Napa and vegeta meet again ggx1

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napa and vegeta meet again ggx1

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Six months pass, Gohan is surviving in the desert and Goku is still running down Snake Way. Piccolo decides that Gohan's survival training is finished, and begins to personally train him. Also, the Saiyans destroy planet Arlia on their way to Earth.

napa and vegeta meet again ggx1

King Kai, Bubbles and Gregory Goku finally reaches the end of the Snake Way, and discovers a small planet "in orbit" above him. He leaps to the planet, but immediately discovers that despite its diminutive size, the planet has heavy gravity. After struggling to walk around the planet, Goku meets King Kai and his pet monkey, Bubbles.

napa and vegeta meet again ggx1

With only 88 days left before the Saiyans arrive, King Kai instructs Goku to chase and ultimately catch Bubbles, in order for Goku to become adjusted to the gravity. It takes Goku some time to accomplish this feat, but he does so in about two months. Also, in the Anime, Goku must hit a cricket named Gregory on the head with a hammer.

Goku masters these techniques within a day of the Saiyan's arrival on Earth. Unfortunately, King Kai realizes that even though Goku's friends can wish Goku back to life, Goku still has to run all the way down Snake Way to get back to Earth. Goku, in a panic, telepathically instructs Master Roshi back on Earth to resurrect him.

Then, one day later, the Saiyans arrive. Vegeta, wanting to find the Dragon Balls, uses his scouter to determine the location of the strongest warrior on the planet, whom he presumes to be the one who killed Raditz.

They head off towards Piccolo and Gohan. Piccolo and Gohan sense the incoming powers, as well as several smaller ones, who turn out to be Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu. This revelation about his true origin shocks Piccolo for a while, with Kami also realizing that his creating the Dragon Balls was some kind of racial memory from his Namekian heritage. Nappa decides to let Saibamen beat up the fighters first, and plants seeds in the ground, which sprout and become six small green aliens. Tien fights one first, and easily bests it.

Upon seeing this, Vegeta deduces that the fighters are concealing their power and easily destroys the defenseless Saibaman for its incompetence. Yamcha goes after another Saibaman, and seemingly defeats it with a Kamehameha. However, it instantly stands up again and latches on to him and self-destructs, killing both of them.

An enraged Krillin snaps and launches a devastating Expanding Energy Wave blast that splits off into six separate blasts, one for each remaining Saibaman and one for each of the two Saiyans. Piccolo battles against one of the Saibamen The blast manages to kill three Saibamen immediately, Piccolo destroys one that hid from the blast and tried to attack Gohan.

napa and vegeta meet again ggx1

Vegeta and Nappa also survive the blast unscathed. Nappa then decides to step up and battle the Z Fighters himself. Vegeta tells Nappa not to kill Piccolo, as that would probably cease the Namek from revealing the location of the Dragon Balls as well they are under the belief that he is the only one who knows of the Dragon Balls.

Nappa goes on the offensive, powering up a great deal and choosing Tien at random to attack. He actually knocks off Tien's armcausing him extreme pain. Krillin tries to rescue his friend, but Nappa stops him by firing a powerful attack straight in front of him. Nappa, distracted, fails to notice Chiaotzu coming up behind him.

Vegeta Kills Nappa returns GT

Chiaotzu attaches onto Nappa and self-destructsmuch to Tien's dismay. When the smoke clears, Nappa remains, with no harm to him. Chiaotzu sacrificed himself for nothing. Nappa prepares to eliminate the Z Fighters Tien, enraged, goes into an all-out attack against Nappa, who blocks all his attacks like nothing.

Piccolo tells the others that once Nappa goes to the offensive, he will be unguarded, and they will sneak up and attack. The plan goes well until Gohan chickens out at the last second and runs away.

The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza | Dragon Ball Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Piccolo and Krillin, pretty much the only ones left, continue to fight Nappa, but are no match, even together. Tien, who is only alive through pure willpower, however, puts all of his energy into a final attack, a one-handed Tri-Beam. Unfortunately, this fails, and Nappa survives with only his armor damaged.

Tien, who literally put his life into the attack, dies. Vegeta waits three hours for Goku Nappa prepares to make the kill on all three, however Vegeta, who had remained on the sidelines, halts him. Vegeta has deduced that "Goku" is Kakarot, and wants Nappa to wait three hours for Goku to arrive to provide punishment for the "traitor", planning to continue the fight afterwards regardless of whether or not Goku is there.

The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

Nappa reluctantly agrees, much to the puzzlement of the remaining fighters, as Nappa is much larger in stature than the diminutive Vegeta. Goku, who had been flying down Snake Way for two straight days, finally reaches the end of the road. Kami appears to transport Goku back to Earth, and on his way to the battlefield, he receives two Senzu Beans from Korineats one of them himself to regain his strength, and rides the Flying Nimbus towards the action to conserve energy.

Unfortunately, the three hours are up. Piccolo attempts to grab Nappa's tail The remaining fighters formulate a plan to weaken Nappa by grabbing his tail, as Goku had done with Raditz.

This ultimately fails, when Nappa reveals that elite Saiyans have learned to overcome the weakness of the tail.

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  • Hacking simply doesnt work that way
  • The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

He then hits Piccolo on the head when Piccolo learns that it is hopeless. Piccolo is rendered unconscious, and Nappa attacks Gohan and Krillin for a while. Piccolo regains consciousness, and exclaims that Goku is coming. Vegeta's scouter picks up Goku's power level to bewhich shock the two Saiyans. Vegeta knows that since the Fighters have the ability to change their power as they see fit, is most likely the lowest power that Goku is exerting.

The torture area is run by an old womanand she makes Goku think she is a little kid until she shows him her face. She then tells Goku to use the spa and bath at his leisure. He accepts, but the spa turns into a boiling cauldron. Goku finds out he is on the torture tour. The first one is the boiling cauldron torture. Secondly, Goku must endure the tickle torture.

Third, he must endure the scalding sauna torture, and it is guaranteed to make one sweat. Finally, Goku is given the Strangling ice torture. The ice strangles Goku's body and makes him immobile. Cell and Frieza come down and reveal that the ice will remain that way for 20 years. On Earth, Hell Fighter 17 contacts Android 17 and asks him why he has not come to merge yet.