Hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

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hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

During Eddie's performance, Loren is elated when his eyes meet hers. Tyler meets up with Eddie to Chloe's dismay, but the two just end up arguing about the . Read story HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS FANFICTION:Ch.1 Eddie and Loren meet. by Crazzy4Catzz with reads. hollywood, heights. We met at Pm at an . We met at Pm at an amazing Eddie Durans concert. He was up on stage singing Something in the air and then bam instant eye contact and he touched my.

But you can't go to school on an empty stomach. I want you to have something nutritious in your tummy. I'm sure Melissa will understand. She decides not to try arguing and sits down at the table so she can eat. Nora touches her hair gently and smiles before sitting down herself across the table from Loren to have some breakfast. After a few minutes of eating her food, she compliments Nora on the good breakfast, which Nora says 'thank you' to. A minute later, there's a knock at the door.

Loren gets up from her chair to answer the door. As she's going to the door, the person then rings the door bell Loren: Eggs, bacon, and toast.

hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

From what I can see, Nora makes a much better breakfast! Melissa gives Nora a somewhat pouty look before Nora finally gives in Nora: Come and join us! Loren sits back down at the table, along with Melissa. As they're eating, Melissa wonders where Trent is Nora: He had to go to the office early today.

He said he had a very busy day today. He said he'd make it in time for supper. Melissa leans back and sighs happily Melissa: But in my opinion, she's not nearly as good as yours. Nora gets up from her chair and picks up her plate and glass along with Melissa's, who thanks her in repliance.

Loren offers to help with the clean up, but Nora tells her she can take care of it and that she and Melissa better head to school. Loren nods and says okay.

As Melissa's getting up from her chair, Loren tells her she's going to her room quickly to get her book bag Melissa: We don't want to be late for school! After a minute or so, Melissa wonders what's keeping her so she goes to Loren's bedroom to see what's keeping her.

As Melissa enters Loren's room, she sees a poster of Eddie Duran. His hair is spiked a little and smiles so sexily that it's hard not to fall in love with him in that one poster. He's wearing a dark blue shirt with two small front pockets and his white pants Melissa: We both know you're going to marry him someday! She turns around to face Melissa Loren: School's not that bad!

She's not worth it. They all say 'bye' Meanwhile, at Eddie's penthouse, he's at his piano sitting down on the bench, looking frustrated because he's not having any luck writing a song. He's been up since dawn trying to get a head start on his songwriting, but he's not having any luck.

Whenever he jots a few sentences down on paper, he ends up curling the paper into a ball because he decides the start of the lyrics isn't good enough. He looks down on the piano keys, getting more frustrated. Just as he decides to take a break from the songwriting, there's a knock at the door.

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Eddie gets up from the piano bench and slowly walks to the door, opening it, revealing Max Max: He looks at him, concerned Max: I've been having problems with my song writing. I had trouble last night, too. I got up at dawn, thinking maybe a new day would be better, but of course, it wasn't. Max walks past him, patting him on the shoulders before sitting down on the couch next to him Max: They will come when they're ready.

It just takes time. It's just that…" Max patiently listens as Eddie tries to talk Eddie: He hounds me every day to see if I've written anything. I think I tick him off when I tell him I've been trying, but not getting anywhere. Neither can the label.

The lyrics will appear in your mind when you least expect it. If you force them to come in your mind, it'll drive you crazy. I have no problem doing that. I don't want you doing that. It'll just make it worse. Your mother would tell me the same thing I'm telling you and you know your mother…what she says is always right. I really believe she would. Don't stress yourself out over it. The inspiration will come to you when you least expect it.

Just give it time. They don't have the writing talent you have. When the ideas come, it'll come. If you ever need more words of encouragement, let me know and I'll be happy to oblige.

They hang out for the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon and play the guitar, singing some of Max's old songs when he was younger. Max manages to make Eddie laugh some more with his jokes and his stories from his younger days.

After awhile, Max decides to leave Eddie's penthouse, telling him he better get to the club and make sure everything is set for that evening. Eddie thanks Max for coming by and Max reminds him not to put so much pressure on himself. Eddie nods in repliance before Max leaves. Eddie decides to leave his penthouse soon after and goes for a drive in his convertible.

