Kirito and asuna meet again

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kirito and asuna meet again

In Sword Art Online, do Kirito and Asuna end up staying together at the end of and Kirito is back once again as the main, focal character of the story arc with a. As Kirito and Asuna swore that they would bring down Oberon, the madman stated that they could not stop Kayaba then left, hoping the two would meet again. What episode did Kirito and Asuna meet in the real world, I saw a picture of them kissing in the hospital. I want to know what episode is that.

Kirito ordered Oberon to stop while trying to stand up, but Oberon instead kicked him and stabbed him with his sword. Shortly afterwards, Oberon used a system command to reduce the Pain Absorption level from 10 to 8 to make Kirito start feeling pain from being stabbed. He also said that he would gradually decrease the level and at level 3 or lower, it would affect his physical body in the real world.

Oberon then returned to Asuna and forcefully pulled off her top, then taunted them even more by stating he planned to molest her body in the real world while watching a recording of him doing it in ALfheim, and began to lick her face. Kirito cursed Oberon and swore he would kill him. Feeling helpless, Kirito mourned whether that was his punishment for thinking that he was the strongest game player and for believing that he had the ability to overcome the system.

At that moment, Kayaba Akihiko appeared in his head and asked him whether he gave into the power of the system. As Kirito affirmed this, stating that he was nothing more than a player and Oberon was a GM, Kayaba told Kirito that if he thought like that, their battle was a lie.

He also told him that he himself had learned from their battle that the human will was more powerful than the system, and then encouraged him to stand up. Kirito activates Kayaba's system ID "Heathcliff". As Oberon began to lift up Asuna's skirt, Kirito finally managed to stand up and the sword impaled in his back slid out. As Oberon attempted to slap him to get him back on the ground, Kirito caught his hand and activated Kayaba's system ID, Heathcliff, via a voice command and then revoked Oberon's administrator status.

The so-called Fairy King then cursed Kirito and tried to generate an Excaliburbut nothing happened and he ended up cursing the system.

kirito and asuna meet again

Instead, Kirito repeated the same command and spawned an Excalibur, which he simply gave to Oberon and grabbed his own sword. He then reduced the Pain Absorption level to zero, causing Oberon to panic, and challenged him to a duel and told him not to run, as Kayaba never did so.

This enraged Oberon after he figured out that Kayaba was the one who had helped Kirito, and cursed his rival and randomly swung his sword. Kirito told him that he felt the same when he lost his duel to Kayaba and had to work for him, yet he never wished to be like him.

Kirito delivering the finishing blow to Oberon. Oberon desperately attacked Kirito, but due to Oberon's lack of combat experience, Kirito easily parried his feeble attacks, then slashed his cheek and Oberon trembled from the pain inflicted on him.

Kirito then cut his right arm off, then his legs, and grabbed Oberon's head, shortly afterwards throwing it into the air and then stabbing his right eye with the sword, killing Oberon. Kirito turned back to Asuna, broke the chains then hugged her and began to cry.

SAO what episode did Kirito and Asuna meet in the real world?

Asuna told him that he was her hero, but Kirito admitted that he was actually weak and told her that he would do his best to become stronger. She leaned on his chest and shed a tear as she told Kirito they should do all sorts of things in the real world before he logged her out.

Kirito then called Kayaba, as he knew he was there, who then told Kirito that he was Kayaba Akihiko's afterimage. Kirito then thanked Kayaba, but the latter rejected it, stating that they were not close enough to do things for each other for free and that there was a price for his aid.

Kirito receives "The Seed". Kayaba then gave Kirito an object called World Seed that was the beginning of a world and told him that he wished to see it grow, although it was up to Kirito's choice on what to do with it. Edit Kirigaya Kazuto continued riding his bicycle to the hospital, but fearing for Yuuki Asuna 's safety, he peddled faster and eventually arrived at the parking lot. As he ran towards the entrance, someone appeared and lacerated Kazuto's right arm.

When he realized that he had been cut and saw blood dripping, he turned around to identify his attacker, Sugou Nobuyuki Oberon.

Nobuyuki was angered that Kazuto not only thwarted his plans, but also caused him immense pain, since if the Pain Absorber level was set to level 3 or below in ALfheim Online ALOthe pain also affected the person's real life body and Kirito had set it to level 0 during their duel before slicing Oberon into pieces.

Yuuki Asuna

Kazuto advised Nobuyuki to turn himself in, but the latter refused, stating that other companies would accept and shelter him due to wanting his work. He then decided to kill Kazuto to take his revenge on him.

kirito and asuna meet again

Kazuto fell on the pavement as an attempt to dodge Nobuyuki's attack, but was then repeatedly kicked by him. Finally deciding to finish him off, he tried to stab Kazuto, but missed, as his right eye was still blurry from Kirito's attack.

kirito and asuna meet again

Nobuyuki then tried stabbing him again, but this time Kazuto grabbed his arm and reversed the situation. Kazuto pushed Nobuyuki off him, took the knife, smashed Nobuyuki's head against a car and put the knife to his throat. Contemplating everything he had done to him and Asuna, Kazuto was about to kill him for revenge, but ended up sparing him and left the fainted Nobuyuki in the parking lot for the police to arrest him.

Asuna and Kazuto meet again. Arriving at Asuna's room, Kazuto paused for a moment before a voice encouraged him to continue, and he moved the curtain to find Asuna waiting for him. He came up to her and told her that everything was finished, even the "true final battle" that occurred moments ago.

They then hugged, kissed and revealed their true names to each other as if they had only just met and fell in love. Months later, on May 16,Kazuto was at his new school. As one of his classes was now over and it was time for a lunch break, he walked to the park outside the school, where Asuna was waiting for him.

She greeted him as Kirito but he reminded her that it was bad manners to call another person by the names they used in games, and teased her for using her real name in a game, but they laughed when they remembered that the school was specially formed for the survivors of the Sword Art Online incident who were still students, so everybody had to have guessed their identities by now, due to their in-game avatars being replicas of their real life bodies.

kirito and asuna meet again

Kazuto then asked Asuna about her rehabilitation, and she replied that she no longer needed a cane, but was advised not to run. As he held her hand, Asuna informed Kazuto that the park was visible from the cafeteria, and, in response, he let go of her hand and apologized.

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She teased him that it would cost him lunch, though Asuna had a basket of food that she served him in SAO. Kazuto then reminisced how on that snowy day, Nobuyuki was arrested in the parking lot and was then interrogated, trying to frame Kayaba Akihiko for the experiments, but once one of the employees agreed to testify, he confessed.

The players who had not escaped from SAO were freed and did not remember anything that happened during their experimentation and fortunately did not suffer any neurological problems, thus they could return back to society.

Asuna then asked what happened to the commander of the Knights of the BloodHeathcliff Kayaba Akihiko. Kazuto told her that he had died, and the authorities suspected that he had committed suicide.

Kazuto then explained that when SAO collapsed, Akihiko performed a high-output scan on himself, which was to copy his consciousness onto the Internet, which had a one in a thousand chance of succeeding.

Kazuto thought about Akihiko because of meeting him in ALO and also thinking about the seed program the latter had given him.