Meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

Meet the Robinsons Oneshots Chapter 1: On My Mind, a meet the robinsons fanfic | FanFiction

meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

While he swims waiting for the eggs to hatch, he meets other underwater fathers Marilynne Robinson describes a midlife prodigal son seeking reconciliation It's great for fans of Wes Anderson, "Franny and Zooey," and other tales of " Hand me a premise involving fandom and fanfiction, and I'm on the hook, man. Actually, this adventure wasn't TOO spooky but we did meet our least favorite of Loki is part straightforward myth written for a modern audience and part fanfiction, . about Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, one of the very earliest examples of CleanEpisode Franny and Zooey, Sometimes an author's personality. After being confronted by her son, Franny has a heartfelt conversation Disclaimer: All characters and events related to Meet the Robinsons are The late Sunday morning sun's rays filtered through the glass panel of their.

He trotted up the steps and entered the building. She sighed happily to herself and took a piece of paper out of her box and wrote down the address of the building. Franny entered her kitchen with a content smile on her face.

meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

I wrote down his address, and I am going to visit him forever until I marry him," She answered. I won't have it! Franny glared at her mother, then went into her room where her only friend was.

Franny Robinson

His name was Frankie the frog, and she was going to teach him to sing. She knew she was going to do it one day. On her bed, lay tiny Frankie, straped down onto a plate, a scared expression on his face. Above him was Frannys elder brothers, Gaston and Art, giggling obnoxiously.

They held a scalpel in their hands. She held Frankie tighter, causing the frog to turn blue. Franny threw Frankie onto her bed and pushed her brothers out of the room.

She stamped over to Frankie, who was breathing hard and getting the color back to his face. Not very much at all. The next day, Franny hid behind a car and watched as Lewis left his home and walked down the street. She followed him with wide eyes, drinking in every part of him. Every once and a while he'd turn around with a confused expression on his face, but she'd always be quick enough and found a hiding spot before he could spot her. She followed him to school, and attended her own classes, then followed him back home and waited.

meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

When he didn't come out anymore, she trotted home happy. She continued this for a few more days, her brothers taunted and teased her at home, and her parents disagreeed with what she was doing and told her to stop, but Franny ignored them all.

All she cared about was Lewis. Lewis grabbed a hold of Wilbur's hand. Wilbur saw the meatball canon, and picked it up. He knew that he had to shoot the bowler hat off of the dinosaur's head.

He effectively shot the last remaining meatball, it bounced off of the side of the house and knocked the hat off. The dinosaur started to sway back and forth. It fell over, knocking Lewis and Wilbur out of its mouth.

Are you guys okay? Lewis just stood there. Franny had a cut along the top of her head, "You're head…" Lewis pointed out. Franny lightly touched her head, "It's just a scratch. I'm fine," Lewis said, "But Mrs. Robinson… Why did you make a big deal out of me being here, I'm from the past and everything but still…" "Lewis," she said as she lifted his head up, "It's not you.

You don't belong in this time… well… because in this time, you're my husband. That's why you have to go home. Franny turned around to see a man dressed in all black, "Who the hell are you?

The rest of the family was scattered around the yard, "Just give me the boy and I'll let you live. The bowler hat, on the man's head, quickly jumped off and flew towards Franny and Lewis.

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Franny took a karate stance and swung at the hat. She hit it directly, but it lifted one of its razor sharp legs in time. Franny let out a cry of pain and pulled her hand back. There was a fine vertical line across her palm. Franny took out the ribbon in her hair and tied it around her hand. I want you and Lewis to run on the count of three. Wilbur and Lewis ran. He stood above her and kicked her in the stomach. She let out a yelp of pain. He kicked her a couple more times.

Franny was slowly losing her surroundings. Everything was becoming blurry. She thought before the man kicked her in the head and she lost consciousness for the second time that day. XxX Franny slowly started to come too. She slowly opened her eyes. Her family was standing over her with worried looks on their faces.

meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

Standing directly above her was her beloved husband. Off to her left, were Wilbur and Lewis. XxX About thirty minutes later, Wilbur took Lewis home. Franny was standing with her husband. Just like the 'scratch' on your head. Cornelius picked his wife up. He carried her into the house and into the bathroom.

He sat her down on the counter top. He carefully bandaged his beloved's hand and cleaned the cut on her head. I would have never met you and we'd have never gotten married.

meet the robinsons fanfiction franny and zooey

She in return put her hands around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. He lifted her off the counter and kissed her. Okayy so… I'm not good at the 'romance' stuff.