He winds up at his favorite spot…on the hill overlooking the entire Hollywood scene and part of the valley Meanwhile, at school, Loren and Melissa are in class participating in the classroom discussion when the bell rings. As everyone is getting out of their seats, the teacher talks over their voices Mrs. Don't forget to read Chapter 10 in your History book and do the question at the end of the chapter. There WILL be a quiz on it in class tomorrow, so study well!

hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

Have a great day, everyone! I think I'm just gonna go get some fresh air and do some thinking. Do you want me to come with you? But I'm always here if you need anything. Loren thanks Melissa for lending her car to her as hers is in the shop. She drops off Melissa at the coffee shop before taking a little drive. She ends up on the hill, her favorite place to think and just be alone to relax. As she gets to the top of the hill, she inhales and exhales deeply.

They almost never argue, and when they do it's either not serious or they get over it soon. Melissa pushes her to do things she isn't sure about if she knows it will help her in the future. Loren controls Melissa's over-the-top ambition at times while Melissa helps Loren come out of her shell. The two are opposites and blend together perfectly.

When Melissa thought Loren was abandoning her in favor of Eddie and her career as a singer, Loren reassured her that she will always be there for Melissa.

Loren Catches Eddie's Attention

Nora Tate Loren's number one fan and always wanting the best for her daughter. Loren and her mother seem to have a very good relationship, though lately Nora has worries about Loren's choices especially involving Eddie.

Nora has begun to really worry about Loren's growing feelings for Eddie, saying she may be getting too close. Loren thinks that Nora is concerned about Eddie because Loren's father leaving hurt both Nora and Loren and Nora just doesn't want Loren to go through the same thing.

Loren knows that Nora will always be there for her and they don't hide things from each other. After being formally introduced by Eddie, Chloe seemed genuinely happy to meet Loren. But it was all an act.

Episode List

After Eddie left, Chloe showed her true colors to Loren acting as though Loren was not worth being in her presence. It may be speculated that Chloe is jealous of Loren and Eddie's new found friendship.

hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

Chloe and Loren showed their claws at each other in Chloe Tries To Reconcile when Chloe accused Loren of being a fame seeker, while Loren quickly replied back that she was speaking of herself. It's clear that the two dislike each other, but Loren refuses to stoop to Chloe's level of harshness. In Their Special PlaceChloe almost pours wine on Loren but she defends herself and the wine accidentally gets on Chloe's blouse.

Chloe then falls on the floor and tells Loren to stop staring at her. In Jake's Concernshe picks up Eddie's phone and lies to Loren, telling her that Eddie is in the shower - implying that they were together, trying to discourage Loren.

After Loren gave her the same treatment by picking up Eddie's phone at the bungalow, Chloe became determined to bring her down, claiming Loren was a distraction from her getting Eddie back. Max Duran Max is very polite to Loren and was the first to say her music was very good. He was also the one to convince Eddie to place Loren back in the contest. Max has told Eddie to be careful of her to not lead her on saying she's innocent and very different from Chloe.

Max views Loren as a sort of daughter figure in the way that he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Recently, he has been saying that Loren could be good for Eddie, as they bring out the best in each other.

Max really wants Loren for Eddie, that's why he sent her to the bungalow. They became closer through Eddie's disappearance, forming a father-daughter type bond. Adriana Masters Adriana, for some unknown reason other than the fact her father sometimes compares her to Loren, hates her. She has been shown to go out of her way to make Loren's life miserable.

When Loren showed feelings toward Cameron, Adriana tried flirting with him just to make Loren mad.

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The plan failed, however, when Adriana's jealous boyfriend butted in. Adriana has called Loren a 'Goody-Two-Shoes' and other things saying Loren just has to be perfect but she's not.

hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

She also accused Loren of cheating at Eddie Duran's contest. Adriana is also very jealous of the growing relationship between Loren and Eddie saying that Loren isn't even pretty enough to be around Eddie.

She has said in a recent episodes that she's planning to out Loren somehow - even trying to convince Cameron to help her, though luckily, he refuses and calls her pathetic. Trent McCall Little is known about Loren's relationship with her father, probably because they have none.

hollywood heights eddie and loren meet

Loren's father was a deadbeat who walked out on the family when Loren was only four and never came back. The two have not spoken since he left.