Ichigo and rukia meet again song

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ichigo and rukia meet again song

WOULD I BE MAKING FANFICTION IF I COULD MAKE ICHIRUKI .. Rukia quickly turned around and was met with his rather broad back. "Wait. Its time for Ichigo to back home and Rukia doesn't want him to. Ichigo/Rukia Rukia/Ichigo. Fluff. Song-fic. Rated: Fiction K+ - English When their eyes meet, Ichigo leaned downed and planted a soft, gentle, sweet, innocent. When the school dance goes into epic fail mode, will a song An IchiRuki fanfic featuring Ichigo, Rukia, other Bleach characters, and a He doubted Rukia hid it, as she was plainly inside drawing Chappy again all over her.

He wanted to hold his Rukia in his arms again. She still counts the minutes That I am not there I swear I didn't mean for it to feel like this Like every inch of me is bruised Bruised Ichigo looked up to the sky at the sunset and turned back to his homework. He wished he could just see her face and not just in a picture. He remembered the day in the garden, when he first kissed her. After the kiss she led him half way through to an old abandoned swing big enough for two and sat down.

She sat next to him and he intertwined his fingers with hers and her head rested on his shoulders. He laughed at the memory of Byakuya's face when he found out.

The calm captain was walking trough the garden and noticed the pair on the swing ignoring everything around them. He noticed the position they were in and heard the boy say a faint 'I love you Rukia.

When they parted they went to look out at the garden but were greeted with the face of a very shocked Byakuya Kuchiki whose mouth was slightly opened and his eyes were wide. What made the man even more shocked was the fact that not only was the substitute shinigami laughing at him but so was his little sister.

ichigo and rukia meet again song

Byakuya didn't do anything else about it because he figured as long as Ichigo didn't do anything wrong or make Rukia cry it was alright. Are you prepared for it's consequences? The way his amber eyes burned terrified her.

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His was only a few mere inches away from her. What happened to the nicest guy on campus? Rukia swallowed thickly as her heart raced with fear. She was alone with a boy who had her pinned against the door. It's my dream and my life And it's the only thing I have left of my departed sister.

Such an interesting answer from such an interesting girl You are different as compared to all those other bitches Yeah, they fawned all over me like I was their prince charming You intrigued me however How come this girl sitting in front of me didn't even bother to look at me Or rather, she even hated me His face was now a centimeter away from hers.

I'm sure you've heard about the Kurosaki Pharmaceutical in Germany? Well my old man sent me back to Japan to some dingy public school to learn some manners All I have right now is enough money to graduate high school and an empty apartment with everything I need to simply live. A bed, a small kitchen, a small bathroom and a small living room with some cheap television set I'm the classic spoiled rich boy My father's extra punishment for my bad attitude was that I'm not allowed to have any maids or butlers and I'm not really used to that If you're that desperate to have me join Why don't you become my maid?

ichigo and rukia meet again song

I'll pay you good My father doesn't know about by my other bank account so I still have tons of money And I also heard you were rather poor You could be using some good money right now Am I right Rukia-chan? Even I have my own pride and dignity to keep! I don't think you have the pleasure of having to think about your dignity at all I mean, I'm offering you to work for me for a good sum of money.

If you accept my offer, I'll join your silly club See, the only thing sacrificed is your dignity. There had to be a catch to this. Ichigo surged forward and captured her lips forcibly. His assault was relentless and she felt her own body go limp because of him. She felt helpless, this was completely against her own free will. He was being rough and harsh, he was doing this for his sake and his sake only. He shoved his tongue and and Rukia let out a muffled gasp.

His was forcing her to responded but the strange thing about everything was that he could've been much more severe He was actually holding back. The was his tongue played with hers made her moan uncontrollably. The way he kissed her made her respond. Her tongue began to battle with his and she felt his mouth curve into a smirk. Ichigo began to unleash his full assault just when they were about to be on equal level.

He was forceful and powerful and Rukia's legs were ready to suddenly give away.

He then pulled back looking rather smug. Call me master like a good maid. Being disobedient are we? Why don't we put it this way. I forced a kiss on you and you kissed back Yes, you probably hate me the most right now. Ah the shame of kissing back First kiss was it?

ichigo and rukia meet again song

Oh, what a shame If only she restrained herself a bit more. You jerk, that was my first kiss I honestly thought you and red pineapple head were an item Guess I was wrong My offer still stands. If you work for me, you get both financial support and my membership but if you choose otherwise then you'll have to keep making do with your meager pay and you won't be able to keep you club All you have to do is serve and entertain my bored handsome self and it's a win-win situation. But no one's gonna believe you You put on a fake show in front of everybody At least I know that much is fake but who are you really Kurosaki the asshole or that Kurosaki who was playing Alkan That's not in the job description my dear Rukia-chan.

Rukia's Resolution, Ichigo's Feelings

Rukia instantly slumped down to the floor. Ichigo pulled a nearby chair and sat down, crossing his legs like the rich bastard her was. Don't even ask when I did that, I won't tell you. So when you feel like accepting my offer, give me a call. You know what, you can always call me if you want to hear the sound of my lovely voice. The more you squirm, the more entertaining it is for me Try googling me, you'd be surprised with what you can find Oh wait, do you even have Internet much less a PC?

I use the school's computer lab. If I did, I would add more IchiRuki shiz like any other decent fan would do.

I merely love them to bits.

Finding out the workings of Ichigo's iPod was surprisingly easy, considering Rukia had never actually listened or operated an mp3 player. A quick scan through the manual was all she needed. What surprised her the most was the organized playlists she found inside. This also made Rukia's listening way easier as she skimmed through most of his songs.

Bleach Beat Collection 1 - Ichigo & Rukia - Memories in the Rain

She was already halfway through a very popular KISS song when she noticed probably the most un-Ichigo playlist she ever saw. It was strangely labeled "Happy Love Songs" and Rukia had to try to stifle her laughter.

Ichigo was neither the happy type nor the romantic type. Knowing this, it was still hard for Rukia to not resist taking a look, so she did.