Meet the characters war and peace

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meet the characters war and peace

1 People change. The characters in War and Peace endure extreme experiences , and emerge at the end as quite different people. The miracle. We can't stop talking about BBC's new drama War and Peace. Here are the character you'll love and those you'll just love to hate. THE BBC's lavish period drama War and Peace kicked off last week in When we meet the only daughter of Count and Countess Rostova, she.

Vicomte Mortemart — In the initial scene he is repeatedly referred to as 'the vicomte'.

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General Mouton — The first Frenchman of consequence to explicitly accept that the best policy is to flee Russia. With Napoleon in at Borodino. Nastasya Ivanovna — Cross-dressing "old buffoon" who lives with the Rostovs at their estate at Otradnoe.

Prince Nesvitsky — A Russian staff officer. Michel Ney — French marshal. His forces caused Murat to retreat.

meet the characters war and peace

Count Osterman-Tolstoy — Present at a council near Moscow during the retreat to beyond that city. Contemptuous of other theorists. Platov — Officer in whose division Nicholas Rostov was assigned. Prokofy — footman in the Rostov household R[ edit ] Raevsky — Russian general at the middle of the action at Borodino.

meet the characters war and peace

Met Pierre Bezukhov in Moscow. Rapp — adjutant to Napoleon at Borodino. Prince Repnin — Squadron commander of Russian army at Austerlitz. Count Ilya Rostov — Spendthrift.

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Optimistic father, agreeable but foolish. Natasha Rostova — Initially, a romantic young girl, she evolves through trial and suffering, including engagement to Prince Bolkonsky which is terminated by his death, and eventually finds domestic happiness with Pierre Bezukhov.

Nikolai Rostov — The eldest Rostov son, who joins the Russian military in He eventually marries Princess Marya Bolkonskaya.

Petya Rostov — The youngest Rostov son. Killed in a partisan raid. Rumored at one point to have an affair with Dolokhov. Pierre Bezukhov — Illegitimate son of Count Bezukhov. A freethinking, sometimes reckless, man capable of decisive action and great displays of willpower when circumstances demand it. Inherits his father's enormous fortune, wounds Dolokhov in a duel, later becomes a Freemason, and plans to assassinate Napoleon.

A diplomat, he is "stupid-looking," has no social graces and is dull and boring, the butt of Bilibin's humor. Vicomte Mortemart only appearance — French exile. Based on the real life priest and writer Scipione Piattoli.

meet the characters war and peace

A brave at times arrogant soldier who becomes cynical in the Napoleonic Wars; counterpart to Pierre. Valued adjutant to Kutuzov in ; wounded and captured at Austerlitzhe is greeted by Napoleon.

Married to Lisa the "little princess"father of young prince Nikolay Bolkonsky, and afterwards engaged to Natasha Rostova. Wife of Andrey Bolkonsky who feels resentment at her having made his life into a round of social trivialities.

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After he resolves to go off to war, he leaves her at his father's remote estate where she dies in childbirth. Relentlessly ambitious for her son Boris, she begs Prince Vassily to get Boris transferred to the Guards, then schemes with Vassily to get the dying Count Bezukhov to leave his vast fortune to his illegitimate son Pierre. Handsome, irresponsible and somewhat hedonistic military officer, he is the center of a circle of rowdy young men.

Planned to seduce Natasha Rostova. Fedor Ivanovich "Fedya" Dolokhov — Infantry officer, rowdy daredevil.

meet the characters war and peace

Valiant in battle, a partisan leader in A cold man, he is a noted duelist and drinker, but is caring for his disadvantaged family. Proposed unsuccessfully to Sonya. His prototype was Colonel Aleksandr Figner. Optimistic father, a big, hearty, jolly man but foolish. Vera Rostova — The oldest Rostov daughter. Very beautiful but disliked by everyone, even her mother. She eventually marries Lieutenant Berg. Nikolai Rostov — Age 20, the eldest Rostov son.

Me, whom everybody loves so? He eventually marries the shy and homely Princess Marya Bolkonskaya. After pages, you will agree that this is the best way to write a novel.

Its details are not exquisite recreations of lost practice, but ways in which an individual psychology can engage with the real world. It is about history, and both the tsar and Napoleon make awesome appearances. Other characters will engage your sympathy over time; you may be deeply surprised, by the end, by who you want to spend most time with. The book has the rhythm of life, and likability is not a steady, constant factor; sometimes Natasha is entrancing, sometimes a great bore. If you read it more than once, as almost everyone who reads it at all does, these responses may occur at quite different times.

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It understands, as James Buchan once wrote, that love is the circus hoop through which history is made to leap again and again. But romantic love is only one of the things that may interest the mind, and sometimes it does not interest the mind at all.

There are other subjects in the novel, too.