Kiyomi and lauren meet

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kiyomi and lauren meet

Lauren Bedford Russell chats with us about her latest film project, her jewelry AfterEllen booth for a meet and greet during the world famous Dinah Shore LBD: I think that a lot happened during my relationship with Kiyomi. Kiyomi Valentine, Brooklyn, New York. From meeting new born family members to my dad's 70th birthday party, baby showers, lake swims, amazing meals. Sometimes you meet amazing friends, who end up being more like family members. Then they end up having an amazing baby and everything crazy going on in.

Lauren Bedford Russell on Life After The Real L Word, Relationships, and New Projects - AfterEllen

The Dinah Red Carpet I had the pleasure of interviewing Kiyomi a couple weeks ago and she confirmed you two are still going strong. We are doing extremely well. I also got to see first-hand women literally climbing over people just to try and touch Kiyomi.

How does that make you feel? You recently launched Lyon Fine Jewelry. What made you decide to do a jewelry line? Is this another branch in the rivalry with Romi? My jewelry line started way before I was on the show — definitely had nothing to do with Romi. I worked for a jewelry store and then went into other career choices, but basically came back to jewelry.

I was hiding so much, and I think she finally felt like a door had opened. There was nothing to hide anymore.

kiyomi and lauren meet

I had hidden them and only had publicly shown the dating men side. How do you feel today about your time on The Real L Word, and would you do it again? I was screaming, haha.

Life After “The Real L Word”: Where The Cast Is Now

I forgot so much that had happened. I am always glad that I did it.

kiyomi and lauren meet

So much good has come from it. Overall I feel like I would do it again. There is not a lot that I would change. Maybe some of their fibbing on the Amanda stuff.

What have you learned since then about your relationships, past or future, and what you need in a partner?

Real Life After The Real L Word

I think that a lot happened during my relationship with Kiyomi. So much life happened. Just like other couples from the show have also broken up.

Do any of you have regrets about doing or saying something on TV?

kiyomi and lauren meet

What stays with you? There was pressure on the show to be a certain way and do certain things. I do wish we could have changed the way production showed us to the world. Do I wish things had been shown differently? The best thing I learned to do is just own it.

Because the more you do that, the more people will focus on it. I did some crazy things; would I do them again? I also wonder why [the producers] chose to reveal what they did.

I was really confused by a lot of the process. I regret some of my naivete, but as a whole it was a really positive experience.

INTERVIEW: Lauren Russell Takes on Jewelry and Kiyomi's Fans - The Seattle Lesbian

That was a tough thing for me to realize. The Real L Word was an amazing experience overall, it was a challenging experience, we made a lot of everlasting friendships, and I learned a lot about myself and my relationships from it. That implies that there may be some relationship issues to work out… Sada: And there were times when I thought it was going to break us.

kiyomi and lauren meet

Talk about an accelerated time period of growth! Eighteen days of intensive therapy—I cried every single day. We argued every day we were there. The format put us under scrutiny so we were able to work on our issues.

It was a tremendous opportunity for us. We worked with Dr. Jenn Berman who is an amazing psychotherapist, and we also made some everlasting friendships there. The thing is, I had never done therapy before.