most circumstances, with the likes of Superman complimenting her on her pragmatism and ability to listen to her team.

Starfire also enjoys teaching, as she leads most of the team's training sessions, usually by herself or in conjunction with Nightwing. She often plays the role of surrogate sister to her teammates, most notably with Beast Boy and Raven. However, she has difficulties with connecting to Damian, whose ruthlessness and one-track mind has caused her great discomfort.

Though this has been remedied by the time of Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, likely due to Nightwing's advice, trying to ease his adopted brother into the fold. Apparently, Damian approves of her as a match for his brother, giving them his approval when Starfire and Dick moved in together.