Its the muppets 1993 and meet

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its the muppets 1993 and meet

More Muppets, Please! is a compilation video of some of the best clips from The Muppet Show, released by Jim Henson Video in A similar video, Meet the. The Muppet Show is a comedy television series created by Jim Henson and featuring the . In a deleted scene from It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie , Kermit reveals that J.P. .. In , Jim Henson Video released two compilations under the It's the Muppets banner, Meet the Muppets and More Muppets, Please!. Find great deals for Its the Muppets - "More Muppets, Please" (VHS, ). Shop with confidence on eBay! Its the Muppets - "Meet the Muppets" (VHS, ).

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its the muppets 1993 and meet

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its the muppets 1993 and meet

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its the muppets 1993 and meet

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Simpson, Paul; Hughes, David. Farscape-The Illustrated Season 2 Companion. Farscape-The Illustrated Season 3 Companion. Farscape-The Illustrated Season 4 Companion. Canteen worker Gladys however, was replaced by a new character, Winny. Rizzo the Rat also made his earliest appearances. Rizzo made his first appearance as "Super Rat" in the episode which featured Christopher Reeve as its guest star.

Series 5 The cold open featuring Scooter visiting the guest star's dressing room was replaced by a new opening in which Popsthe doorman, would greet each guest as they entered the theatre. New characters included Pops, Lipsand Gaffer the Cat. Two new puppeteers, Brian Muehl and Karen Prell joined the troupe of Muppeteers during this series, and also Betsy Baytos was auditioned to perform in eight episodes during this season.

Muppet characters some of them being Whatnots circulated on a semi-formal dance floor offering rapid fire one-liner jokes and come-backs as the couples passed in front of the camera. Debuted in The Muppet Show: Sex and Violenceand played a large role in the plot for a series five episode. The voice of the announcer was performed by Jerry Nelson. Debuted in the third series. Only appeared in the first series. During the first series, Kermit would introduce the guest star during the opening theme.

His introduction would be followed by a clip of the guest star, usually surrounded by a group of Muppets. Beginning the second series, the Cold Openings would appear before the opening theme song.

its the muppets 1993 and meet

This would then be followed by a brief joke. In the fifth series, the guest star would enter the Muppet Theater and would be greeted by Pops the Doorman. Pops would always say "Who are you? Only appeared in the second series. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. Statler and Waldorf heckle him in a perpetual rivalry. The sketches became less frequent as Fozzie's off-stage presence became more prevalent.

In one first series episode, however, Fozzie turned the tables on Statler and Waldorf with help from Bruce Forsyth and they waved the white flag in surrender.

Its the Muppets - "More Muppets, Please" (VHS, 1997)

Mainly appeared during the first series, but made occasional appearances in later series. Bunsen Honeydew with his assistant Beaker getting the worst of its inevitable malfunction. During the first series, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew hosted Muppet Labs by himself.

its the muppets 1993 and meet

The writers soon realised that another character was necessary to show Bunsen's failings which resulted in Beaker being introduced in series Two. Wayne would often have to be the one save her. Only appeared in the third series. During the first series, these segments frequently featured an interview with the episode's guest star, who portrayed a person connected to the story. Beginning with the second series, the Muppet Newsman would almost invariably suffer some calamity associated with the story, such as being knocked out by a falling light fixture after he reported that the company manufacturing it had dropped production.

Julius Strangepork the name a take-off on " Dr. Usually, the sketches would involve the long-suffering Piggy putting up with the wacko Strangepork and the brain dead Link treating her as an inferior because she is a woman. The early sketches also usually featured odd introductions for all the characters, such as calling Link the flappable captain, Miss Piggy the flirtatious first mate, and referring to Dr.

Strangepork usually got the most unusual description out of the three during these introductions as he was the oddest member of the group.

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This portion of the introduction was dropped during series three, and the announcer would simply claim it was "time for This was a common stop for the Swinetrek crew.

It consists of the Swedish Chefwho speaks mock Swedishsemi-comprehensible gibberish which parodies the characteristic vowel sounds and intonation of Swedish. He attempts to cook a dish with great enthusiasm until the punchline hits. A hallmark of these sketches was the improvisation between Jim Henson who performed the Chef's head and voice and Frank Oz who was his hands. One would often make something up on the spot, making the other puppeteer comply with the action. Famous gags include "chickie in du baskie" "two points!